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  1. Not a good end to the day burnt me pizza
  2. Out walking my boys today and they made 2 new friends, a beagle and a beautiful Bermese Water Dog. He was gorgeous, only 8 months old but very calm and friendly. He was very handsome, had legs like tree trunks and enormous paws and stood as tall as my two boys. Dog greetings over we talked to owner, he already weighed 40kg at 8 months old, the same as my boys at 8 years old, will weigh in excess of 50kg when full grown. I had never seen one in real life just on tv rescuing people from water. I was really taken with him, as were my boys afraid the beagle didn’t get much of a look in, could have taken him home. Still my companion loves beagles so we were both happy.
  3. That is absolutely beautiful. As I said I am only doing basic doubles and trebles at the moment. I am hoping to be able to do things like that with the help of the expert in my craft club, she taught me a new stitch on Friday which I am practising. It is so satisfying when you do something like that.
  4. I had someone knock at my door, usual speel, in area doing work nearby want new windows, by the way your fascias are a mess would you like a quote to do them? Wasn’t doing much that afternoon so thought why not. Chap came round, seemed pleasant enough and boy could he talk. Told me all about the firm, never heard of them before, explained what they would do, had videos and graphs, showed me samples of materials used, starting to get bored now. Eventually he had a look round outside of house, kept calling me outside to ask questions and point things out. Explained how much scaffolding would be needed and finally after what seemed hours came to the quote. It was over £6000, after I stopped feeling faint I said it was too high for me, he asked how much I expected I said about £1500 to £2000, so he said he would try and cut it down, he did a bit to under £6000. I said no it was too high and he launched into how well they would do it etc. etc. Still said no I would expect good plating for that figure. Eventually he went leaving me his phone number in case I changed my mind, hope he isn’t holding his breath as I won’t not at that price I had the windows at my other house changed for just a bit more than that quote by Everest who aren’t exactly cheap. Four hours if my life I will never get back!
  5. Browsing they old posts I found this one, don’t know if anyone will be interested but here goes. I knit, crochet and do counted cross stitch. I enjoy crosd stitch, find it very relaxing and do it whilst listening to my podcasts. I have some of my creations framed and hung on the walls in my front room. I have a thing about dragons, collect dragon ornaments, and have 4 large cross stitch ones on my walls, they are earth, fire, water and I think the fourth is air(?). I also do animal ones as well, cats, foxes, wolves (one of my favourite animals) and also teddy bears suprisingly. I like doing the ones with the black background but find these are easier if done when the days are longer as under artificial light they can be a bit taxing on the eyes. I also crochet, at present I am doing a throw for my chair in the conservatory. I go to a craft club on Friday mornings where there is an expert crocheter(?), she does amazing things and is showing me new stitches as I only really know the basics that my Nan taught me. Wish I had let her teach me more but I was a teenager at the time and had other important things to do! Knitting comes and goes, I have times when I have a splurge with it, but then go on to other things, but like a butterfly easily distracted by something new. There is also someone who does macrame (spelling), which I have always wanted to do but there doesn’t seem to be much you can do with it once learned. So back to doing my squares for my thow.
  6. Once again the word games are under fire. I must say that I enjoy them, gets the grey matter going. It was once insinuated that people only played them to get their post counts up (the same could be said about old photos), didn’t know what that meant, I wasn’t counting my posts and could not have cared less about the number, everyone is different so each to their own. If I can trawl through numerous posts of old photos (don’t need reminding about the poverty we grew up with I lived in it) then surely you can trawl through the word games as well. I am going to have a break from the site (don’t think I will be missed as I don’t post that often now and it will be one less in the word games), I will probably have a look now and then to see what is going on if the site is still here.
  7. I sometimes despair of the younger generation of women, it seems the slightest thing is classed as sexual harrassment. Are all the younger generation of women so spineless that a wolf whistle can cause mental distress. When I was younger it was more upsetting not to get one when you walked past a building site together with the ensuing retort. Perhaps my generation were bought up tougher than the present one. I am in no way minimising real harrassment of any kind but come on ladies (and some gentlemen) get a grip and stop crying wolf so real harrassment can be investigated.
  8. When I worked in an office in Nottingham in the 70’s new starters were sent to another department to ask for a long stand. Amazing how many (both male and female) fell for it. I always thought it was a bit cruel on your first day in a new job.
