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The Wells Road.  What's left of the  northern side of the Suburban Railway bridge, next to where the Gardeners Pub used to be.

Entrance to the old Alms houses on London road.

Certainly is @philmayfield but now owned by Nottingham Trent University & will be used for degree ceremonies & music.   What is this? What was this? Bonus points if you nam

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One of two possibles.

One of the tunnels under the hill between Annesley and Kirkby-in-Ashfield, My main thought is the ex Midland tunnel when it was uncovered before re-opening as Kirby Tunnel on the (now) Robin Hood line, Annesley end.

I went down to it, when about half of the spoil had been removed. The 'fence' across the tunnel mouth wasn't exactly secure and I walked in as far as was then possible. The Kirkby end was still blocked, I remember the brickwork being in surprisingly good condition, with only a couple of cracks and scrapes from contact with the diggers.. I took several photos at the time, but have no idea where they are now

The other possible is the ex GC tunnel mouth at the same place when it was being filled

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Yes ravintrainman your main thought is right, no idea when I took the photo, early 80's? used to go over to Kirkby regular to collect made to measure copper cylinders from a company who's works address was "the old pithead baths" off Lowmoor Road and as then " pre bleepers or mobile phones" took the chance to explore ex railway sites in the area, some years later, after your visit, when the tunnel had been opened up but no further work done other than temp lighting fitted I walked through it one Sunday

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Fenton Road between the old embankment of Bagthorpe Junction (on the right) and the GN spur from the Rathole (on the left). The shot looks down the road and over Valley Road towards Perry Road.

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spot on nnsc, took a local to get it though? climbed up that embankment from lowest point to top maybe 1980 knackered me then so no chance now! here it was when both it and I were in better condition


That road in foreground (forget it's name) has to be one of steepest in Nottm, you just get round that corner at the bottom and virtually stall!mind you the rathole incline looks steep too, a friend of my mothers lived at one of those houses on the left, the back garden backed right up to the line, loved to visit her!

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