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Sorry, me thinks it was Venue 51 not 53! Maybe related to the number of the property? Very small inside..had a mirrored back wall greeting you when walking through the door. This was in 1982.



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A Maid Marian Way Before-and-After, with three reference points which have survived; the bandstand in the Castle; St Nicholas' church; the old Radio Trent building.

There's no doubt that someone was determined to ruin Nottingham and they certainly succeeded. Had they been prevented, we'd now have a city to rival York and Chester. Sheer vandalism!

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I attended PCFE from 62 to 66 in the mvmr classes did anyone else attend these classes at the same time.I remember MMW was changing as i had to walk PCFE to Mount catch the bus to Nuhall.When i passed my driving in 64 i could park on MMW outside the main entrance to PCFE doubt if you could that today.

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Just been looking at the photos of Maid Marian Way construction on the Post website.

I only have two words for what the cretins in the council did bloody vandals.

Definition of a vandal "A person that deliberately destroys or damages property belonging to others"

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