  9. Celery juice is sometimes mentioned in connection with thyroid problems. (Wouldn’t it be mostly water when juiced like cucumber?) However on a thyroid forum someone came off their meds and just drank it. Ended up in hospital seriously ill. Whilst I hate being on medication I am wary of “miracle cures” which are touted on the internet (been caught out before) although some herbal medicines seem to help in certain conditions.
  10. I have a Be-ro book, use it for my favourites rock buns and melting moments. It is a bit tatty but wouldn’t dream of throwing it away so many yummy recipes.
  11. Such a lovely day yesterday we took the dogs out for their walk, went the usual way, lots of others had the same idea. Having a problem with Kai, both boys are trained to come back on second whistle, first one stop second one come back. However Kai has suddenly started ignoring whistle when he sees a dog/person and is running to them which makes his brother hesitate and then follow suit. They are both well socialised and everyone is their friend but I am a bit of a loss why he has suddenly started doing this. They are big boys and it must be terrifying for the person they are going to especially if they have children let alone a dog. I kept him on lead after he had done it just let his brother off but they are big lads and need to have a run. Any insight would be welcomed, I am going to find the flexi lead I have so, hopefully I will have more control over him and stop him doing it . Anyway after that we went across motorway bridge to another place we have found which is quieter and has a large meadow where we can let them off so at least he had a good run. I took bottles of water so boys could have a drink, they nearly emptied both bottles. Came back a different way across motorway bridge and finally ended up by Strelley Church where I was relieved to sit on the bench. I always thought there was a female pirate’s grave in the churchyard, can remember it from when I was a child and we used to roam all over, however I had a look and it isn’t, it has a skull and crossbones on which is why I thought she was a pirate but apparently they were put on a lot of old gravestones, pity really much more romantic to think she was a pirate. Finally got back home, we had walked 6 miles, had something to eat then crashed out on settee in front of tv, woke up at about 12 and went to bed. Boys were still crashed out this morning when I got up, legs ache like anything, have a blister under my big toe but think we will be doing it again weather permitting as we all enjoyed it. Boys are racing round garden so they would probably go again today, me - no not today next weekend perhaps.
  12. Treated myself to a pair of Kickers boots, had a pair a few years ago and they were really comfortable for walking my boys. Decided to wear them round the house to “bed them in”. Took me ages to get them on, tied them up and started doing my chores. Feel like Minnie Mouse in them (have you seen those u-tube videos of dogs with boots on - felt like I was walking like them). I am not sure but think I may have the only pair which are carnivorous they appear to be eating my toes and for good measure gnawing on my ankle bones, good job I have compeed plasters for blisters. Just taken them off (a battle in itself) and soaped them inside to try and soften them up. I remember now why I hate buying new shoes, think it might be crocs next time!
  13. There are times which call for one, this definitely was.
  14. I have just spent an hour and a half (which I will never get back) filling in an application form for a casual invigilator at a school. Whilst I appreciate it is a job with young people this form is a complete nitemare. I must admit it is a long time since I have filled one in but this form doesn’t seem to fit with the job somehow, it seems like a “one fits all” form which means some of the questions are strange. For instance what qualifications do you have that will enable you to do this job, well the main job entails watching kids doing exams to make sure they don’t cheat, giving out and collecting exam papers, so what qualifications do I have - I can walk, my eyesight is okay so that must be a bonus and my hands can pick up things. Didn’t have a clue what to put, you had to fill it in or you couldn’t get onto the next page and by this time I was losing the will to live (I was on about page 5 or 6 I think) so I put my one and only GCE (yes I do mean GCE) Of English Language down. Then we got onto employment history with dates etc. Flipping heck half the time I can’t remember today’s date let alone dates from many years back. Give details of work experience and how they relate to this job. Right, nothing does really except walking etc. as above. Just put my last 2 jobs on form as to be quite honest by this time I could not care if I got the job or not. When I rang about the job originally they said they were desperate for people to do it, I can understand why now. Going to have a lie down in a darkened room with a cool cloth over my forehead. I wish I had a fag!
  15. Been in Doncaster for the last 4o years before moving back, still puts me in Nottingham. You can take the girl out of Nottingham but not Nottingham out of the girl!
  16. I have been given 5mg tablets, this is my third week taking them, they are minute, worry about dropping them don’t think I would find them if I do! I think they are the smallest dose you can get. Back at the doctor next week to see how I have got on with them, the only side effect I have had (up to now) is making my hair fall out a bit and it is very dry, but apparently this should stop once my body has adjusted to them (I hope). Haven’t noticed any real difference yet but leaflet says 4 to 6 weeks before they really start to work. I have to have a blood test beginning of March and then have a telephone appointment with clinic to find out results. They seem to think I will be able to eventually cut down medication and might end up not needing it at all (fingers crossed).
