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  1. Just wanted to say hello to all my old friends, and hello to those who don't know me as well! I googled my name just for fun and discovered that I was the topic of conversation about a year ago! Yes, Dan and I are divorced now and I haven't felt this comfortable in years! I am hoping to make a trip to England this summer, depending on my school schedule (I am a full time student at University now!)
  2. is trying to plan another trip to the UK!!

    1. mick2me


      Its a very long plan?

  3. I feel so left out! Why don't you all come to California and we'll have it here!! I have a big house and lots of sleeping bags, but I only have one guest bedroom, so you'll all have to fight over it!! !cheers!
  4. No, that was at the Loch Torridon Country House, in the North Highlands. Quite a whiskey bar, huh?
  5. I do look a bit tipsy, don't I? Believe it or not I was completely sober (at least for the moment!!) !cheers!
  6. Did I forget to mention the lost luggage???!!! My kids wore the same clothes for 5 days straight!!! Don't worry though, we did go to Asda and at least buy them some socks and underwear once we finally got to Manchester!! We finally got their bag Sunday night, then Monday morning we gave them the bag back for the flight to Scotland!! (It arrived with us that time!) And Frank, I've been home for a week now, why don't you all fly to Sacramento and we'll have a bash here!!! You can bring your sleeping bags and camp out in my living room!!!
  7. Did anyone notice I wasn't there? That would be because we took 3 days to get to England!! We left our house at 4am Wednesday morning (California time), we didn't get to Manchester till about 8 Friday night. After getting lost trying to get out of Manchester, we finally got to our hotel in Alfreton at about 9:30, and at that point we hadn't eaten all day and had been awake for about 31 hours (the kids slept on the plane but Dan and I didn't). Suggestion to all.....never ever ever ever ever ever fly on United. We missed our connection in Chicago since they chewed up an hour and a half of shuffl
  8. Well everyone, this will probably be my last post on the site until after we move, I have to unplug everything to pack up. See you all in a week!!! !!
  9. Damn women, chasing you around, wanting to get lucky with you! I'm sure every other man on here is feeling your pain!!!
  10. Don't they check out the site anymore? The poll says that there are only 4 of us coming, I'm assuming that's Frank, Den, you and me. Robin said he was coming, has he posted anything lately? Mick, I guess the meet-up is to be at the Poacher? Does everyone know where that place is? I don't so I'll have to get directions from someone. I saw your post about 8 pm. That time sounds fine to me.
  11. So, have we decided on a location and a time? I'll leave that up to Mick and Den, and if one of you can post it on the calendar that would be lovely! I won't have access to a computer starting Thursday, that's moving day, so please decide asap!! See you all in a week and a half!! B)
  12. So you'll be there at 10:15 and I'll buy you a lemonade!!
  13. My first drink in a pub (or club) was summer of '87. My mum's friend had a daughter a bit older than me, and she and her friend took me to The Ritzy in Nottingham. I knew from tasting it once that I didn't like beer, and I didn't know what to order, so I had what her friend had which was Martini and lemonade. I was shocked that they let me as I was only 16. In California they always check ID at the door, if you're under 21, you don't get in..
  14. I noticed the music everyone has mentioned is a bit earlier than mine. Mine are all 80's. I have 2 that remind me of my first trip to Europe. One is INXS, Don't Change. That was the song that I had on in my Walk-Man when the plane was just taking off. I remember how the song had just started as the plane started down the runway. It was so exciting to me and the start of that song was just like being in a movie with the big build up, then kind of funny, the starting lyrics are "I'm standing here on the ground" as the plane was lifting off. The next song is by The Cure, Just Like Heaven. I liste
  15. All right everybody, I think I covered every possible answer, now get to it!! !cheers!
  16. My husband was flipping through channels the other night and I saw the title and told him to stop there. I only saw a quick peak of it and was a bit dissapointed, the camera work during a fight scene reminded me of an old Bruce Lee movie, then we saw the guy do a back flip off the second story of a hay loft (or something?) about 6 times from all different angles. That was enough for me. Katyjay, what were you doing in Lake Havasu? I grew up in the Palm Springs area and we used to go there a lot. I learned to waterski there!!
  17. Robin, I won't accept any excuses out of you! You are a young single guy, and it's to be on a Friday night, so don't tell me you'll be doing your taxes, or babysitting!!! You're going and that's final!!!
  18. The closest thing I read to a comic book was a Rupert annual that my mom gave me. I still have it!!
  19. Mick, I'm having trouble trying to send a PM. I click the send button and it goes to a different screen, I'll have to try again to tell you the screen, I didn't write it down. It says Welcome to your control panel. I tried sending you a test message, but when I looked in my sent messages folder, there was nothing there.
  20. Mick? Dennis? Anyone else? Come on now...I'm waiting...patiently!!!!!
  21. Hello everyone! It's that time again! Mark your calendars, the date is 30th of March, time and location to be determined. This (unlike last July) will be an evening event sans children. Yes, I have a babysitter this year, my mother will be there! Dennis mentioned a location to me, can't remember what it's called but I believe it's where Caz's meet-up was. So...let's hear it...will you be there??? !!
  22. Happy Birthday Caz! You're 27 too, aren't you?!! Just like me!!
  23. I've been trying to sell our house, and buying another...the one we're buying is in escrow but the one we're selling isn't selling!!! Can I interest anyone in moving to sunny California??!!
  24. Check the calendar everyone, I'm trying to plan a meet-up on March 30th (We got a great price to England too on BMI!!) Hopefully I can talk Dennis into finding a location for it!!