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  1. Just realised I'm actually in that photo!! Behind the clock and to the left there are two 'big' girls, then a small boy, then a lady with white hair, well that small boy was me!
  2. Staff or customers? Not that I know the name !
  3. Yesterday:- Finally picked up my new car (Ordered on August 1st for collection 1st November, but it was delayed as long as possible as it's the new 2019 model, 8 speed automatic gear box and other new 'whistles and bells' I also had to wait for a hoist for my scooter and hand controls to be fitted.................. But at least I'm back driving again for the first time properly in 3 years!!!!) Also got my bathroom finished by my 'bessie' mate, to SWMBO and my spec with a shower screen as opposed to their idea of a curtain (Horrible smelly things!) and cabinets and shelves as the council wou
  4. Still got one! (Only used for extra storage now though! although it did come in handy when I fitted the new bathroom circa 2003) We did have an internal one too! Believe it or not it was a big selling point to SWMBO when we bought this house. She pictured kids getting 'caught short' whilst playing in the garden and needing somewhere to go quick, me? anything to keep her happy!
  5. Got to agree that the site you were originally discussing 'owners' are way up their own posteriors ! I posted some of my old stuff on there only to be told that they were the only ones allowed to do so.......................... A couple of weeks later, lo and behold, he's lifting stuff off of my photobucket page and posting it as his own!.......... The first time he did it I pointed out that just an acknowledgement would be suffice, only to be ignored, he did it again (Even being that thick as to leave a direct link to my PB page open!!) I did get a thank you this time and so far he's not t
  6. Recently:- Killing Eve.... Quite good but what a rubbish ending! Informer....... As above! The little Drummer Girl....... Gave up after three episodes!
  7. Not posted for a long while but hearing the sad news of the death of Gordon Cragg (Variety Club) bought me on to pass on my condolences. Any how my day? (Or rather past few days) During the summer (Starting early June) I had my bathroom converted to a wet room and a 'through floor lift' put in..................... I've finally got the job 'signed off' today!! There have been that many problems along the way, including at one point the original fitter being dismissed and a new one brought in to completely re do the whole floor as the water was running out the door instead of dow
  8. Sorry to hear that Nick RIP Gordon
  9. I've found the thread with the photos of his fathers logbook and a picture of the man himself
  10. I found out through Face Book, where we've been corresponding for a number of years, even doing a video link a couple of times, he was always a very pleasant friend indeed. I have to admit to a few tears last night when I found out but I didn't post on here as I couldn't remember his user name. If any of you have long enough memories it was his photo of his father (Who was a WW 22 Polish Sqdn Spitfire pilot.) That I cleaned up for him , It'll be on here somewhere.
  11. Sad to say we didn't always see 'eye to eye' on everything but he was a true character, a great raconteur, never flinching in his bombastic charge along lifes great highway, and right or wrong he was never afraid to throw his two pennorth into the debates of the day. Nice to have met up on an 'Aviation Day' to Lincolnshire all those years ago and shared a few tales in person. RIP Pete...........................Long may your memories be ours too Ian
  12. We had one on Tuesday Red. Tuesday they do a 'special', a 9 piece bucket for £5.99, add to that a boneless 8 pieces and you get the fries sides and a bottle of 'pop' all for less than £20 ! (believe it or not I've still got three pieces left, even after 4 of us attacked it, then me and the lad had seconds Thursday!)
  13. A few red faces around the 5h1tty ground this evening. (Sorry Nick)
  14. Don't think even the locals have heard that for a while
  15. My daughter made me cry a little while back. (Really) She had gone through her school bag throwing a lot of old letters and things in the shredding bin when I asked about a letter she had with the schools address emblazoned across the top. "It's a trip to the theatre in Manchester to watch "Mama Mia" "Well why didn't you give it to us?" "Oh I didn't think we could afford it, it's £30" I checked the date and it still hadn't happened, so SWMBO called the school to see if it was too late for her to get a seat, there had been a couple of cancellations so they were very happy to take her. Like I
  16. Same here, always been 'frugal' as an adult (when I was a kid it was in one hand and over the bar the next!) SWMBO has never really 'wanted for anything' coming from a well off family, me? we never had a pot to p155 in as kids, and always had to wait for everything (6 years old before the first telly, 11 before a fridge, 12 before a phone and 15 before a car are just a few examples) The 'Habit learned from our parents' here for me was "Never a borrower or a lender be'' and as an adult it has stood me in good stead. I also got the habit of fishing off of my old man but that's another tale!
  17. Dunno, is Syerston still on the RAF books or is it just ATC Gliders, other than that the nearest I can think of is Cranwell at 28 miles and Waddington at 29 miles from the market square
  18. Funnily enough Compo me old mukka I used to collect them, but for a good reason............ read on. My neighbour worked in the film processing labs for Boots and she would bring me a carrier bag full about once a month. I would then use a heated metal knitting needle to punch holes in them, attach a loop of 20lb breaking strain fishing line to the top et voila swim feeder for fishing with. (And before any body says ''you don't need that many'', you never fished Radcliffe or Gunthorpe weirs! (I have to admit that with the advent of "Maxima Double Strength Line" I started to use less and less
  19. I used to enjoy them and have brilliant story to recount (Although I have a funny feeling I may have told this one before on here, if I have then I appologise) Whilst at Frank Wheldon one of my favourite school dinners was 'sausage and mash' everybody cramming them down their throats and then queuing up for 'seconds' although for some reason there always seemed to be loads of sausages left, I hit on this great idea of putting a plastic bag in my pocket and loading up on them for the rest of the day! In our year there was a member of a family we'll call "Brown" you possibly all had one of the
  20. Classic example of our local postal service, there was knock at our door a little while ago, I shout, "Just a minute" I stagger to the door (Takes me about 30 seconds nowadays) open it to find 'postie' writing out a card, I told him my predicament (4th different postie in six months) and the reason it takes so long, and asked him why he was 'carding me' , he informed me that this letter wouldn't go through our (Specially installed to take large parcel/letters) letterbox!! it's actual dimensions are 5 inch x 3 inch x 1 inch tall , you could put it through our letter box still holding it in your
  21. By the way, I'm on my 7th copy of Dire Straights "Brothers in Arms" I have got an MP3 version for my phone!
  22. Just noticed I've missed one of my favourites off of my lists Blondie, Parallel lines.......................