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I notice on a Facebook page for selling caravans and motorhomes , nearly everyone says they have a "4 birth" sometimes a "6 birth" .....Who would want a caravan with all that messy action going on ?

That's the one Dave, not seen it for ages. I proof read documents and presentations at work, most common errors are compliment/complement and stationery/stationary. Though I heard once 'so what if I

aya gorra cobbon?

Some clever things have been done with the English language. The most common letter by far in our language is 'e'. It is also the most common in French. Years ago a Frenchman wrote a novel without once using the letter e in it. Not to be outdone an Englishman translated it without ever using the letter e in his version. Now that takes some doing, in French or English.

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I was marking a piece of written work many years ago and when I remarked, "That`s not how you spell (that word)."

The lad replied, "Well, that`s how I spell it."

Oh - - - what a little individualist! (or something.)

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Certainly Mr Dilks....

Was he with you .?..or was he by himself ?

We are all fluent on here tha knows..........

and Welcome......

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