Is it Just Me, or Does Anyone Else Hate Christmas !

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I like COOP seeded sourdough bread. Popped in yesterday for a loaf without paying to much attention. First slice, BLECHH, what the bleddy 'ell?

Looked at the packet 'Christmas Sourdough' it said. Bread in my opinion should not contain raisins, cranberries or citrus peel of any description!

Merry Christmas birds, enjoy......

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I like Christmas time, but we don't go overboard on decorations, presents or extra food.  I like it because of the carols by candlelight and the Nativity play at church, also the excitement of our you

Boxing Day lunch always has been Bubble and Squeak day for us, usually served around twoish for a few family regulars who join us every year. B@S, all cold meat and stuffing, fried egg and baked beans

Christmas was always dreaded in my family because there was inevitably some disaster. Usually, it was the death of a family member or friend and a sense of apprehension built up as the festive season

I’ve been feeling my age a bit and so tired all the time. Might be my bypass grafts furring up I suppose! 


My perfect Christmas this year, I think, would be to walk down to my son’s place on Christmas morning, have an hour and a glass of whisky whilst the grandson opens his presents. Then on to my daughter’s to see my other grandson and granddaughter. An hour, and another glass with them, then back home. Cheese and onion sandwich for lunch with perhaps a bottle of beer. Afternoon maybe watching a couple of films (Netflix, not telly), or lying on the sofa with carols or choral music very low on the hi-fi. Evening doing a bit on the computer and a not too late bedtime.


Instead I will dress in slightly uncomfortable clothes and go to my son’s mid-morning. My daughter and family will join us there. The ladies will slave over the cooker and we’ll all start drinking. We will attempt to eat a huge meal and over half will be left. We will drink some more. Then we’ll collapse into the nearest chair until we wake and dutifully prepare another huge meal which no one really needs. We will drink some more. Although now exhausted we will attempt to play some games - whilst having another drink. Finally we will stagger home, and then do it all over again the following day.


I have a sneaking feeling that everyone would prefer Plan A, but no-one want wants to say it!


And the saddest thing of all is to walk home from the pub on a cold, blustery January night with all of the unlit, now useless Christmas decorations swinging in the air.


Oh dear, excuse my mood! Must go and slit my wrists!

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Yes, it's always a sad sight on a wet January night, as all the festivities are a mere distant memory.

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My Monday Club are having a Secret Santa, told to get something silly for a pound. I have been searching all week with no real success. Getting really desperate even had relatives searching for me! Who came to the rescue? Aldi with chocolate Brussels and chocolate Christmas puds. Problem solved. Can now get back to trying to ignore Christmas.

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