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  1. Clifton Miners Welfare Club ( The "Stute) we had Christmas Parties there as a Kid. and as I got to drinking age ( 15 ) I had many a good night there.I think i was about 20 when it closed for good . a quick edit I didnt mention that the CMW was in the meadows and not far from the pit.
  2. so talented everything from standup to drama / comedy
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    Thanks for this I didnt notice the date the thread was started
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    Wasnt that Montey Hind ?? on Willoughby St. or did it change its name when it moved to Leen Gate ?? I had a fwe older friends go there. Hey Mick2me was that near the CoOp shop if so i would go there for the weeks groceries with my mum. we had a garage in a car park just behind harisons the barber shop Question Please how do i answer a pervious post like Mick2me at #2
  5. I was born in 1952 . My dad was posted down from Scotland and met my mum in Nottingham, he was in the argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, and was away for six years in North Africa and Then Italy ( with leave in between ) as most people say the never speak much about bad experiences . and speaking from my own limited experiences no one really wants to listen for more than a few minutes. when he came back he went down the Clifton Pit. he was very easy going when Clifton closed he moved to cotgrave pit and retired from there. he died in 1995. he was a great sounding board when I was young.
  6. my wife spent her teenage years in Bilborough and went to Bishop Dunn School, live don Wigman Road
  7. Lost that loving feeling ---Long Jon Baldry and Kathy Mc Donald Both Sides Now - Judy Collins Lola --- Kinks Wake up Little Suzie -- Everly Brothers Ke Sahn Cold Chisel
  8. mmm dont remember that name sorry and my memory is good except if it happened yesterday :-)
  9. My BSA 500 was kept looking good through the ROF a stainless fuel tank , I had a 200 tiger cub that was painted in the old WD green
  10. I remember imlach from Notts County as the youth trainer
  11. what about black jacks and flying saucers The black jacks were 4 for a penny i think and flying saucers wher made of rice pare and me3lted in your mouth ( well my mouth really) we can still buy both in perth which showa how backward we are here :-) and treacle toffee which would today be called super glue .
  12. Do you meen the river lean .That would be next to the Lee's ? and next to the little alley that ran down to Grove Road ??(I lived on gregory street as a young kid over the road in the houses that were knocked down about where the Red Cow is ( or was ) thanks for answering
  13. in the late sixties accross from the white hart in lenton , there was a newsagent on leen gate and they had a fish and chip machine !!! it broke down a lot but after a few pints it tasted wonderful ( the fish and chips not the machine )
  14. I drink to make other people seem more interesting

  15. Hi Compo I have to ask did you work or live around there ? i lived near abbey bridge and walked to work down the railway tracks into the back gate of the ROF
  16. Sony and Cher and so It's goodnight from me and it's goodnight from him me
  17. B movies --- **The Blob** - steve Mcqueen, **I was a teenage -- werewolf** Michael Langdon, ** The Nack ?** dont know what it was about and i now have a dvd of it and I still cant figure it out. **It came from Outer space**
  18. Its funny isnt it that all that important then was a steady job and a good wage, although i am close to retirement If i have an interview for a job, people ( usually people who look to be 13 years old ) ask me what my ambitions are or where do i see myself in 5 years time ??? when all i want is a job lol. the world has gone slightly mad with HR people .
  19. i worked there or rather i went there, for about 6 years 1969 to 1976 and aound the railway side of it there was a sign fro the second wqorld war that said warning electrified fence, anyone who worked there will remember signing the offical secrets act , and a list of eastern block countires you had to seek permission to go to. The money was good but I was a hopless fitter I had no ambition to spend fifty years there.