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  1. the biggest tripe shop in the uk is in Westminster on the riverside
  2. any more ayup mi ducks ?polish perhaps?
  3. the ironing board cover went down well, but she says she,ll save it for a bit as the christmas one is still good!
  4. anyone remember Knowles a bit further down from Gaggs?Also Dennis Rogers Morgan is still racing and on the road it belongs to George Gould the cobbler from Stapleford I think he bought it from Dennis direct.
  5. our lass reckons she hates fb but shes always on my ipad thing looking at it!
  6. don,t worry chulla I,ve had a bit of pump trouble myself take the pills and carry on ,all the best see you at the next meet up
  7. swe62


    #6you bet ya boots Micheal , my lass was very pleased with your comment ,all the best to you and yours
  8. swe62


    funnily enough yes
  9. swe62


    merry christmas you lot from me n lovelace
  10. the Blue Orchid was built by a builder called Les Cooper for his private house , built a few houses on Bramcote Hills too
  11. totally agree I always ask for a normal glass
  12. tristram shandy played at andy murdens birthday do at Plessey club last month and where really good too
  13. I hate the smell of lillies I think they are death flowers ,they put them on the bar at the corn mill at Chilwell and it stops me going in the place
  14. Andys on the corner of Central Ave Stabbo best fish for miles
  15. and he spilt the tartare sauce
  16. they do get battered sometimes
  17. I,ll mullet over for abit
  18. just seen on telly the bloke with the wine,sorry and all that he knew the score,if you cant do the time don,t do the crime
  19. #29#34 Chulla just read these two ,very droll nearly wet myself laughing