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But, I repeat... it's not the dead who can harm you!    I suppose that being a nurse, I saw - and attended to - several dead bodies, so it really doesn't worry me at all.   I saw my first deceased per

Might be of interest       Rog

Nice sentiments Margie.......when my mother passed i was holding her in my arms and singing Mr Sandman''...i felt her presence leave the room,, Donna felt it too,,strange,, but in a way beautiful.....

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On 9/3/2017 at 11:33 AM, radfordred said:

Anyone found this one in GC?





This photo of a gravestone "eaten by a tree" cropped up on a Facebook history page today .


Grave of John Smith Thorpe 1831-1871 plus his three sons :

Thomas Smith Thorpe , born 1861-1866

William Bowler Timothy Thorpe ,  born 1858- 1866

John James Thorpe , 1869-1874


On the 1861 Census , John Smith Thorpe is living at Denmark Court, 1, Island Street, St Mary, Nottingham .


John's occupation was given as "Policeman".

He married a Jane Catherine Whitton in 1853 in her home town of Gainsborough .

Haven't found out what happened to Jane yet . They also had a daughter , Lily , born in 1866 .

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19 minutes ago, DAVIDW said:

On the 1861 Census , John Smith Thorpe is living at Denmark Court, 1, Island Street, St Mary, Nottingham .


Island Street being where the Boots factories used to be at the end of London Road.


Denmark Court is now roughly somewhere under the NHS Walk-In Centre.

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Photo of the broken memorial stone with the tree growing over it above , for policeman John Smith Thorpe ,  turned up again on a FB page yesterday .

When posting 3 years ago couldn't find a trace of his widow  Jane or their surviving daughter Lilly born c 1866 . Also the dates of death of  two of the boys are wrong which indicates the stone was maybe erected or altered many years after the event .

The stone says Thomas and William died 1866 whereas in actual fact they both  died 1865  .


Yesterday managed to find  John Smith Thorpe's widow on the 1881 Census. 


She had had a further marriage to a cab-man , Richard Cook in 1880 .

They are living at (could be) Handle Street (difficult to read).

Her daughter Lily Smith Thorpe born 1866 is with them .

Lily later married (in 1885 ) a John Turville and had a number of children with him , there's a death for a Lily E. Turville in Nottingham in 1934 .


May be of use to a future family researcher .

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