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Loved going to see Forest. First went with my dad and then graduated to the Trent End (not with my dad I hasten to add). I can remember seeing them play Derby and my friends and I being escorted out of the ground and some distance away so we were “safe” and then the lads left us and went back. I believe the Derby fans were run all the way to the train station. Think the same thing happened when they played Leicester. We were told to put our scarves away as well. 

Memories of a misspent youth:rolleyes:

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Can't argue too much with that one Ben, I must have seen Wally Ardron play when I was about four or five years old but can't actually remember it. Obviously that is a team drawn over a few era's.

Sign up the lads from Basford united and  Hucknall town flavoured with a touch of Bulwell Baptists.....Got me Boots out this morning,,,need some new Noggs......   Thinking of making a comeba

Doubt it.  Who'd want to be a football manager eh?  Especially based in Nottingham!!

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The opposing fans will be singing "Relegation to you, relegation to you, relegation dear Forest, relegation to you" and it may well come true

Even the Sheep are above us now on goal difference which is not surprising given Forest's goal scoring capability.

We are only three points above the Owls who started the season on minus 12 points and will soon be flying above Forest if we continue not being able to score.


I see the Stags home game was postponed because there was an inch of snow on the pitch? In mine and Ben's day they would have rolled it flat, cleared the lines and marked them with orange paint, used an orange ball and got on with the game.



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Whilst not mathematically safe from relegation Forest have a reasonably easy finish to the season so should see Championship football again next season. A disappointing result overall but here's to next year.

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