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GUILTY AS CHARGED! I was on from 81 through to 88, and i was one of the TURKEYS that iron cross and friends tried to get. but i was young and stupid then. now i'm just old and dumb! i was always mobil

Right to get this thread back going again.. there is another recording of old 'boxer' on there was two more of tony rifleman, but recorded quality was low, so being re-done. i

Around 1983, some mates and I recorded "our version" of "The Curse of the Claw" (Ripping Yarns) onto an audio cassette tape then I hooked it up to my Dad's CB rig in Bulwell with his recently acquired

No CB when I left the UK in 79 Mick, but I am a licensed ham, call is KM6MB, been licensed now about 13 years. Last time I was over in the UK I did look up a ham mate in Kirkby in Ashfield.


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Aah that's a big 10-4.

Our next door neighbour was bitten by the CB bug. Unfortunately we discovered by accident that we could listen into his conversations (mindless drivel) on our family TV set. We knew all his guilty CB secrets!

It was impossible not to crack up tuning into the "Viking" with his endless litany of secondhand Americanisms: oh how he wished he was driving a big rig across the Mid-West. When one evening he described a nearby traffic island as a doughnut (or is it donut?) I almost split my sides laughing. :rolleyes:

Do you copy, good buddie?



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we were on cb in the 80's. Shirebrook was known as brook town and we were brook breakers. Dad was Mini Man (cos he's little), mum, mini maid and me, mini skirt (my excuse for that was cos i was in jazz bands and we had mini skirts - lol).

used to do the treasure hunts in the cars all over. does anyone remember them? there were clues which you had to follow. We always ended up at ambergate and goldilocks and buffalo always seemed to end up at worksop. lol. dunno why. maybe we read the clues wong.

Can also remember going to see friend at skeg when they were in their caravan. they had a huge 'directional beam' ontop of the caravan and when dad asked if there were any brook breakers around, he blanked out all of skegness. oooops!

Everyone seemed to be on cb then. can remember on one treasure hunt, we had the illegal 'rig' in the car with the legal one under the seat. everytime we had a police car following us, we had to keep changing them over from illegal to legal. great days.

:) Sal :)

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Id recent been on holiday to California, and picked the stupid handle of California Cruiser. Cant remember which other cb radios i had, but one was the Midland 40?

I also met a lot of great breakers on there, but, being younger than i am now, with no commitments, found myself being very disappointed having chatted up a nice sounding bird, to find she was real woof woof!!! No insult meant to any ladies on here!

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I had a Midland, when Boots got out of the market and sold them off cheap.


You can't beat a cybernet Chassis. I still have a York 863 and a Harrier CBX.

But Sadly No Twig! :(

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Rotel 240, York 863 and HAM international concorde 11, Call sign DELTIC 7, talked a load of rubbish most of the time but met some fantastic people. Still got the Ham international.


Ah" Roger that" (Doh) Roger and out.

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I think the Rotel 240 was the same build too.

Ham international, you mean USB/LSB Ver naughty too Good Bud!

Who Can I remember?

The 'Gas Man' "Help me push this Cement Mixer up Carlton Hill"

Gemini Lady Karen

Bendigo Lady (Fran) aka bendy old lady Sneinton

Country Gentleman or Cee Gee, (Ron) Colwick

Murdock (Nick) Carlton)

Ian 'Beefsteak' Carlton

Oh yes and 'The glorious ALPHA Organisation'

"All pledge allegience to 'The glorious ALPHA Organisation'"

The Iron Cross (phil) was a mate in those Days, we were well known 'turkey' trackers, after dark.

And me 'Professional' (as apposed to Amature)

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Mick, the Gas Man was my uncle Victor, he was a rich, eccentric man, who, if you met him, you'ld think he was a bit of a tramp , looking at how he dressed, and indeed, his father was a "Sir" He lived on Mapperley rd at the time, sporting a huge antenna and burner!, it wasnt until he stopped cb'ing that he told me it was him!

