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  1. it was called huckleberrys in the 90s
  2. i think hunstanton pier was the setting for a comedy film starring alec guiness mid 50s
  3. most pubs have outward opening doors.its easier to evict undesireables.
  4. piston/broke.brad/hateley.frey/henley.
  5. if you go to picture the past and type in (caps)NTGMOO1857 and zoom in on the gable end you will see what remained of an advert for the pleasure park until someone decided to paint over it.photo taken from the manvers pub.you can just about make out seaside at home.
  6. just came across ur post dated 9/2/2016.i knocked about with a keith beavan from blackstone street around that time,had a sister glenys and a younger brother.they moved to arnold rd bestwood during demolition of the meadows.we worked for trevethicks boat hire at the time.any relation?

    1. Blondie


      Sorry for the late reply but only just seen the message, I am never on this site now since they altered it, I cannot find anything.............Keith was my cousin, his mum and my mum were sisters.....Came from Hucknall .....They moved to Clifton but hit hard times, got behind with the rent and were evicted to Blackstone Street, was demolished and they went to Bestwood Estate,  parent's spilt up for a while, his dad was an alcoholic, the  reunited and moved to a Flat on Canning Circus.......Keith married young (aged 17) to a girl called Christine whilst they lived at Bestwood Estate, he had 3 daughters and lived at Lenton Abbey.....they both worked for Boots in Beeston, sadly their middle daughter died in her teens, the grief broke the marriage up........Keith lived in the Victoria Centre Flats, got depressed, drank heavily he nearly died.......He got ill later, was immobile and lived near Leicester in a complex......I saw him at his brother Gary's 50th birthday party December 2015..........He sadly passed away peacefully in his sleep in 2016.........His daughter Julie Pickles is on Facebook and so are his brother's Gary and Roy Beavan, I am as well.......Regards Lynn Taylor...