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  1. I understand that the car could detect that the steering was not being used, this would be immobilized if the car was on rollers.
  2. The Grimsby to Immingham tramway had tram pinch signs on the road into Grimsby, this was were the single track had passing loops.
  3. I had the pleasure of going to Highbury Infants School and then the Junior School but not the Senior School. The Infants was closed when Cantrell Road School was opened (must have been about 1950/1 as my Brother went there). I also went to the 6d rush at the Highbury Cinema. There were two shops on Albert Street, the top shop and the bottom shop, they were both on the right hand side going down the hill. I think there was a murder or something at the bottom shop while I was at the school. The school caretaker lived in a house between the school & the factory. The factory had a steam hooter
  4. A few comments about the coal industry in which I worked for 35 years. The coal industry was being run down for many years before nationalization and this continued under the NCB/BCC. Any extractive industry to continue has to provide for continuing production out of current income or else it has to borrow more money thus worsening the economics of the industry. Many colleries couldn't do this. The best coal for mining was worked first, costs increased with the workings getting further from the shafts and from less favourable seams being worked. The NCB couldn't fund the developments of ne
  5. I am pretty sure they went through the washers while on the wires. They were well insulated after all they ran in the rain. the washer would only have reached the top of the sides.
  6. 504, 506, & 578 were all 6-wheelers. The 6-wheelers were numbered 500-601 (KTV 500 to KTV601), 500-524 were 8'0" wide and were usually found on routes 39 & others, while 525-601 were 7'6" wide and used on routes 43 & 44 & others.
  7. Just a comment from a pedant, it was NER not GER locos that were in the old York Museum. Fletcher & Tennant 2-4-0's, Booch 0-6-0. "Gladstone was also there. I visited in the mid 1950's. I also visit Clapham, there were buses & trams as well as trains.
  8. Also Jubilee 45700 "Britannia" being renamed "Amethyst" when 70000 was built.
  9. I may be completely wrong but I have vague memories of showmens caravans behind a high fence on the left hand side of Main Street going towards Hucknall just before you get to Moorbridge.
  10. The 36 certainly did turn round in the junction with Vernon Road, there was plenty of room and very little traffic.It was cut back to Valley road in the very late 1940's or more probably the early 1950's. I remember seeing them turn when I was small. When was the Island at the Vernon Road / Nottingham Road junction put in? The trollies couldn't turn if it wasn't there.
  11. Re #604, I thought the 41 went up London Road not Arkwright Street. Am I remembering wrongly?
  12. Both the trips to Birmingham and to Millers Dale would have been from the Midland Station.
  13. Route 35 which ran from Bulwell Market to the Northern Cemetery on Hempshill Lane was operated by a single decker until the overbridge for the Bennerley railway was removed. The 35 operated on Saturday & Sunday afternoons.
  14. Both tunnels under the Robin Hood hills were filled with colliery waste. The Midland Railway one had to be cleared out for the Robin Hood Line.
  15. I recall seeing a garratt coming down the high level line at Trent, again in the 1950's. I also visited Crewe works in 1958 and looking to see if we could find any remnants of the last garratt.
  16. You can see Garratts regularly on the Welsh Highland Railway in North Wales, 2'0" gauge ex South Africa. Pretty big though.
  17. I was born in early December, I went to High Pavement aged 10 two months before my eleventh birthday, I was always one of the youngest in the class.
  18. My twin sons bought me a new all singing and all dancing mobile for my birthday but I cannot get the hang of it, I much prefer my old one that cost £20 which included £10 of calls, at least I know what that one is doing.
  19. I remember Steggles shop on Main Street, I was regularly sent there for a pork pie as my mother considered them much better than Haywoods on Highbury Road.
  20. I vaguely recall that a lightning lost its ventral fuel tank on taking off from Hucknall and that the tank landed and bounced on Nottingham Road spraying fuel around. Am I right or am I dreaming? I do remember the Ambassador flying around and also the VC10. Other planes I recall are a Meteor and a Spitfire that often flew around together, also a Lincoln with a Conway engine in the nose, the Canberra that crashed into the Railway at Bulwell Common, the Vulcan that crashed at Syston, and I think it was an Avro Ashton. The noise of them testing jet engines was a common one. Visitors I can reme
  21. My father worked for Alexander Sloan & Co which was part of the GUS empire. The shop was on Carrington Street.
  22. I have pointed out before that the wagon works company name was William Rigley & Sons.
  23. The trolley bus conductors used to call out "the fountain" for the bus stop long after it had been demolished.
  24. I understood that the reason for building the canal through Nottingham was the shallowness of the river. Barges came down the river into the canal and back to the river at Trent lock from where they could go towards Leicester or Derby or the Trent & Mersey canal or the Erewash Valley Canal.
  25. Looks like a Midland Railway 0-6-0 running tender first.