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  1. That's it, we're in the playoffs. Let's hope we remain there, or even better. Come on Cloughie, give em a shout ! Were's Direby btw ?
  2. Glad you enjoyed it Sue. Same here except Montecatini, but we do Elba .
  3. Well I'm busy sunning on the patio, having packed ready for my holiday in Tuscany tomorrow. Just perusing the brochure for next year, and Lake Constance, Bavaria and Leichstenstein are looking extremely favourable.
  4. Skinny red top, or at a push, semi, green top. Anything in little plastic tubs is a no no, such as UHT, long life etc. However, sometimes when in a restaurant, I'll finish a meal with a coffee and cream.
  5. Yes, I was adopted in Mansfield when I was a few weeks old, so never lived in Radford. Although I did live on Bridlington St, from 1954-59 approximately.
  6. You've often told us you're 76. I was only 74 a fortnight ago. I can't remember what number on Norton St I'm afraid.
  7. Barrie ! I've never known my birth parents, and I've only recently seen my mothers birth certificate, and she had me at Norton St. We may have the same dad. We could be related. You could be my older brother! LOL
  8. Tongue in cheek B...... Just saying !
  9. A troglodyte is a cave dweller. A troll is an ugly dwarf, see Google. I hope you're not insulting one of our senior members ! Tut, tut !
  10. Unbelievable ! I'll never look at any Willow Pattern plates again, without cringing.
  11. It'd be nice if any gigs were posted on here, for anyone not wanting to disclose their email address.
  12. Some great tracks there Moz. Definitely something for everyone's tastes.
  13. Great to see the good bricks being palletised in readiness for recycling. Brilliant !
  14. Shame Brew, it's a fantastic location .
  15. I often have a drive out to the Rother Valley Country Park on a Sunday, and there's always a fantastic display of waterskiing over obstacles etc. Fascinating, and good bacon cobs in the cafe, after a walk around the lake !
  16. Many people probably had their first tattoos done in prison anyway. You can always tell the amateurish exhibits !
  17. My youngest daughter once ran her own business in laser tattoo removal. She was never short of customers as they realised the stupidity of their actions. It also amazes me how the majority of tattooed women are on benefits. They must keep winning on all the scratch cards they buy !
  18. Oh God no ! She's does absolutely NOTHING whatsoever for me ! She's the ultimate antithesis of my desires !
  19. I watched it too, and wondered where it was. I often think that folk just want a quick makeover, then just leave it to deteriorate. Never mind, I often enjoy the programme, and always aspire to achieve their results.