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Well let me tell you fancy lot ....been in Bulwell for a couple of weeks and it's like a freak show. Slutty chavs pushin their brats round in pushchairs fags in one hand and chips in the other. F'n and blindin all the time "Ger here na!" to the brats who can walk. What a crap hole !

Toe rag youths driving hand painted hatchbacks roring round the road, guess what I saw....whilst all this was going on ? yep our finest had pulled in a middle aged guy and were giving him a hard time for not wearin a seat belt. Whilst I was watchin three car fulls of scum came by givin these two women PC's (who should still be at school) the finger ! reaction, that might be too hard to stop these charecters.

Says it all, thats what I say !


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I mean sure Bulwell is bad, but you act like all of the teenagers are the same and all of  the people are the same. Okay, yes there are a lot of teenagers who smoke or do drugs and are ignorant to the

Nobody had gone on it since 2013,,and i only noticed it the other day,when it was used again,or i would have complained before,,,just don't think its right for all the decent folk that live or come fr

Sad that,,could have been anywhere,, don't think we need Bulwell on here called Scum city" Admin could we change it please,,?

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I sat in a little Beach side cafe' on Miami Beach only last week.

Looking out over the locals coming and going, I wondered that myself?

Where the hell do these people get their money from to enjoy this lifestyle?

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And another thing,

didn't there used to be a pretty good bobby @ Bullwell Nick, Cheetham or Summat?

Bet he's gone now?

The two woodentops to which you refer probably had degrees from some university or other?

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Ayup Concerned, whats wrong with Bulwell? I can remember a pub car park in Bulwell in the Eighties there were two women trying to see who could wee the furthest. You don't see that everywhere.


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Ayup Concerned,

I lived in Bulwell for a couple of years before I moved to Lincs,

I was burgled 3 times, they even broke into my house and nicked the bike the insurance company gave me as a replacement from the first robbery, I had my car windows shot in by a local youth with an air gun, and my back garden fence was removed so that the garden lights (£5) could be stolen whilst we were at the shops,

Do I miss Bulwell? You can bet I DON'T


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As for your comment on the coppers ignoring the low life law breakers and stopping the other man, its because they probably wouldnt get any money ( fine wise) from the benefit scrounging chavs, whilst they are onto a sure thing with normal, law abiding citizens, who would just pay up.

What a frikkin mess this countrys in when that happens.

I too have witnessed similar scenarios to what you saw.

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to concerned..

if you don't like it.....MOVE...

simple really, but coming from bestwood makes it no better, they are on the same level..

it won't change, it never will bulwells always been a shitehole always will be...

either put up and shut up, or pack up and f....erm something..

think how i fell,

i was born in woodthorpe..

moved to mapperley plains..

then to arnold..

a brief spell at ruddington, times were hard..

then smackhead hell hucknall for 15 years..

now i'm in Nuthall...oh how times change and i can laugh at the scumbags again..!!!

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You're all getting it wrong!

Assonated, or, writing it correctly, Ass on a ted, was a popular game, played by many in the 50's, when the "Ted" or Teddy Boy was around.

It involved sitting your bottom, or ass, as the Americans call it, on the Teddy boy, hence Ass on a ted!

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Is this 'Concerned resident' for real?,he is one sorry 'son of a gun'.I looked at his profile.

His problem is more than living in Bullwell,that is easily taken care of,move out,it's the rest he needs to deal with.

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