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  1. Have to agree Liz, I have never read so much bollocks
  2. If you need guidance of how to keep yourself & your family safe, there’s not much hope for you
  3. Lewis Levin, want he chairman of Notts County?
  4. Bowl of Kellogg’s Fruit’n Fibre half five every morning, six o’clock TomTit, regular as clockwork.
  5. radfordred

    Bobby Ball

    They said he tested positive for Covid-19, they did not say what he died off? He’s had a good innings. R.I.P. x
  6. I wonder what attracted Carolyn to multi millionaire businessman John Radford?
  7. Just had a gander at her Twitter page, think your right don't look much like Mansfield? Unless owd Carolyn's on the Trent?
  8. Covid-19 was the 24th most common cause of death in England in August! Yes 24th
  9. Me lad & his partner just dropped round for his last visit before lockdown, I have informed him if I pop me clogs with covid, dog bite, shooting or stabbing etc in next few weeks, I want on me stone or plaque “He Kneels For No One”
  10. This "Taking The Knee" malarkey, before every football match & sporting events, once was enough, but every match, NOW STOP IT
  11. I use CeX to buy second hand iPads which I use for listening to podcasts while out at work, my last purchased was a 3rd gen mini Apple iPad for £110 they have shops in Beeston, Bulwell, Arnold & City Centre.
  12. Stags the pre-season favourites to win the league, the Radfords chucking money @ em, no wins in 12, manager sacked after last nights defeat, it’s all happening in Mansfield Could be a job for young Nigel?
  13. We have had term “Bubbles” now I keep hearing the term “Circuit breaker” & “Firebreak” who makes this stuff up?
  14. I always thought my neighbour was a woman, well she/he dresses like a woman, now I'm not sure?
  15. Why would you pay £120 when you can book a free one at the many testing stations? Time to boycott Boots me think, trying to make money out of a pandemic.
  16. Earlier in the year I took a good 3 foot of my neighbours hedge so I could see down the street, I never asked her & she’s never mentioned it, I wonder if she even noticed?
  17. Caught the number 2 into town yesterday afternoon around 2:30pm only Mrs & me on it, most of the shops & streets where empty, witnessed a lad filling his big Primark bag in JD Sports with a Adidas sweatshirts £60 each & he had a good 8 or 9! Had 2 drinks in Cross Keys, empty, dinner in Bistrot Pierre only 2 other tables taken, jumped the 28 home, empty. I can’t see this virus or things improving anytime soon, this is going to go on for years & years, or just becomes the new normal & we learn to live with it
  18. Did our shop in the new Lidl on the old Beechdale Baths site Sunday morning, as we entered the automatic one way in door a bloke ran out carrying 2 boxed cordless drills & nipped under that subway onto Ainsley est, told a member staff, he did not seem to bothered, had a look how much these drills retail at £69.99 each
  19. Maybe, if they do not find a vaccine for this virus, you best get used to not living as long, enjoy yourselves it later than you think, it's no fun in staying in. Good news you can now fly to the Canary Islands, first week of January 2021 please.
  20. WD40 & toothpaste does the job, bailed out of the rip off thieving M.O.T. inspector your seat belts twisted malarkey years ago, treat yourself, life's to short to run around in a banger, you’ll be dead soon.
  21. Can we put them back to March & restart?
  22. Guilty, if I spot a dog & walker stop outside my house, I'm out with a bowl of soapy water to swill it down, sometimes before the mutts even finished his business