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I share Lizzies attitude of not running scared. And although I'm 82 next moth I do not feel old and vulnerable. I am out and about every day but wearing a mask when needed and I carry my own hand gel

Can honestly state that despite a couple of major health 'set backs' have never felt old,,,Smoked,Drank, and chased many unhealthy lifestyles,,but never seemed to affect how old i felt....      

Nice one young Ian,...........don't mean not mentioning our 'Katy' lol................can't follow that,you've been a real performer this last to you and everyone on the site (inc

3 hours ago, MargieH said:

To be honest....”

makes me wonder which things they’ve said before WEREN’T true!

Ah, now we're getting into the weird world of statement analysis.


That's where every word you utter is scrutinised to the point where you're too scared to open your mouth!  A bit like Mrs Trogg ;)...according to Trogg, that is!

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11 hours ago, Cliff Ton said:

I can think of two sayings connected with age. I can't decide if I agree with either of them.


1.    You're as old as you feel.


2.   You're as old as other people think you are.


One I remember, Act your age, not your shoe size,

Best comedies of recent years, a decade plus, are Inbetweeners and Peep Show..


50 is the new 40.. should now be 100 is the new eighty.


What was the one about being a year younger than my Teeth? Heard it about 2 year's ago, first time in over 30!


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Went to Disney land USA  quote from Walt Disney there's a child in all of us till we die.


Mind you!!! You know that you are getting older if you have to put on your socks   your feet get futher away from your body,              When an older person stands up for you on the bus. 

Called to see GP  when you should be at Opticians.

Getting out of bed in the morning and feeling stiff  

Having to go to the loo more times than you use to.

Getting a bus pass.

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Video looks like it could be one of our local summer festivities in all the little hamlets round here, but sadly not this year.


Returning to NY celebrations, we haven't heard of anything being cancelled yet but are expecting something. They'll probably let us know nearer to the event. Here most people either get in a group ( be careful) and go out for a meal or meet up with friends to eat together. Then around midnight all the usual celebrations ( Naples throw all they don't want out from their balconies) until 1-2am then go to a night club til dawn and finish up at a bar for breakfast. Not sure if the cinemas are also open, I know they are on Christmas Day. We've always worked NYE so our celebrations are with customers ( great times) It's a lovely atmosphere and sometimes those that were a bit reserved really let their hair down.  The last 2 yrs I've spent at home enjoying the company of my daughter. We make things special and open a bottle of some wine that we haven't tried but know it's good. NY day back to the bar for breakfast if we can find somewhere to sit, if not we stand until a table is free. Then it's our turn , the next few days are lunch or dinner with relatives. Second week into January , DIET, DIET , DIET. Until Easter , then.  !!!

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WW, we were in Weymouth in 2017, renting a cottage around 150yds from Hope Square. One  evening we went out for dinner, but on reaching Hope Square the band were playing and the atmosphere was so happy we never got any further.  They were brilliant. Dinner turned into Fish and Chips on the walk home two hours later.:biggrin:

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