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Thats for me to know and you to find out   Big ears 



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Looking at that list ct, i don't feel old now. My names not on it, you hoo. I reckon the girls list you got from Ben's marriage certificates !

Not a Kayleigh, Sky, Precious, Mercedes, Angel, Butch, Stallone or Mohammed in sight! 

I used to hate my middle name, but as i got older i tended to use it with my first name. Then when I married i requied the surname Dawn. When I first joined nottstalgia I used my middle name as n

When I worked for NHTA in Nottingham we had a lot of staff so one day I sat there thinking of what names to give them. 

So Snow White and the seven dwarfs came to mind.


Boss    Doc         because he wore those little glasses.

Manger          Sleepy  (always had that look of being half asleep)

office staff    manager      Bashful even though she was a women

all young office juniors 3 of them all called          Dopey 

course co-ordinators    4 in all Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, and of cause ME 

 Snow White 

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My sons are christened Nicholas and Andrew, we felt they were good strong names that were acceptable shortened to Nick and Andy.  Andy has been known as ‘Dodge’ to his mates since he was about 10 years old and I’m told (and hope) that came about from his  school rugby abilities ...... 

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Wasn’t there a song... ‘Walter, Walter,  lead me to the altar?’  I remember my mum saying that.

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My children have never had their names shortened by me but my daughter is called Zia ( auntie) Debby by my grandchildren. My son is always James apart from his wife and her family who call him JJ Which he annoys me tremendously. When still in Nottingham his friends used to call him Squid because they couldn't pronounce the name Cannistraro which they connected to the word calamari. Now having grown up all of them they have reverted back to James. 

Double barrelled names for me have become a necessity. I am Cannistraro by marriage but here I have to use my maiden name by law. After years of signing in my married name it was difficult to sign in my maiden name. I only use my DB name on certain web sites because using just one name wouldn't have found all the friends I now am in contact with.

My husband is called Alessio but I was introduced to him as Alex because the English couldn't pronounce his name. On researching family history he also has his name here, there and everywhere. It is a nightmare to follow. When any of them ring us I say it's Alessio he says Alessio who or Alessio from .... 

Then there are the Alessio's that I've never met and believe me there's an army of them. He is the eldest of 7 and all his brothers and sisters have  their names repeated through the generations.

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Where does Gracie Fields fit in with Nottingham names?

I thought her origins were Lancastrian.

Though she was the highest paid female entertainer I always thought her voice shrill and unmelodious.

She must have had some appeal but it certainly not for singing or her acting ability.  

Also I also found Vera Lynn over-rated. As for the forces sweetheart she was not that all strikingly attractive.

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15 hours ago, LizzieM said:

Sounds a fun environment Mary, are you sure you were Snow White?!!

Hi LizzieM   If you use all the  dwarfs names  then there only 2 names left Snow Whlte and   yes the Wicked Queen ,  Which name would you use LizzieM                 PS hope no-one from NHTA reads this as it was my little secret,

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Can you remember that in the 60s some people would nae there children after football players. but there were a couple of people who named there boys after the whole team. Poor Child.


My son and his wife went to see a film and in it was a boy called Prentice !! yes your right first grandson's name is Prentice. but someone did say that it was a Scottish name.

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There are a lot of Italian names male and female when translated are really old names and it doesn't seem right to give newborns those names.

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