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We don't have up to date mobiles to take instant photo's with, so you can imagine the chances of finding the camera, setting it up, getting as close as possible to the patio window and getting this li

Having a bit of a clearout at home & found a CD I had created in 2003 full of photo's that I had taken with my first digital camera, an Olympus E860, 1.3 MP ! Some of these photo's I had forgotte

A few photos from Strath Brora taken yesterday on a walk to visit the remains of an Iron Age fort.  (Fort photos to follow):   Carol Rock:     Footbridge over the Brora

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I bet the boys who flew B17's in WWII would be amazed at the IP on that Sacramento version - dual nav/coms, radar, GPS and a transponder - not bad! The original would have a very primitive ADF - operated by the radio operator!

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I didn't know there were any Halifaxes left. Thanks for this one RGR.

Compo there is another Halifax here in Ontario at the Air Museum at the RCAF air Base in Trenton.Also along side the Halifax in Elvington "Yorkshire Air Museum" was a Mosquito.We built the Fuselage in the Buick Plant in Oshawa for the Mosquitos ,which were then shipped to De Havilland at Downsview North Toronto to be finished.Two of my Dad's sisters worked on the Mosquito's in the Oshawa North Plant.

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Monsel Head in Lovelly Derbyshire.JuneTriptoengland268.jpgJuneTriptoengland268.jpg

Went camping there with a friend and her parents when i was about 10. We walked to the bottom of there.. and then we had a lemonade at the pub at the top. Allways wanted to go back, maybe i can talk to the other half into a weekend there this summer. We was woken by the sound of sheep first thing in the morning, was beautiful. Isnt their a 'glass rock' around there too, apparently you cant see it but people have been known to walk into it?

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