Hockley Over The Years

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In the picture 1 page back 3 up, the more observant of you would have noticed the bloke down the hole was holding a fag, the lighting of cigarettes is not recommended due to underground gases.

Have another after the collapse 



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Here it is.  Take it away, Ben!     His name was Ben - Oh! He was a grocer. He'd slice your bacon with a squeeze. Slap and tickle with your cheese! "Let's see your h

The view in 1970 from Cranbrook House which was built on the site of a 15th century burial ground.   

Photos of Hockley over the years on Post website.   https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/gallery/38-pictures-looking-back-hockley-3364947

My friend’s Dad was the main contractor working for Westminster Brick Company who built Cranbrook House, and also Walton House on MMW, and in fact also the estate I grew up on in Arnold.  
When they were digging the foundations of Cranbrook House her Dad brought home a human skull, complete with teeth.  My friend took it to school (Haywood) and it was then subsequently stolen from the Biology Lab, later to be found buried by the nearby old railway line.  Someone found it, it was somehow traced back to Haywood School, then to my friend, and the police were knocking on their door, investigating a possible murder!! 

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Re Cranbrook House

Got an invite,tip off

Remember an intercom outside, didn't know the password, so pressed the buzzer (top left?), 

Really fuzzy here!;) ..yearwise


Strange building, very much a Tardis, upstairs, stud walls with windows, I confess, I was three sheets!!

If recall amp's etc were in house.

About.three bands playing, great experience

Love to know more about it"s usage and history



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