PS, would i have had an 80 channel unit?.........seem to recall i did.....but it was a long time ago....................................... :blink::blink:

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bonga de bonga de please

attention that man

what about bernard(coach)

farmers boy and farmers wife (in burton joyce)

the baron in sneinton

sadley not on anymore but had an avanti astro plane twig and a harrier cbx

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GUILTY AS CHARGED! I was on from 81 through to 88, and i was one of the TURKEYS that iron cross and friends tried to get. but i was young and stupid then. now i'm just old and dumb! i was always mobile running a 6foot avanti moonraker and a concorde 2. and yes i remember the gemini lady....BUT SHE WAS NEVER A LADY!...LMAO whatever happened to karen? last seen in top valley

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I was on the CB in the 80's. From memory about 83-85. I lived in Radford at the time, my handle was Lady Jane and my 'then' boyfriend was Trident.

Was quite embarrassing sometimes though when I was at his house, and over the waves, my mums dulcite tones would blast out, Lady Jane, Lady Jane, come home your dinners ready!

oh the shame lol

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All this talk about CB in Nottingham makes me ask the big question..

why you not still on ??

there are not many CBers left on in nottingham..

i have been on since 1988 from when i was about 14..

i was on in the AM days but was about 6 to 8 years old..

i lived at the gedling miners welfare..

nearly everyone knew me, the loud mouth pain in the harris...Termite..!!

still on now and longing for CB to be back how it was..

you used to struggle to find a clear channel, not you struggle to find someone on a channel..

i run a live link here.. this is channel 19 in the day and 32 at night..

full of whats left of Nottingham CB..

I also collect lots of CB related items..

from over 30 SSB rigs, to belt buckles, badges,patches, cups glasses, aftershave, licence plates..

if it is CB related i either have it or want it..!!

endless rigs, aerials and sundries..!! i collect the lot...

handles from the past..

Dolly parton jean

tartan lady jean..

tristar silvia.

boxer keith RIP. everyone knew him..

white stallion steve, still about..

preying mantis.

pieces leon, still on.

bootlegger simon still on..

yup the alphas..

black panther glenn

brother steve..

rifle man tony

we all knew karen gemini lady..!!! (no not me)

magnum kevin now RIP

royal demon ian, still on..

yuppy condom paul

prarie dog tim..

blackbird bob

candyman sean

terminator mark

bassman john


pistonslap rob

dreyman len

midnight blue

good old good buddies CB shop, roy and sonya.

rocking daddy alan.

roger D's CB shop..

strawberry lady..

and the clubs..

leapool breakers was my club,, met at maid marion pub in arnold.

then the meets at the Vale on thakerys lane

the list is endless..

but if you still have a CB, get it out, get it on..!!

if anyone needs help or advice, just ask or PM..

as for's now licence free..80 channels licence free

still FM 26.965 to 27.405 MID CEPT channels

and the UK FM 27.601 to 27.991 CB 27/81

rumours of CB being made illegal in 2010 are false

and the rule is CB will live it's life for the forseable future..

and bear in mind some rigs are 30 years old..!!

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i use to live in sawley, lion and dragon on wilmot street, there still plenty or aerials around there to..

does john paladin still live near the shcool, not sur eof the road name ??

i've got SWR meters and all sorts, and love to get people back on..

i have a mate also in long eaton wanting a base aerial to get back on too..

and there's a guy called colin, man in the boat, he's in shardlow mariner..cracking bloke..

i've got a york 863 here, bought it to spray black...

look nice all black i think, lol..

if you needs a SWR meter let me know, only to willing to help and get people back on..

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Why not do a little studying and become a licensed ham?? Very shortly we will be in a new sunspot cycle and all you'll need for an antenna is a "wet noodle" thrown out the window.

I've chatted with hams all around the world since I got licensed nearly 20 years ago now, and all with a good antenna and limited power.

