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  1. well yes i loved covering my school books with wallpaper,used to get some spare from my mamas as she was a little bit posh ,so had quality wallpaper,we also have lots of old utensils,but we bought them from pownalls shop on bath street,sold everything from a teaspoon to table and chairs
  2. was mick marriott susan marriotts brother,she lived in sneinton and went there from 1959 till 1963,i thought it was an all girls school
  3. hello lupo sorry to hear only 2 left from the stredders,well apart from the dad dick all the roses are still alive,the mother rosie rose is 92 and still going strong,still dyes her hair jet black as she has always had it,when she was young,it was young dick that my friend was married to,she still keeps in contact,then it was carol,john,david mick and the youngest nita,rosie lives in a flat and looks after herself,as you say yourself i think there was a few scallys in the roses and stredders,but not really bad
  4. what street did you live on in sneinton,we lived on colwick road and knew some friends who went to nsw as £10 pommies in the late 60s
  5. ooh sounds interesting is their a link to this
  6. oh gosh,ugh horrible my memories of chaucer street and leenside dentists,they were absolute nightmares,so many children sitting so frightened then having a black rubber mask held down on your face,as others have said then sitting at a sink continual rinsing and so much blood coming from our mouths,i know i had need for only small fillings but yank them out was the order of the day,worst was waking during the night at home as a blood clot was coming from my mouth,sorry for graphic details but thats the way it was,many many years before i had courage as an adult to visit a "proper "dentist,but
  7. anyone remember Dave Betton a real crooner from 60s to the 80s often played in the manvers pub on colwick road when he first started out,but even the pub has gone,but hope dave is still around
  8. tug wilson was not a fatty,he was very tall and his weight suited his frame,then again when you see all the gear they carry on their uniform it is a wonder they can run at all,is it all essential
  9. oh i wish we had hedgehogs,no more slugs in the garden and all our plants would survive i do know you have to feed them dried cat or dog buiscuits to encourage them to come visiting,nothing fish flavoured,and then a nice little hideaway for them to hibernate when it gets really cold
  10. a friend of mine used to be married to one of the roses and i remember going back to their house on castle street when we had all been in the bendigo pub which was their local it was always party time in the roses house.the stredders lived on the same street if my memory serves me right.i spoke to her and told her only 2 of the stredder family alive.she used to see one of the brothers that lived in carlton and his wife had her own beauty buisness.well all the rose family apart from the dad(richard) are still alive even the mother she is now in her 90s and still going strong.there was 4 lads an
  11. for sneck we would say put latch on,then again we really never locked the door because our radiogram was the size of a coffin,the tv weighed a ton of bricks,no one had gadgets----i pad mobile phones or spare cash lying around,therefore never heard of many robberies in our area especially muggings they were unheard of
  12. best toy of all a trolley as we called them,pram wheels from trickets,some old wood and nails and amazing at junior shool we could knock up our own trolley(billy cart) as some call them happy days
  13. i can remember pownalls on bath street,sold everything from pots and pans to any furniture you needed for the house,it was a regular trip to sneinton market saturdays and mondays,and if you had any cash left nip in to pownalls to try and pick up another bargain,formica table and chairs was one of their specialities
  14. shocking,i have just been reading this article in the evening post,be warned always make sure your relatives male sure you are safe in hospital,and they give you food and drink if necessary,who would have believed we would even be discussing this topic
  15. never had much time for the xylophone man,he just plinked plonked on his 99p toy,bit off a rip off to me but lots of people gave him cash,how he became famous to be talked about on radio nottingham,i will never know and then for a plaque to be put up crazy
  16. I knew dr saunders,had his surgery in sneinton with dr gendle.dr saunders had a burn scar on his face and he was a very matter of fact doctor,he would say excactly what he thought,he lived with his family in the big house off oakdale road,complete with 2 rescue donkeys,rabbits and chickens,he sold out to developers when the poplar road housing development was built,and dr saunders and his family moved abroad
  17. We would build bonfires on waste land that had been bombed,but good job no one dared try and destroy it,we had a big hole in the middle our own little den,good job we were safe,never mind worrying about hedgehogs,we had kids in our bonfires,its amazing how we collected bonfire rubbish we had an old trolley,billy cart but we could carry settees old beds wardrobes infact anything we could cadge,including old tyres,great blaze,but loads of black smoke,cannot remember having many fireworks,just a couple of jumping jacks,that we jumped about with,elf n safety,no way
  18. seem to remember the railway running along mile end road at colwick,all the kids running along side sure there were no fences,and wasnt a youn lad from carlton killed playing chicken with his mates at this spot,tragic for his family
  19. Is it compulsory nowadays to carry a bottle of spring water with you,whatever the weather hot or cold,and does anyone fill the used bottle up with tap water like i do
  20. Does anyone have memories of the lace market factories,i had a uncle that worked in the cutting room at birkins,down in the dungeon(sorry cellar)i used to pop in to see him on my dinner break,i worked as a postie oh i thought it was awful,no windows,or air con i even would have a cuppa with some of the other workers and it was all the same noisy and very hot,the girls would go for a crafty fag in the toilets,i was trying to remember some of the othe factories,shortens,brooks,michelsons,mostly along stoney street,hollowstone,memory fading,anyone help
  21. enjoyed looking at those lovely garden photos,i would expect it is fabolous in spring and summer,do you live in an old railway house,enoy your garden
  22. i walked to the supermarket for some bits,and because of the snow it was crazy people buying so much stuff,please tell me will there be no more food available from today,best of all saw a postie walking through carlton with his shorts on,god bless him,what is the deal with the posties and wearing shorts in all weathers
  23. just reading some of the delights that we eat,condensed milk i still love by the spoonful,also not cocoa and suger but ovaltine and suger,cannot male a hot horlicks or ovaltine without having a couple of spoonfulls straight from the jar
  24. the wife with your slippers warming by the fire and your tea(hot meal) ready to be dished up within 5 minutes of walking through the door,and then she would go out and bring a jug of ale back from the beeroff,oops what am i saying,wheres my hard hat
  25. we used to buy a bag of pet food from wheatleys butcher on sneinton boulevard,when you put it in the pan there were bits of tails bits of meat with fur and hair on it,but when it was cooking,what a stink,the maggott factory on mile end road,we used to get maggotts for fishing for just a few pence,but one of the nicer smells was the soap factory in colwick,near pebbly beach,we used to go scrumping in soap factorys grouns,and there was always bits of soap about that we used to take home,that was a little bonus