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Just a small quiz to see how much members know about Nottingham and Nottinghamshire places & People

1/ How was Nottingham boxer William Thompson better known?

2/ Name the man who founded the Salvation Army?

3/ Who was the first £20,000 Footballer?

4/Which Nott's band had a USA no 1 with The Night Chicago Died in 1974.?

5/What was Christopher Dean's Job before becomming a professional Skater?

6/ Which Nottingham Cricketer was the centre of the infamous 1932/3 bodyline tour?

7/ Who wrote Saturday Night & Sunday morning?

8/ How was Lord Tenant better known?

9/ Which England football Manger was born in Nottinghamshire.?

10/ In the legend of Robin Hood What was Maid Marian's Surname?


Answer's on a post card please to addmin staff  sorry they are all busy, So will give answers to-morrow night. 

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To answer benjamin 1945   Answer's to pub quiz 1/ Royal Children 2/ Trip to Jerusalem 3/ Newmarket 4/ The Corner Pin  (named after the game of Nine Pin Skittles) 5/

Maid Marians real name was Trudi Glen If you listen to the theme tune of the 60's TV series it tells you "Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding Trudi Glen"

Thought  Jessie Boot was Lord Trent not Lord Tenant ?

Bendigo, Gen Booth, Dunno, Dunno,Policeman, Larwood?, Sillitoe, Dunno, Dunno, Dunno

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Answer Saturday Brew thanks for taking part.

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I have 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. I could guess at 8

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I can't resist this opportunity..



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Just seen Made in India  do they mean the 45 record or was it Robin Hood ?

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Before any of you start Googling , here's 10 more  Questions about Nottingham / Nottinghamshire and it's people.


11/Which Stapleford - born Footballer Played for centre half for England 65 times?

12/Who designed the Black Boy Hotel?

13/Under what name did Mansfield singer Bernard Jewry top the charts in 1970s?

14/Which Town is Lord Byron Buried?

15/Which year did Goose Fair move to the forest groynd.?

16/What was the name of Nottm famous Channel Swimmer of 1930/40s?

17/Which Nottm motorcycle was the favourite of T.E. Lawrence  (Lawrence of Arabla)

18/In what year was Notts County Football club founder?

19/At what unlikely venue did the Rolling Stones play on March 2nd 1964?

20/Which building did Sir Francis Willoughby commission in 1580?  


Answers some time later.     Oh i only have 10 more you will be pleased to know.

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5 - Ice Road Trucker 

16 - Bob 

17 -  Raleigh runabout 

19 - Pelican on Bracebridge  


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I know the answers to all the second batch of questions, although only guess at No.15, I won’t cheat by asking Mr Google :rolleyes:

My maternal grandmother reckoned the Channel swimmer was her cousin, not sure if that was true.  

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Well it's time for your answer's to the first 10 questions 

1 Bendigo

2 William Booth

3 Tommy Lawton when he moved from Chelsea to Notts County 1947 (good year that)

4 Paper Lace

5 Policeman

6 Harold Larwood

7 Alan Sillitoe

8 Jessie Boot 

9 Graham Taylor, Worksop, 1944 

10 Fitzwalter.    


10 correct answer's    I will by you at drink at next get together.  Nothing over £5 00 though.

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Thought  Jessie Boot was Lord Trent not Lord Tenant ? :)

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answer's to last  11 -  20 questions

11/Dave Watson

12/Watson Fothergill

13,/Alvin Stardust



16/Tom Blower

17/ Borough Superior

19/ The Albert Hall

20/Wollaton Hall


DAVIDW you get 10 points more for spotting spelling mistake.   thanks to all members who took part it was just a bit of fun, 

ps thoese who took the P????? well you will have to try harder. just having a laugh

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OK !!

Next 10  Question's

21/ In TVs The Adventures  Robin Hood, who played Robin ? 

22/ What was the name of the pub that stood on Nottingham's Bottle Lane.?

23/What Nottingham cricketer who also played for England had the nick name Arkle?

24/ Who was the first million pound footballer?

25/ Nottingham born Alma Reville was the wife of which famous flim director?

26/  What was name of Albert Finny's character in rhe flim Saturday night & Sunday morning?

27/ What is the name of Nottingham's Catholic  cathedral on Derby Rd?

28/ In which two events did Rebecca Adlington win a gold medals at the 2008 Olympic's?

29/ What were the Christian names of D H Lawrence?

30/ What is the name of Nottingham's odlest church which is in the lace market?





See how many you get right     ENJOY!

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21 Richard Greene

22.  ?
23  ?

24Trevor Francis

25 Alfred Hitchcock

26 Arthur Seaton

27 St Barnabas

28 400 and 800 Freestyle
29 David Herbert Lawrence

30 St Mary’s 


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