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  1. Martin Lock

    Famous Nottingham Folk

    I know, but couldn't be 4r5ed to trawl through everything. I'm only using a scrappy slow kindle.
  2. Martin Lock

    Famous Nottingham Folk

    Just curious as to anyone got a claim to fame to knowing a well known person from Nottingham. Whose friend or relative is the most well known, richest, or interesting?
  3. Martin Lock


    Come on then. Any of you wore red braces carrying a filofax? Huge shoulder pads? Wasnt the Baltimore diner at riverside a popular place for such likes to meet?
  4. Martin Lock

    Demolished Memories

    Whilst I may only be a child of the 70's (just), I find it sad and surprised at how many of my schools and collages are no longer standing. All Hallows. Gelding. Still standing. Firbeck. Wollaton. Still standing. William Sharp. Bilborough. Replaced. Bilborough 6th form college. Replaced. Arnold and Carlton college. Gone. Basford college. Replaced. Even my old employers Robert Prettie. Olga Rd. Carlton Hill. Gone. Can I also include Balloon Wood flats ? I'm sure a lot of you who are older have many more buildings that you had dealings with, gone. A sign of the times? Progress? Or just life? When I'm an old man I would've loved to show my grandkids all of my past life. I just hope Notts are still at Meadow Lane by then.
  5. Passed my driving test in '87, I was living on Nuthall Rd but immediately found myself driving back to my old haunt of Bilborough every single night. Soon formed good friendships with kids the same age as me who had cars just as 'good' as mine. We probably got on everybody's nerves as we used to drive (sometimes fast) between Bracebridge shops and Cocko shops and everywhere in between, in convoys of 5 or more. The Milestone on Glaisdale was very popular with us all too, for a soft drink and a gathering. We also used to visit Eastwood, Ilson and Notts town centre on a friday/ saturday night poaching as amateur taxis. A favourite was to drive to the QMC and go to the top of the (now demolished) multi storey car park and wash all our cars with the fire hydrant before speeding off into town. Any of you motor offenders from that era out there?
  6. Good point. By the way, the residence on Bestwood rd near moor bridge, I'm a bit ignorant to the difference of gypsies/travellers or just Irish tradesmen living in parks, but what is the set up there? Especially the huge house that was built only a few years ago. Is everything legal there I wonder.
  7. I see they've set up camp near me (j26 of the m1). It's all over the news. I've not really got an opinion on it, so long as they don't stray onto all the neighbouring estates. They do seem to find odd bits of land to park on until the police or council manage to get some court order to evict them. I'm sure everyone has had some sort of experience with these people in the past.
  8. I was in the CTC (cycling) and had weekly meets there on a Wednesday during 83/84. I recall there being a full size snooker table somewhere in there.
  9. Martin Lock

    CB Radio

    I still have my handheld cb. A Harvard, with a 4ft telescopic aerial (although I always used the rubber duck) and it took 8 AA batteries plus 2 dummies! Used to ride around Bilborough using it. Nowadays I'd think twice of getting my mobile phone out around some of the streets!
  10. Martin Lock

    Harry Wheatcroft and Gedling

    From memory, my dad had an enscrowled name plate made. Reckoned one of the garages was absolutely choc full of plant pots when we moved in. Not sure if the house had a cellar but he said there was one that had been filled in. I'll ask him about it later in the week. One thing I do remember is our phone landline was a partyline. (Is that what they were called?) Sometimes you could pick the receiver up and hear certain neighbours in conversation on their phones. But they could hear me pick our phone up. Is that how they used to work??
  11. 2 memories of him. First was when he was walking down Wigman Rd in Bilborough and I was stood at my gate, he actually asked me where The Early Bird pub was. Second time was when I saw him stretched out in the back of a black and white Cortina cab going up Aspley Lane.
  12. Martin Lock

    Freddie Mercury's Mum. Jer Bulsara.

    Worked on his parents bungalow in the 90s. Cass, his sister showed me in her garage Freddies white Rolls Royce silver shadow. I've heard its been bricked up in the garage now!
  13. Martin Lock

    Harry Wheatcroft and Gedling

    The house was painted all white (no bare brick back when I lived there), white mock Tudor black beams on the top half. My dad named it Wheatcroft after doing a bit of research (hope he was right after all this time!)
  14. Martin Lock

    Harry Wheatcroft and Gedling

    He was born in Sneinton I think, had a nursery in Gedling. Wheatcrofts garden centre is over West Bridgford / Ruddington way.
  15. I lived in the old gatehouse bungalow on the corner of Llanberis Grove in the 80s. Always thought it was Mr Brough that lived in the big house at the top.