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1 hour ago, LizzieM said:

Unfortunately New Basford Lad sadly and suddenly passed away last August/September time Alpha.  A terrible loss to Nottstalgia too. 

I'm very sorry to learn of this. Thank you for contacting me.

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I don't think we've had a photo here of Fothergill's Albert Hall. The main central tower is more than slightly similar to the Black Boy.

With so many of the Black Boy Hotel photos missing, due to Photobucket, I thought I'd post this article from the Nottingham Post today. There are some good photos of the Black Boy Hotel that

On Ebay at moment photo of interior showing part of the former Black Boy Hotel

On ‎6‎/‎10‎/‎2012 at 5:39 AM, Bubblewrap said:

While we are at it can we have the Victoria Station & Drury Hill back Too ;)

….  recognising that Victoria Station replaced other buildings which were in central Nottingham in the 1890s, including the grocers shop where my great grandad worked, Thos Furley and Co, Charlotte Street.  I think that company and others affected (including St Stephen's church in Hyson Green) received compensation which contributed towards the costs of relocation.  There is a sign explaining this on St Stephens with reference to 1897.  Thos Furley was relocated to Lower Parliament Street and the new building (now Lloyds Bank) was designed by Watson Fothergill.   (I'm a new member coming to this much later so apologies if I'm going over anything others have raised).

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I'm relatively new here myself CB Hunt, and must confess been sidetracked mainly by music. I came here to discuss this era and area. Where is the Bank on Lower Parliament Street?


Edit..nearly forgot..Welcome...

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Just having a coffee while reading some fantastic posts & posters, I can't help but think the originator of this thread Firbeck would have bossed the  "Anything Political" thread.  



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