Disappearing photos on this site.

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Whenever I post photos on this site they are visible to others for a day or so and then invariably, disappear. I know that others have also had problems so here's sme test pictures to see if any of the photo imaging sites that I use are better than others. 


First picture is saved in Google photos:




Next is from Canon Irista:




This one is from photobucket:



And one from Flickr:


Nope....can't get a flickr photo to appear at all on this page.



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21 hours ago, radfordred said:

I see 3 photos cat, bus stop & a clock, only the clock an hour slow  :crazy:


As they say: "The clock was correct at time of going to press."

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I'm seeing the cat with Photobucket wrtten across it. I wonder why some see it with photobucket and some without. I simply took the url from my photobucket picture and added it via "Insert other media" button. I have not come across photobucket doing this before. I shall try it on facebook and see if it comes out with or without photobucket watermark...... watch this space.

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Right. It comes out on facebook with the watermark. It looks like you have to download the image first and then post it to your site. Problem is that this site wants an image url and not an ordinary file. It seems that I can post images from photobucket as a link but that also comes out with the watermark. I think it must be all about security (Gone mad).

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Paul, if it's  any consolation, I can see the pictures clearly. I  am using a Samsung tabA 8"" tablet. Not that it means anything but looked all over for a watermark, ( not that I  want one of course).

Nice shot of the feeding bird.thumbsup

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I don't understant it Barrie. I can see the watermark and I didn't even put the mark there - photobucket did.

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7 hours ago, Stuart.C said:

Try  https://www.flickr.com/  for photos


I used Flickr for photos for a while but they put a limit on the number of photos one could hold on their site. Originally (When I signed up) it was unlimited. I lost a lot of photos to the change.

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I was an early supporter of P.Bucket and went to subscription when they first introduced it but closed the account when they restricted posting to Forums.

They emailed for ages trying to get me back.


Flickr have split with Yahoo and I couldn't transfer my login.

After investigation Flickr discovered I'd previously managed to have 2 accounts on the same email address, they've closed one now.

Looks like the limit is 1000 photos

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