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  1. Mrs Reds parents had the jab in Nottingham today both late 70s Had a second look, thought this was the important coronavirus thread, I'm reading about some Italian piano player in some greasy spoon up Mapperley Top & one of our members backing him playing with his banjo string
  2. Check this fashion accessory out, Versace Barocco print boxing gloves, £2,205 quid, I can see me now, walking up Ilkeston Road & around Lidl wearing these bad boys & matching bathrobe, all the locals shouting “Do you want some? Come on” Versace
  3. My 87 year old Mums heard nothing regarding the jab (but she is registered @ the Bilborough medical centre on Bracebridge, not good) tried some info off my mates wife & was told most days they are running up & down the corridors looking for anyone to vaccinate? She’s given me a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 number (if you can get here in the next type jobs) which my sister will be attempting today. (if anyone would like this Nottingham number PM me)
  4. Visitors being invited/welcomed into the home, early evening Mrs Red had a visit from a old mate who stood on the street while Mrs Red stood chatting with the door wide open letting all the heat out! Get yourselves in doors, break bread, offer a cup of tea, like the good old days.
  5. Its still there used to take old stripped down mopeds up their I where a tearaway. top fun.
  6. Apologies it's a Nottingham related post 1972 the new ten million pound City Gate gets underway, view from the top of the Strathdon.
  7. Almost a year on it’s obvious lockdowns, track & trace & masks do not work & with no long term evidence this vaccine even works or the effects on the body, protect the vulnerable & allow a controlled spread in healthy people or we will be in this position this time next year & the year after. Maybe a wake up call for future generations to control their own health & well being.
  8. With this site getting more like Facebook everyday, maybe he's cut the middleman out & joined up?
  9. Just had a jump around in the front room, best put the rug back before Mrs Red gets home from work, she'll think I've been enjoying mesen!
  10. I go to QMC every morning, it's empty no one there it's like a ghost town, no cars nothing, in & out done.
  11. Have you tried skipping without the rope @mary1947 it's called jumping
  12. The cats just asked me if I want the radio leaving on while he goes out
  13. I can highly recommend Jet2 they where fantastic last year, every time they cancelled the refund was refunded within days & rebooked next day Get it booked kid.
  14. That @mick2mebloke wants to get his hands in his pockets & shell out some money, you can’t take it with you youth
  15. Mrs Reds guiltily, she’s just paid the despot via Jet2 for 2 weeks in May, week in July & 2 weeks in September, May Bank Holiday & August, Skeg & Brighton, I’m in charge of the London trip, but I’m waiting to see if we can get back in football grounds first? She said if you are working all year, you need something to look forward to, I just agree.
  16. Bugger ........ must try harder I do like to keep you all informed what’s really happening in the real world outside your 4 walls, man on the street, boots on.
  17. Well I've been out there & not missed a day since the virus arrived, no stay at home & feet up for us foot soldiers, no masks, no washing or toilet facility's out on the street, I probably get a wider view of the situation, weeks before Christmas Eve Mrs Red was taking & returning the elderly to & from the day centers & then the government tell us not to mix with your families over Christmas? Yeah right, do one.
  18. No one reads papers anymore, NYE my youngest Son (two degrees & a masters) & his partner (degreed up school teacher) when the news came on our television, they asked me to turn it off/turn over, said they never watch it, I wonder if all under 25s think like that?
  19. We've had lockdowns & tiers & masks for almost a year, the result we are no better off? This is here to stay, learn to live with it & crack on.
  20. Piers Corbyn was speaking @ the massive anti-lockdown rally in Hyde Park today @LizzieMword on the street, he will be standing for Mayor of London.