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  1. Agree with you about footballers, Nonna, but there are plenty of multiple million/billionaires in the UK and no doubt in Italy who should cough up. Also, what have the Royal Family contributed?
  2. An article in the Nottingham Journal of 22/10/1941 about Scotland Place Schools, New Basford, says "Tribute was paid by the Lord Mayor to the headmistress, Miss J Boultby, who, he revealed, would be retiring shortly"
  3. Yes, Brew, I think most on here are in receipt of pension. There are those of us, though, who are self-employed, like my husband and I, who, whilst in our 60's, are without any pension or income and have to wait until at least June for any Govt support
  4. MD I'm so sorry to hear this and hope you'll soon be together again
  5. What a lovely photo and big congratulations to you both
  6. He was Edward Hurst, always known as Ted. He and his very big and very poor family lived in Elson Terrace, off Elson Street. He had a sister, Margaret, who was a bit closer to your Mum in age (she was born in 1924), but I don't know if she went to Berridge
  7. Very interesting, Jill! I assume Berridge Infants was mixed? If so Miss Wheat would have been Headmistress at the time my Dad was at the school (he was born in 1922) Found a death for Elizabeth Maud (sic) Foden with a matching birthdate. She lived in Ulverston and died on 3/2/1991 ( GRO Deaths Index and National Probate Calendar)
  8. A Death notice for someone with the surname Plenderleith in the Nottingham Evening Post for 1931 mentions a Rosa Villa, Station Road, Gedling
  9. There's a marriage for a Johnathan Eyre to Sarah Ann Fish in Nottingham in 1902. Your mothers Birth index entry shows her mothers maiden name to be Fish. In the 1911 census, Sarah Anns birthplace is given as Cromer. In 1911 they are living at 7 Hope Street and Johnathan is a Coal Miner. On the 1891 census, Johnathan is living with his parents (father is Robert) at 2 Hope Street. Robert's occupation is Collier. I'd suggest you take out a free trial with the Ancestry website, to investigate further, or the Ancestry website may be available for free at your local library
  10. Same with my family too, Jill and Lizzie. My Dad wanted to go to Australia, but my Mum didn't want to leave her family
  11. It would save a lot of searching if you know roughly when Jonathan was born and/or died, and also if you can give your Mum's full name at birth, and where she was born
  12. Happy Birthday Jill - sounds as though you're having a lovely day
  13. If you think he might have had a British Army pension, due to illness or injury, then, apart from the WW1 records on Ancestry, there are Pension record cards, also on Ancestry, but held by Fold3, which would be worth a search. Only some are available at the moment, though - think there are lots more to come I'd had a quick look at the Canadian Army records, as I know they are online, but nothing obvious Might be worth tracing descendants of Ethel's and/or William's siblings to see if they know more
  14. He appears on the 1939 Register, with a date of birth of 23 Nov 1887, living at 2 L N E R Cottages, Kimberley. He also transferred from the Royal Navy to the Canadian Navy as per his RN records and there's a record for him here, but it's not online, you have to apply for it You can perhaps get a free trial for the Ancestry website or you may be able to view at your local library, then you'll be able to search surviving British Army service r
  15. Hope everything improves for you Nonna
  16. Can you be more specific on dates, please? When did George Allen marry Mary White and when were both of them born and where and when did they die? Who were the parents of Louisa Allen and where and when was she born? When did she marry? When was Clarice born and where?
  17. So sorry to hear this SG - hope Kai will settle, too
  18. My brother worked at NAAFI too, some time in the 60's (Bottle Lane, I think, although I was only a child at the time, so not too sure)
  19. I can't stand tea, so never drink it. My Mum and Dad drank gallons of the stuff, though - generally Typhoo with sterilised milk (yuk!). It had to be strong, otherwise it was described as Mazzewatter, which they must have thought of as weak (after an actual tea brand, Mazawattee). I still use that word now if I see someone drinking weak tea
  20. You could try the Electoral Roll for 1935/36, assuming his home address was given on the Death cert and as long as you know who he may have been living with at the time. There's a burial on 7 Feb 1936 for a George Henry Smith in Notts on the Deceased Online website, if the burial date seems to fit There's a small charge to get more details and the record mentions that there's one other burial in the grave, which MIGHT be a family member. There's also an article in the Nottingham Journal of 8 Feb 1936 saying that a man of that name died in Hospital following an accident at work. He was 59,
  21. HSR. Not sure what you mean by "researched down to 24 or possibly 72 men" Don't you know his name?
  22. Soldiers could qualify for a pension either due to injury/illness attributable to their service or for length of service. Out pensioners were those who stayed "at home" and in pensioners were those who lived at Chelsea Records may survive for your man, but lots haven't. If you don't already have his records, what was his name?
  23. You're right, it's not just as simple as that. Your local library may give free access to Ancestry and other sites, though - just check with them
  24. Very nice, Lizzie! Think I was about 3 when my Mum entered me and it was rather more than 40 years ago!