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In mid 80's I had a Sherpa with long gutter mount twig, I used to have it clipped back in a curve, one day clip broke as I took a sharp tight corner the twig flew off and hit this chap in the head, they took him to hospital and doctor there said it was worst case of van aerial disease he had ever seen :biggrin:

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Why not do a little studying and become a licensed ham?? Very shortly we will be in a new sunspot cycle and all you'll need for an antenna is a "wet noodle" thrown out the window.

I've chatted with hams all around the world since I got licensed nearly 20 years ago now, and all with a good antenna and limited power.

already did, 15 yearss ago..

but with the lapse in licencing in amateur radio,

it has become so easy to do, even the numpties that would'nt stick it on CB manage to crawl on to amateur radio...

so the quality of operator on there is no better than CB..!!

i'll stick to good old CB..

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I also can't quite understand why it died out so much,,,,,

all you had to do was put up with the ignorant twats that bled all over you,,,,

the rest was fun & FREEEEE.

I wonder why the kids of today don't use them. They travel around in convoys of cars and either spend money on phoning each other, or worse, leaning out windows & shouting to each other.

I still have my original set up (boxed) Communicator & Super Scorpian whip. Also have Midland 80 ch & couple of df27's (not a patch in the Comm's). Used to run home kit from a Wot Pole.


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I acquired a cb radio that was roof mounted in a Pontiac Formula 400 (same as Trans Am, but different scoops etc) and had a lot of fun with it.

I even had a colleague at Trent tweak it a bit to "get out" a bit further, and got caught up in the buying of an SWR meter to get the standing wave ratio down a bit. Who remembers adjusting their antenna up and down a gnats whatsit to do just that?

I had recently been to LA in California, and gave myself the handle of California Cruiser (seems totally stupid now, but you know how it was!)

I remember coming home from gigging at The Blue Boar in Hucknall one night, and picking up a copy from what sounded like a really nice young lady, took up her offer of a "cup of sludge" but to cut a long story short, she made some of Picasso's work look good by comparison, if you get my meaning!

I believe that my late uncle Vic was indeed the notorious Gasman, who used to come on late at night and spook everyone out!

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Ayup Bigpimp and welcome

Now then "Dolly Parton" was an alias of that dirty bu99er who lived down Netherfield (I can't remember her other alias's but I have mentioned her on here before.

I still keep my CB handle active as you con see . (It's on here now.) I also use it else where.

I packed up in 86 when my power pack stopped working and I didn't have the funds to replace it. All the gear is still in my mums loft apart from the twig which blew down in a storm a couple of years later, it ended up at the tip ,much to my chagrine , as it was a bloody expensive one. I wasn't there at the time or else the poo would have hit the fan.

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Yup dolly parton, jean..

when i first got 'back into CB' i ws about 13, a mate had a harvard WT-44 handheld..

i lived on mapperley top then and borrowed it for a couple of weeks,

i would regularly stand out in the car park, or on the house flat roof to get some signal..

i would break in on dolly, silvia and roma..

also other names, yes gas man..remember him well..

deep freeze ian, later to become a previous boss of mine.

fonzy...everyone knew fonzy..

bonehead chris

moonlight alison and saturn tony.

then of course..



i remembered a few of these as i have an old 1980's recording of channel 27 one night, when CB was CB..!!

if anyone has any old recordings, hey i'll have those too..!!

if you still wanted a power supply and was local i have several here i don't want, still new, but a ball ache to post..!!

aerials i can sort people out with too..!!

coax, you name it..

i even buy rigs to save them from desctruction and land fill, i'd rather recycle a rig than see it wasted

hence why i have so many in my collection..!!

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Thanks for the offer of the power supply , but I'm no where near you now (Although I am going to my mums over the weekend and will get the old stuff out her loft )

You're welcome to it (As long as she hasn't thrown that away too)

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