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  1. I often go back and visit the house I was born in I have lovely memories of my childhood there and I always go round the corner to visit Carnie's house too, some wonderful memories. I wish I had the chance to see inside both houses again.
  2. you'll enjoy that Fly I've just got back from Tuscaney and loved every minuet of it. We stayed in Montecatini and visited Florence, Pisa, Lucca and San- Gimignano (spelling) I don't think I would visit Pisa again but all the rest were great.
  3. Congratulations ben, a beautiful Granddaughter how lovely.
  4. Missed that Lizzie it's taking me a long time to catch up with every thing so belated birthday wishes, hope you had a great day.
  5. Very busy week Compo but by the sound of it I think you need supervising. LOL
  6. Brilliant link CT Tagg's that brings back memories it was my local grocery shop late 60s. Across the road was a small car dealership place a Chinese take away in a wooden hut a bit iffy I think, green grocer, paper shop, chemist it was a nice local place to shop you didn't have to go miles to get what you needed.
  7. I don't know if that made me sad or happy Compo.
  8. Lovely BeeKay You've got some patience.
  9. Can't imagen you riding a bike ben, hope you haven't got them cut off trousers and sandals on
  10. We would be lost without you CT, hears to another 9 years.
  11. Happy Birthday from me too, hope you have a good one.
  12. Woollies was defiantly there in the early 60s Compo, I also remember walking up the steps. Can't remember much after that.
  13. sue B 48


    Really Lizzie I didn't know that, I've started tucking my hair behind my ears because it irritates me when I'm doing things. I'll have to check to see if my tabs are to big now.
  14. I'm not really a Jigsaw person but that must be annoying Compo. PS. You need to get them narnas down you
  15. Are you saying Wollaton people are weird Margie.
  16. They have a long holiday nonna our children only get 5 weeks even the little ones.
  17. Sorry to hear this Albert, hope all goes well tomorrow.
  18. I can see all the pictures now Compo and very nice too.
  19. Mine too Compo, I tried to dig all the Spanish ones out a couple of years ago but they just laughed at me.
  20. It was looking very sad Paradiddle when I drove past it last week.
  21. That Co-op LL also had a hairdressers upstairs it's where I had my first professional hair cut, I would only be about 9 or10 and I fainted. I was a bit of a fainter still am sometimes.