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  1. #9 - I've had it a few times particularly if using PNG and then other times it works. There's no reason if you are posting externally hosted images that IPB should complain. Try opening the file in an image editor and save it as another file type such as GIF and try that. Photobucket has problems, I stopped using it at the beginning of the year. I use Imgur now which seems much better.
  2. Jimmy Gordon was a coach though weren't he? And, in any case, he isn't as attractive as Eva.
  3. It's not totally tree huggers it's financial. We have trains taking coal to our power stations from Russia and the US because it's cheaper. The green brigade have certainly jumped on the bandwagon and I think Scargill would have had the whole country on it's knees, that was his MO. As an ETU shop steward I distrusted anything that came out of his mouth, our union used it's head, we worked to rule and hardly ever struck. It was obvious to me what the outcome would have been had he succeeded. We would all have been communist if he had his way.
  4. Here's s little song I wrote to cheer you up. It's called "Lets's go already!!"
  5. And me and, hopefully, he would bring Eva Carneiro with him . . .
  6. With reference to Worst movie you saw. As a general observation there seems to be a lot (and I mean A LOT) of substandard actors about especially on TV. I saw Jason Statham mentioned earlier on here. Rob Schneider, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eddie Murphy also qualify in my opinion. Then, there's possibly the worst actor of all time Adam Sandler!
  7. You've obviously never been chased by the law then have you? You'd be surprised what you find when you are.
  8. Unless they've shifted it there was a WWII brick built bunker/shelter in Papplewick, we played in, around and top of it for years. I can't really explain where it was as it's a long time ago but it was in a ditch (I think) in a field between the two Papplewick woods.
  9. Stop drinking coffee then, I've always said it was and invader to our shores even though it was in the 1500's I always remember my Mum buying that coffee essence $h¡t, Camp I think it was called. The pong used to make me yak as a kid and I still can't stand the niff of coffee even after 60 years - ugghh!!
  10. #12 - I'm in agreement with that, "The Sound of Screaming" is/was dire, although it did spawn a few football songs. My Mum made me sit through it on the front row at the Byron in Hucknall Torkard. I was sooo glad it was dark when we came out, street cred is everything to a 14 year old. I have to say, the new Bond is rubbish as well. Fortunately I watched half of it on my wifi box so it didn't cost me anything and I could turn it off after the only highlight for me which was the Jag/Aston car chase. Loved Avatar BTW and love SciFi in general, 'real life' is difficult for me to be entertained by. If you can't blame the Yanks you've always got the Russians.
  11. I reckon William Roache needs a bleddy medal putting up with that Dreary Barlow, Hunt, Langton or Rachid (have I missed any?) for all that time.
  12. My company won't accept cheques and hasn't done since before I was here. It's BACS or credit/debit card all the way.
  13. "cheques aren't obsolete yet" - You reckon do you? "will all banks eventually close?" - Yes it's inevitable. I opened my Halifax account thirty odd years ago and the cheque book is still in tact, it's never been used. I can't see why anyone would need a cheque book these days. I love using my debit card, I can pay there and then. My account will have been debited before I get home so I can check to see what's what. You can't do that with a cheque payment, you could wait weeks before a cheque cleared. I buy and sell a few guitars on the odd occasion and I would never take a cheque from anyone nor would I expect anyone to take one from me.
  14. I was with RIAS and they were very good but they started to bump costs up. I discovered the Post Office and never looked back. The cost is 'all in' with key insurance as well, can't fault 'em.
  15. You can't see the arrows and the 'View Gallery' doo dah in the middle of the pic?
  16. There's some cracking pictures though.
  17. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Mine from a previous topic on so called comedians:
  18. Like this? Quite a cool looking car... looks similar to a Sunbeam Alpine: They rotted as well
  19. Never mind what anyone says in your time Brian Clough, David Lloyd, Valentino Rossi and Paul Reed Smith were all gods.
  20. Oh, before my time then. I remember (was it the 'B' series) that Honda dabbled with? It never worked as well as the Japanese engine. But, both Toyota and Mazda used BL engine derivatives at one time and were quite successful. Nowadays the Ford Zetec is a Mazda original design, the block anyway, how things change.
  21. Don't worry, I battered her for it later when I grew up. (my dad said I would)
  22. My sister used to torment our chicks summat terrible, the only nasty streak I ever saw in her.