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They told us the army still used valves because they were more resistant to the electromagnetic pulse from high altitude nuclear explosions, how they made the Clansman with there trannies resistant I don't know, some kind of back to back diodes with resistors that dissipated the steep rising voltage? They came in after I left so don't know much about them..

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GUILTY AS CHARGED! I was on from 81 through to 88, and i was one of the TURKEYS that iron cross and friends tried to get. but i was young and stupid then. now i'm just old and dumb! i was always mobil

Right to get this thread back going again.. there is another recording of old 'boxer' on there was two more of tony rifleman, but recorded quality was low, so being re-done. i

Around 1983, some mates and I recorded "our version" of "The Curse of the Claw" (Ripping Yarns) onto an audio cassette tape then I hooked it up to my Dad's CB rig in Bulwell with his recently acquired

Many years back, when I lived in Sacramento, I was friends with another ham who worked part time for the US air force, he was an electronics expert, he wrote a paper for the air force on RF cable connectors, which is still material taught to military electroncs engineers!!

Problem was, he had to be careful with what information he could relate to any of us, as a lot he knew was highly classified.

We were discussing EMP's and the dangers they represent to solid state components, what they actually do is create high voltage pulses that last for a few milli seconds in certain wavelengths. They destroy the junctions of solid state devices.

He did relate that most military equipment is "hardened" to withstand most EMP's, how??? He wasn't allowed to inform us, classified!

There may be information around now that's declassified, I don't know, never searched for it, but probably the best way to protect electronics is to keep it disconnected from the mains, have no external connectors plugged in and keep the devices in a Faraday cage that is well grounded. Something like the cages used to isolate electronics during testing stages to avoid allowing RF leakage to the outside world.

Problems with EMP's, are there are several wavelengths involved, different types of nuclear devices produce some of the most destructive, then there is our Sun, a solar mass ejection of X5 or more can cause catastrophic damage to power transformers as well as sensitive electronics...How do you provide protection from all sources???

How solar SME's cause damage is by "saturating" the cores, what happens is they just become overloaded, produce a lot of heat and the windings burn out...Imagine that on a world wide scenerio!! It did happen in Quebec a few years ago, wiped out hundreds of power transformers, I think it damaged some in the northeast states of the US at the same time..

Deep subject, EMP's!!

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My eldest son used to enjoy CB radio when he was about 13. He enjoyed guiding truckers to their destination as they came off the M1. Most of all he enjoyed chatting up girls. Until some dirty barsteward started making suggestive comments to them. It put him off after a while.

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So those rigs that were sold in the masses in the 80s (UK FM band, 40 channel) - did they become illegal at some point and are they legal again now?


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40ch FM CB 27/81 radios are legal.

PR27GB 'mid band' CB is legal.

and now AM/SSB on the 'mid band' is legal BUT you are meant to use type approved radios..

but seeing as OfCom (DTI/Buzby) don't care and can't afford to trace people CB ids a free for all, use what you like..

most CBers run 100w now days on illegal radios, and mostly on ch19..

the live stream at still on 24/7 and now has a ch19 stream so you can listen to the mentally challenged, sexually frustrated and society rejects that are on there..

there's one or two coming back on, but as one comes on and another sells up or passes away..

CB will never be what it was, but with the US on AM still coming in (since 2010) it's well worth buying and digging your old AM/SSB radios out and trying to chat to the yanks..

and lets not forget that 40ch on mid band that died a death after a couple of years, very quiet at night and free of all idiots..

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no mick, Tony passed away towards the end of last year,

all information was on facebook CB radio in the nottingham i think it was,

funeral was at wilford hill..

there's not many of the 'good ol boys' out there now..

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some boxer tapes on the 'watergates' page.

rifleman i had on MP3 and set up to the website but not playing due to having the 'glorious Alphas' instead.

i have another load of tapes recorded by Boxer himself and Kath also..

just need to find a good host to have them all on something like soundcloud where they can be played from any position but not downloaded.

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I never got into cb myself but I distinctly remember a chap's call sign that went "river boat river boat on the side ready to slide" there was some great call signs. I had a short spell working for East Midlands airport and saw loads that the customs confiscated, the digger man had to crush brand new ones, I think at that time they became illeagle or something. not a very nice sight to see.

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Hi all been having a look around the site cannot see a topic on the CB radio era...?

whos going to own up to having an illegal CB radio my mate use to run the Chicken Shack in Netherfireld

you got the TWINTUB on the side and satisfied..... comeon beep......

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ahh right been moved to the topic brill did look but couldn't find.....

anyway you have the TWINTUB here what was the TIN MAN......................?

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Hi All,

Hadn't seen this thread before, although I see it's being running for several years. The references to the "Alpha Organisation" and "One Alpha" caught my eye as I remember a "One Alpha" from my early ham radio days in the mid-60s, pre-CB, when local comms were mainly on 1.9 MHz using AM. "One Alpha" and another station "Picasso Radio" used to jam a lot of ham conversations and also broadcast rants with a distinct Nazi tinge, with recorded jack-boots marching in the background, etc! I believe OA was located somewhere along Alfred St South but he was a big signal around the city and over to Derby and Leicester.

I listened to some of the OA stuff on the Live CB site (wouldn't work with FireFox, BTW) but the voice didn't sound familiar, although we're talking 50 years ago. Anyone else come across Mr Alpha in pre-CB days?



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Phil Cross, "Iron Cross", Gedling, had an early computer database of breakers names and addresses.

We used to go out overnight tracking 'Turkeys'. I would think Phil would know who 'One Alpha' was.

I do remember them Broadcasting from Gedling Park, one night early 80s' we tracked them down and

spoke to them. I was quite surprised how different they were when we met them.

Turkey Tracking entailed driving round to get best signal, then turning down RF Gain and driving round again,

till signal peaked. Then removing antenna and connecting dummy loads, and doing the same.

We could then use Dummy load whilst sitting outside their 'Twennees', (as in what's yer 'Ten Twennee', gud bud').

Their signal would show us as full until they turned down the RF gain, then nothing, indicating we were a fair way off.

Until they looked out of their windows.

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Hi M2M,

Thanks for that info. It was a difficult position for the local hams as, strictly speaking, we weren't allowed by the GPO licence to reply to the likes of Alpha or jam pirate transmissions, though of course we did. Sometimes the pirates would come up under a genuine callsign and try and lure hams into a conversation, I was certainly caught like that a few times, especially in the evening when skip was better and hearing a station claiming to be a couple of 100 miles away was believable.

I did have a listen to more 1 Alpha stuff on the web site and I now think one of the voices sounded like the 60s version of Alpha, complete with mad dictator laugh, no jack boots though, shame!



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Itsearly 80s since I heard One Alpha but I remember the rhetoric.

"Attention, this is One Alpha, who is going to help me push this cement mixer up Carlton Hill"

Have you got a link to what you were listening to?

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