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  1. Yes Mick, it could've been the same woman but I don't know how old or how tall she was when I was little. I continued to go down the Grove until my Granny died in 1963 so really it was the same period that you remember seeing her. Did she scare you? Haha!
  2. It would have been in the 50's, I went down there visiting my Gran throughout that decade and this woman always seemed to be around, with just two holes where her nose should be!
  3. There was a woman lived down Queens Grove in the 'Medders', where my Granny lived. She didn't have a nose and I did wonder as I got older and more worldly wise whether she'd got/had some sort of STD which caused it? Must admit that the sight of her frightened me as a little girl
  4. Interesting link there about the Pearson family. One branch of the family did indeed live on Carisbrooke Drive, Mapperley Park in a large property which is now Carisbrooke Nursing Home. The Pearsons sold it to an Irish family with loads of kids and it then became a nursing home. We live just along the road from there in a house that the Freckletons built ........ now most of you must have had your baby portraits taken in their studio, top of Market Street!!!
  5. I worked at the end of Beech Avenue from 1967 to 1975 and walked by Gold and Dunn warehouse every day. I don't remember there being a fire there but maybe it happened after I'd left Nottingham. My parents bought loads of furniture from G & D when they could finally afford to get rid of their 'utility' furniture. The chaps in there were very good at their job, knew their stuff and made good friends with their customers so they would return time and time again. When Waring and Gillow had their closing down sale some friends of ours were just setting up home in Nottingham. They went into
  6. Oh, just seen my post, meant all-nighter, not all-nightwear. That's predictive text for you, haha!!
  7. I never went to an all-nightwear, Mum wouldn't let me :-( But I did see loads of stars perform down the Dungeon and Boat Clubs, Sherwood Rooms and top floor of the Tech College. Brilliant times to have grown up in Nottingham. My friends and I were walking down Hockley past The George Hotel on the way to the Bowling Alley one Sunday afternoon (before we started going to the Dungeon on Sunday afternoon) there was a group unloading their stuff out of a van at the front door of the Hotel. We wandered over, had a chat with these 4 London lads and I got their autographs (yes I know, bit sad carr
  8. Compo, did you know Graeme Smith, son of barber Len Smith? I was at school with him
  9. I think AM still does a bit, to keep his hand in, so to speak
  10. Oh sorry, I must have missed the previous mention of the bear, but can imagine how it's escape from the cage caused terror in the 'hood!! Not your normal kind of pet!
  11. One of Jackie Pownall's daughter-in-laws once told me that he kept a bear in a cage in his garden! John and Michael have both died several years ago. I do believe that Adrian Massey of Podders is related to the Pownall's, his business is still going on Bank Hill. Like my Mum always said ..... there's money in muck!
  12. I'm not much of a film buff but over the past few years have always read his restaurant column in the Sunday Times. I've really missed him these past few weeks but in the last column he wrote he did look very poorly. RIP Michael Winner, Sundays will never be the same in our house.
  13. On the subject of the Civil Defence, I heard a few years ago when Kingswell School Arnold was about to be demolished for a housing development that the big tower on the building was built for Civil Defence to issue early warning of attack, during the Cold War. Sounds a bit far fetched to me but at the time the school was built, in the early 50s the country was I suppose under threat?
  14. It wasn't me!! I didn't know him. Yes I think Zak and Kurt did start out at the 99. Not sure what either of them are doing now, but when I saw Z the other year he was living overseas and only visiting Nottm for a couple of wks.
  15. My friends and I never ventured out of Nottingham to other clubs, we had neither transport nor the money, but we were regulars first at The Dungeon and Boat clubs then progressed to The Beachcomber (didn't you have to be 18 to get in there?), then Hippo, 99 on Trent Bridge and Babel. Zak and Kurt owned 99 and Babel ..... Had dinner in the company of Zak about 5 yrs ago! The 99 was a good place to meet cricketers and footballers ;-)
  16. Few people had cars on our road in those days and in the winter, especially 1963 us kids would sledge down the middle of the road (steep hill). There was a miserable neighbour with a car who would throw ash across the road so we would come to a grinding halt. My Dad still lives in the same house and even these past few days have been really dodgy on that road so I can understand why that man tried to stop us making the road even more treacherous! Brilliant times though and my Dad made us a sledge from a Blue Peter plan!
  17. They don't do food, nor Sky Sports. Just a cosy place for a pint or few and yes it was a pharmacy and has been an empty shop for a couple of years so it's good to see these chaps taking a chance with a new venture
  18. Anyone been into the new Micropub on Mansfield Road, Carrington? We popped in there this evening, it's a nice cosy place (only seats about 20 people), bit like a cafe, selling 4 different real ales and a red and white wine. Two of the guys who own it were there and were very welcoming. It's so close to home it might have to be our new local !!
  19. I also had a driving instructor who smoked like a chimney. He lived on Rolleston Drive, Arnold. It was 1969 and a Vauxhall Viva. A chap at work would take me out practicing at lunchtimes in a Ford Anglia (with the funny back window). During those weeks of learning to drive my boyfriend at the time had an Austin Healey 3000 which he persuaded me to have a go in up in Derbyshire somewhere. I did drive it but was very nervous with such a big engine in front of me!! My test route took in Arnold and Mapperley with a hill start at the top of Kent Road, coming out onto Porchester Road. I passed after
  20. This is really a message just for Babs (as she seems to have a terrific memory for old Netherfield folk!) I've found my old Newsbook from Ashwell Street Infants, it's only 57 years old!!! Some names of friends I played with that are written in there are David West, Malcolm Kennedy and Michael Seeds. And it was Joan VARNEY not Varley. Does anyone remember these people?
  21. Yes absolutely Mick. Two of my aunts moved out of the family home but still stayed on Queens Grove when they got married. I remember Mum telling me how the piano was floating on the ceiling when the Trent flooded in 1947. I remember the row of toilets up the yard, with newspaper cut up for loo paper and as the years went by the whole street began to smell of curry as the Asian immigrants began to move in!! Yes, there was a great community spirit in those old areas of Nottingham, not like today ...... Or maybe it's just where I live that folks don't talk to their neighbours? Incidentally, the
  22. Just seen the old map of The Medders you put on here Cliff Ton ...... Thanks! My mum grew up on Queens Grove and my Granny lived there til her death in 1963. It holds lovely memories for me as we visited several times a week and she fed us stew and chips regularly! But oh my, what a dump it was down there! My Mum and her siblings would meet Granny in The Grove pub (now The Vat and Fiddle) every Friday night, they all liked their pop!
  23. Did you know the Humphries, lived half way down Dunstan Street on the right? They had a son Ian who was deaf. Our mums were good friends. Years later I went out with John Aslin who lived next door to them. I think my earliest memory is going to the Humphries house to watch the Coronation on a tiny TV that had a big magnifying glass attached to the front!
  24. I remember Shirley Issam, they lived just a couple of doors away, we were friends. I don't remember Lesley even though we are same age. How about Joan Varley? She was a bit older than me but I have a photo of the two of us on Burton Rd playing fields. Also there was a Jennifer Higton, blonde or ginger hair (got photo of her too) happy days but can't remember too much as we moved when I was 8.