  17. Just got back from Circle at QMC having had an ultrasound on my thyroid. Got a taxi there, easier than getting the bus dropped me outside. I was about 20 minutes early, just settled down to read my book when they called me in. Really nice doctor did it, confirmed I have 2 nodules not 1, one each side of my thyroid (never did like uneven numbers why have 1 when you can have 2). Nothing nasty and he said just leave them alone, not worth having a needle put in them. (WHAT! Don’t think they would have got near me to do that anyway) Found my way to main road and got a bus back (might as well use my bus pass). I must say the bus services here are excellent, so much better than Doncaster where I was before. Feel quite proud of myself as before my husband would have been with me and it seemed a bit daunting going on my own. So now I have done two things by myself today, gone to the hospital and been on a bus by myself without having a panic/anxiety attack. Just little steps but they mount up! Got myself 2 Belgian Buns to celebrate, just had 1 with a cup of tea the other I will have later. A good day
  18. I used to go to the ice rink in the 60’s. Can remember Ralph, my friend, whose mum & dad ran a pub nearby where he used to go, worked for him for a while. I used to go on trips to other ice rinks with the speed skating team to support them. There used to be a klaxon go off and you had to get off the ice while the instructors danced with their pupils. We once went on New Years Eve and they put the clock forward so we had a very early celebration of new year. There was a bar, which always seemed a bit strange, from what I can remember although we never went in there. There was also a programme filmed there with ice skating and pop groups. Ralph got my friend and I into quite a few of the fillings. We met Lulu, The Tremelos (? Spelling) who seemed really old and not very nice and Spencer Davies. We were walking round the rink with Spencer Davies while they were filming a skater and had to fall to the floor as the camera panned round. One of my claims to fame Stevie Winwood fell on top of me! David Jacobs, the disc jockey, was the host he had just done Juke Box Jury with the Rolling Stones so we were quizzing him about them, he wasn’t very impressed with them from what I can remember which didn’t go down well with us as we were fans and used to go all over to see them. Many happy memories of a misspent youth
  19. When I worked in the small shop in Rossington we got many ladies coming in wearing pjs, used to see them at the main shops in the village as well. We also had one lad who used to come in during the evening wearing a onesie with ears and a tail (dog) he once jumped thru the door and ask where the dog food was. It cracked both my supervisor and me up
  20. This ginger Tom certainly wasn’t placid, although he loved my Nan would be on her knee purring as soon as she sat down. Reading my post back don’t know how I survived it all.
  21. I can remember my Nan looking after me before I was at school while (whilst?) My mum was at work. She lived on Bonnington Crescent In Sherwood and the back garden was enormous you went up some steps and it was like a small holding with fruit trees and bushes also hens and geese. I was terrified of the gander it always used to run at me and I used to take flight with it at my heels. My Nan used to shout stop running but it was hard not to as it seemed to be about the same size (if not bigger) then me. It used to get me pinned up against a wall and she used to shoo it off. It has left me with a healthy fear of geese. Also feeding the hens, if you held their food bowl with your fingers underneath they would jump up and peck them. Got told off regularly for dropping the bowl! She also had the nastiest, meanest ginger cat, it was a monster. It used to jump on my back from whatever perch it was on, my dad threatened to neck it. I have had cats since then, but must admit never a ginger one. I can also remember my grandad coming home from work and having a massive fry-up, the complete works black pudding, bacon, sausage, eggs etc. My Nan would do an extra fried egg and I would sit on his knee and dip soldiers in my egg, used to get my knuckles wrapped if I tried to dip them in his egg. He used to feed me pieces of black pudding though, I still love the stuff although the ingredients are a bit iffy.
  22. Seems so. Could be a bit of a legal conundrum though, can see barristers/solicitors rubbing their hands in glee.
  23. Seen on news that Nantes are threatening to take legal action if Cardiff City dont pay transfer fee. Doesn’t seem right somehow and totally wrong time to do this as a body has just been recovered from the plane.
  24. I saw The Hollies a couple of times live. Great band. Always loved He’s My Brother. Didn’t Dean Ford sing barefoot at first?
  25. I can remember shopping at Birdcage used to get all our “mod” stuff there (that dates me), got other stuff from Biba catalogue.