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  1. Nothing wrong with Charlie Dimmock, a more relaxed figure than she used to have possibly but I would have her in my team any day.
  2. The dolphins have got more intelligence.
  3. I would have been doing my apprenticeship at the same time Chris. I did a short spell at Deering Street before being transferred to Bell Street. If you are the Chris I remember you had a Reliant, maroon if I remember rightly. I remember Pete Heron, also Claude Lawrence, Gordon Walker, Ben Brentnall and various other characters. I enjoyed my time there and learnt a lot.
  4. Glad my time will be up before it becomes compulsory.
  5. Sooner cricket is back on terrestrial television the better.
  6. Hedley Wrights was a very popular wet fish shop at the lower end of Watnall Road . Always remember going there as a kid for fish for Friday tea and being served by Ethel, a lovely lady with a permanent smile for the customers. Always top quality fish from there and good service.
  7. High time we got our priorities sorted and stuff the do gooders.
  8. Not to be confused with" Me ears are alight"
  9. Followed by she's a muscular boy
  10. When political correctness and racism get pulled into the realm of childrens toys it is time to say enough is enough.
  11. My first car was a Hillman Minx, old style body. It ran well and was easy to maintain, ideal for a keen young motorist. I learned a lot from that car then moved on to a Hillman Hunter.
  12. It should be made quite clear that the NHS is not there for idiots like this to satisfy their whims and will not fund perverted ventures like this. While there are people needing treatment for genuine illnesses and ailments to waste resources on things like this is obscene and unacceptable.
  13. Must have been either '65 or '66. I know he was a couple of years behind me and I left in '67. Can't remember if it happened in a school match or a routine games period but it certainly was a chilling feeling when it happened.
  14. I too was in Mcewan house, never did understand the reason for the houses but they were there and that was that. As far as rugby went it wasn't a bad house to be in as not many were interested so competition was less. The lad who died was David Wood. He got a kick on the back of the head in a scrum that proved fatal. One injury of that nature is one too many but allowing for the number of players involved over a week injuries were very low. Having said that my mother could never understand why I could come home covered in bruises and cuts still claiming I had enjoyed myself but the fact was th
  15. "Pig"" Hutchinson was a sadist and not fit to to be a teacher. His behaviour certainly would not have been tolerated these days and rightly so. I was fortunate to avoid him for most of my time at Mellish but could see his nasty side from a distance. From what I saw he was universally disliked.
  16. The shop next door to Woolworths was a Fords when I was a youngster, my next recollection of it was a Co-op supermarket before it became The Pilgrim Oak.
  17. Believe the shop that Mrs Pepper ran opposite the market place is now a micro pub.
  18. Having been at Mellish under both headmasters mentioned I saw both sides of the set up. In my opinion Strutt was not fit to lace Geoffrey Houstons shoes and was no good for the school at all. Being of an age at the time when impressions are soon formed I soon took a dislike to Strutt. I also got the impression he did not like me, especially the day I dumped him in the mud at the side of the rugby pitch just behind the biology lab. It had been a wet morning and there was some doubt if the pitch would be fit but it did and it was like mud wrestling. Strutt was glowering from the touch line as we
  19. I wear more to go to bed than some of the sights you see in public these days. It might be alright on the beach but please, not in Tesco. It makes me forget what I have gone in for.
  20. It has to be remembered that a speed limit is just that, a limit and not a target or mandatory speed.
  21. Due to various owners the job has now become a poison chalice.
  22. Looking at some of the women in the villages I have known their husbands had my greatest sympathy and were welcome to keep them.
  23. The first one that tries that malarky with me will rapidly find themselves horizontal!! Ladies only are allowed to behave like that with me.
  24. Pity they have not sacked some of the overpaid fairies out on the pitch instead. There is no pride in the shirt they pull on, just how many more will go before it dawns that no matter what the manager does the players are the ones who need to hang their heads in shame. The amount of money they get is ridiculous and obscene and you will often see more commitment from young kids in the local park.
  25. The dogooders of this world have got a lot to answer for. Any offender these days is identified as having one syndrome or another to defend their behaviour by socalled experts. It might be better to get rid of the experts and reintroduce effective punishment for offenders to show them society means business. As Alf Garnett once observed " show them what living in a democracy is all about.....shoot the bu66ers who step out of line". If things are not taken severely in hand pdq it is going to be a very sad and dangerous place for the young kids of today to live in when they are adults.