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Tristram Shandy were named after "The book they could never film"

They had a 'backing singer' who never wore (allegedly) Knickers, the guys gathered round the stage to catch a quick peek when she did her spins as part of her dance routine

They also backed "Chris Ashley" (Mentioned else where) on his micky take of Forest going to their second European cup final "Magic in Madrid"

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Hi, I was a DJ there for a few years late 70's, I remember introducing the Mike Miller Band, later they had a cool black singer, he was ace, he did a single, name slips me sorry. Tristrum also played with another house band, anyone remember the name?

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There is already quite a bit of info on Tristam Shandy below Kevin who were mainly resident at Nottm Palais, aside from a brief stint in Leicester. However, Andy Kealey who has been mentioned below (who predominantly used a Black, Gibson Les Paul….which he subsequently destroyed on stage in a Dawn Trader gig at Rock City…or similar venue), there was Dave Bowley on lead guitar with his beautiful Gibson 335, Arthur on Bass, who left the band to return back to Kent and be a post man I recall, and Pete on drums who was married to the blonde singer in Red Sun….the Palais ‘big band’.

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My uncle (from Birstol) was in the RAF during the war, and posted to Syerston about 1943. On their first trip into Nottingham he and a group of other airmen enquired where the action was. Someone (it might have been a policeman) said the Palais was a good bet - adding "but you'd better take a club with you to beat the girls off!" Anyway, he met my mum's sister, and the rest is history.

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:) Pooh Bear, a lovely photograph of your father @ #12. He was a handsome chappie, I expect he had a lot of lady fans out there on the dance floor. And look at those long, tapering fingers - definitely a musicians!

Lovely, tuneful music played by Billy Merrin, skips along happily; don't you just want to dance along ..............

A Cameo within this thread. :)

PS: You come across such kind people on 'Nottstalgia'. :)

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Bumping this thread as its allied to the other Palais thread .

When I was googling about the Mike Miller band , extracts from this book came up about a West Bridgford lad that was a success in the adult gay film industry in the USA . He was a dancer at the Palais

He mentions the female dancer mentioned above and there is some other stuff of Nottingham people and places , (if you flick backwards and through the example pages) .

WARNING : DOES CONTAIN CONTENT OF AN ADULT NATURE !,+nottingham+palais&output=html_text

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