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  1. What are topic tags when starting a new topic?
  2. I was really happy with Windows 7. Everytime the free Windows 10 popped up I said no. Opened it one morning and it had installed. Had nothing but trouble ever since.
  3. Semolina was crap. So, mix the blob of jam into it and it becomes pink crap.
  4. These two albums are at the top of my list only because I love every track. Blackout - Scorpions Loose 'n' Lethal - Savage
  5. Me too. Stayed all three days and lived on soup and cob for breakfast, six cans of Worthington E for lunch and for tea/supper mainly stuff we got from our friendly neighbourhood alchemist. We were put in an overspill field which was ploughed and like a swamp. The line up was top shelf and worth all the four quid.
  6. Stone Dead Forever - Motorhead Hocus Pocus - Focus Same Old Story - Taste (Live Taste) Raining In My Heart - Stone The Crows Barracuda - Heart Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose Assault Attack - MSG Whipping Post - Zappa / Allman Bros Just for starters boys and girls,
  7. Their version of 'I'll Put A Spell On You' is pretty hot too.
  8. I was laying in bed, 4.00am, listening to the radio and it came on the news. Shattering for me.
  9. Straying off a little bit. There was a record shop on Goldsmith Street just round the corner from the County Hotel where you could get most of the 'Blue Beat' singles plus many more Ska labels.
  10. My mate Alan Bentley used to be manager at Wilkinsons Boutique in Hockley (can't remember the street). After a stint in the Windmill we and Neil Wharton would go down to said shop and load up Neil's minivan with shoes and then go to to the Hippo on a selling spree.
  11. Me too. Union member 1966 to 2015. Am now still a union member here in Oz but in the retired section of the AMWU. Protests, Work to rule, Rallies and Strikes. All a blast but always striving for better conditions and wages for members.
  12. #4 So did I. Got a big cheer from the construction lads on Vic Centre as I walked out.
  13. Brit45


    Magdala Road and Radford Boulevard were party heaven. Usually found out about these in the back bar of the Black Boy hotel.
  14. Brit45

    Chris Mee

    I remember him buying a house just a short way up Long Lane. At one point he had a Union Jack hanging out of his upstairs window with Jo Jo Gunne painted across it.