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  1. I went up to York to see the Flying Scotsman in the railway museum. It looked splendid stood on the turntable in the Great Hall but nowhere as near impressive as when it is in steam. I'll be nipping up to Pickering while it/s running up and down the North Yorkshire Moors Railway to see it in all of its splendour. I as told by a curator at the museum that in his opinion, after its boiler ticket expires in 10 years time. it will be kept on permanent display in the museum, never to run again. Such a pity. Also in there was Duchess of Hamilton in all its streamlining. I'm not old enough to
  2. Off to York on March 3rd to see it in the museum....can look at it longer there
  3. Can you remember "Renfrew of the Mounties "
  4. You never know your luck Ben....I have been known to put my hand in my pocket in the past.....lol
  5. I used to have a mixture of soot and milk to help get rid of my boils uggh
  6. Here's a bit of a memory I recall from when I was in the fire service. One winters morning, we were called out to two swans stuck in the ice on the old Cossall canal. When we arrived there, sure enough, there they were "stuck ". Being as I was the lightest fireman in the crew, I was volunteered to get them unstuck. It was decided that the small ladder would be extended to its fullest and slid across the ice where \I could crawl along it and break the ice from around the swans legs.. Frightened, but brave, I started to crawl along the ladder. It was a good job that the ice was thick. I can't
  7. My favourite film is " Goodnight Mr.Tom " .I really can't explain how I feel when I see it, but that is real nostalgia......it even brings a tear to the old dogs eyes
  8. Gene Vincent was always my favourite artist......Blue Jean Bop......Gonna Back Up Baby......Walkin' Home From School....He was great
  9. Hi Ben....I wanted the winters abroad and the summers here too. I planned to buy a Winnibago and site it in Spain, but as all good plans...they went to pot. Will you be going to the meet up in April at the \Roebuck?
  10. I used to holiday on the continent most years, but after I retired 10 years ago, I bought a touring caravan, and might I say that I have enjoyed the last 10 years travelling around the good old UK much more than all the time I spent abroad. True, the weather hasn't always been as nice, but, by golly, the scenery beats the rest of Europe into fits. I've seen old ruined abbeys and castles, I've seen sandy beaches and rugged cliffs.....hills, mountains and moreland. The people are always nice and friendly and speak very good English and you don't have to convert your currency. There is no hanging
  11. The first car I bought was from a friend in 1961....it was a 1949 London Taxi.....that cost me £25....a lot of money in those days..../then sticking with the 1949 year, I bought a Morris Oxford ....one of the most reliable cars I've ever had
  12. I did Aviemore when I was in Scotland a few years ago.....don't know if there are any more up there, but if there is I don't think I'll be going. Severn Valley is a good one as is NYM. The worst I've been on was Teifi valley in Wales. With being an ex railway man, I get good discounts, in fact, I was allowed to travel free on the Snowdon Mountain railway.. Can't beat blowing your own trumpet can you l;ol
  13. Just thinking of the days when I used to play wag from school and go down to the boatyard. There used to be a ferry service from there across the Trent especially for the yacht club members. I loved doing that little job. I remember one day, whilst showing off a little, I jumped off the boat to tie it up....missed my footing and went straight in the water. It was about a mile walk home, dripping wet through.. There was also a café there where some weeknights, someone would bring along their Dansette record player, others would bring their records and a good night was had by everyone. I remembe
  14. My hobby now is visiting all the heritage railways....Done quite a few, but still more to go.....going to go on the Plym valley railway in May. Maybe visit the Bodmin and Wenford railway again in the same holiday
  15. Can't remember that...I got married in 1960 and had to forsake my trainspotting
  16. I remember going to the Empire with 2/6d. We paid 6d to get into thee gods then after the show we walked home to Beeston eating fish and chips on the way. Three of the acts I remember were Tommy Steele, Jimmy Young And Carol Levis discoveries. Someone in the audience threw a red rose to Jimmy
  17. Hi Jim....commenting about your post....I think it might be where your nearest railway line was to you as to which branch of the railways you supported lol. Being as I lived only a matter of yards away from the Nottm- Derby line, LMS engines were my favourites. 8Fs, 2Ps..Blackies..Jubes and Duck 6s all used that line. I once copped a Jubilee class " Gilbert and Ellice Islands" at Beeston....that was rare ha h ha The W H Smith bookshop that was situated in the waiting room at Beeston only sold the Ian Allen loco spotters books for the Midland Region
  18. Hi Fly....can't remember the Everlys' singing Oh carol.....That was by Neil Sedaka
  19. I used to be the proud owner of a Raleigh moped....1958 model. I was 17 at the time, and my mother used to be a cleaner at Beeston Fields Secondry school. Every evening when she had finished work, I used to go and meet her on my moped just to give her a push home on her cycle to the Rylands. The poor old girl used to suffer from arthritis, so I suppose the push up Boots bridge used to be really appreciated. No crash helmets were required in those days. I had to sell it in the end to help pay for my wedding
  20. Did you ever go to Tamworth, bubblewrap?....Out of the station then onto the field at the side
  21. Hi Chulla.....I loved trainspotting. For hours on end I would stand on Beeston station bridge waiting for the trains to come. Occasionally, a Beyer-Garratt would come through and it would make the hairs stand up on my arms. Every Saturday, I would go to Tamworth to watch the Scots band Semis run up and down the West Coast main line. I found the cheapest way was to get a cheap day return to Derby then a cheap day return from Derby to Tamworth. The train usewd to pull in about 8-55am, just in time to swee4 the 9-00 Scot on the lower level. The odd occasion I would go to Grantham to watch the St
  22. One, two, I know a yank His name is Frank He drives a tank Along a bank He lives in USA Remember that one Annie