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    Aah benj, sorry but you made me laugh again. Thankfully it was the remote that woke you? Your words keep making me smile.( I hope that was your intention)? You reminded me of an incident that happened to me a couple of nights ago, similar, but different? I also woke about 4am for my usual stroll to the powder room. I had a a sensation on a part of my anatomy that felt odd and abit scarey. Any way after further investigation, I realised my skin wasn't falling off but the plastic bag that I keep my earphones in was firmly stuck to my right Buttock. Phew, thankfully the earphones were not still inside. You gotta laugh ant ya Miduck.
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    3am and just woke up,,terrific pains in my back,,thought ""Oh no,,what now"" Then realised,,....could'nt find the "Remote control"" night all,,
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    A few months ago I was walking in West Bridgford when a man approached and said “Did you used to live in Clifton ?’ I didn’t recognise him at all - seemed to be a complete stranger. He explained that in the 1960s his father ran a greengrocers shop on Clifton near where we lived, and sometimes he helped (as a boy) in his father’s shop. He would’ve occasionally seen me in the shop when I was young enough to be dragged along by my mother, but that hasn’t happened for quite a long time. After a bit of mental arithmetic, I concluded he hadn’t seen me for at least 50 years (and even back then only occasionally) but he recognised me at random in the street. I don’t think I’d recognise someone who I knew slightly, 50 years ago, and hadn’t seen since that time. I'm now wondering how much my appearance has changed since I was at junior school.
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    I have been invigilating, or is it invigalating, again this morning. Engineering exam - nice to see a lot of young ladies taking the exam as well as males. Go Ladies!! I had time to go to my Friday club afterwards for an hour and then onto the pub for lunch. Very nice beef lasagna with chips and salad but passed on the garlic bread. Noticed the puddings, one section was school puddings which consisted of treacle pudding or spotted dick (sorry it is spotted dick not Spotted Richard not bothered how un-pc it is). There was another one, jam possibly can’t remember, was too busy thinking of spotted dick. So had some with ice cream, I know it should have really been custard but just can’t eat it possibly a throwback to school dinners and all the lumps! I must say it was very good, not as good as my mums was, but I really enjoyed it, could have eaten another one easily. Real comfort food. Think I might have a little nap now
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    Maybe it's a retail thing . You got used to seeing people . We have been retired for nearly 9 years and yet when I drive through our town , I can recognise people from behind , maybe just the way they walk ! .....won't know their name but just know who they are . Conversely , a lot of our old regulars now don't recognise us , as we are out of the familiar surrounding that they were used to seeing us in i.e. the shop . Others do though and just the other day we were having a coffee in a newish pub and a lovely girl , well lady , well now actually a grandmother , recognised us said how she missed the shop and then reeled off some of the things that she had bought from us and still owned .
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    loppylugs I can understand your views regarding Facebook, despite all the stories about it , there are many sites which are very interesting with photos and memories about Nottingham. "Nottingham way back when" is one which I visit regularly and find it very informative. There are also many others.
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    I'll add to my own previous post for anyone who wants to know more about the Riding School at the Castle. http://www.nottshistory.org.uk/articles/tts/tts1929/itinerary1929p12.htm
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    Out for a walk today. 'The Hill' from a different spot to the usual.. On the way home.. just spotted the rising 'Wolf Moon'.
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    My wife is on it Trogg. So if I really want to I can see stuff there so my attitude sounds a bit hypocritical. I just don't like the cynical way in which they seem to use their subscribers to gain advertising revenue.
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    Sounds like a nice pub Sg could we put it on our list do you think
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    Although he doesn't like to show his face, think of the number of people who must know Ben! And that's only the male customers!
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    Yes, about 50 years!
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    Why do most of todays singers sound as if they are crying and whining..............
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    Nah!.. Bring back Dick Haymes, Helen Forrest and Al Bowlly..
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    I am slightly more aware of Stormzy. I've seen him interviewed etc., and he comes across as very intelligent and a decent sort. It seems to me that most of us here are in the same position re: Stormzy's music, as our parents and Grandparents were in the early 1960's re: The Beatles and the Stones. Our Grandparents were mostly born in the Victorian era, and, via their own parents.. absorbed culture and morality from mid Victorian times. They really didn't have much hope of 'getting' the Beatles and the Stones and I don't suppose many of us can 'get' Stormzy and similar artists. I gave up on most of what 'Da Yoof' listen to years ago. I use a simple test. Does the music move me. Mostly it doesn't and at my age I don't have time to waste on trying to like music that doesn't immediately 'grab' me. Plus.. I'm still exploring a lot of music from my own era and earlier.. that I missed first time around. However, this doesn't make the music of Stormzy or similar 'bad'. It's just beyond our comprehension.
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    Or was it that you were trying to decide where to take the widow for a slap up meal and a few slow dances?
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    Pleased all is well with you Ian. I haven’t looked through the threads you’re referring to but your advice on getting checked is vital for all men. My husband had PC a few years ago and chose the hormone treatment and radiotherapy route, as did other Nottstalgians. All good still, it must be 6 or 7 years ago since he suffered all that and he’s absolutely fine. As for Chulla ..... a lovely lovely very clever man who is sadly missed on this site. He was a great friend to many.
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