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  1. This post site is crap waiting all the time to read stories.
  2. anyone know what the ymca building on shakespare street was used for before it was ymca.
  3. The track you saw was remnants of the old Bestwood, Hucknall colliery line.
  4. Does anyone know what the wall enclosed that goes around the bottom of Bagnall Road and goes around onto Stockhill Lane.There is arched doorways that are stoned up and looks like it could have been some sort of castle years ago.
  5. was there a scapyard half way up alfreton road on the right probaly where manstan mews are now,was that pownalls
  6. i go to watch notts regular and i was so sad to hear his playing career over ,he was just coming into his peak and was progressing so nicely this last year.he gave 100% for notts in all formats of the game ,im just glad james taylor is here today so he can bounce back in another episode of his career if not playing cricket.
  7. i knew chris and his stepbrother im just glad that people didnt write anything bad about him on here,he was a good man fallen on hard times.
  8. i think shonky pit was in the area behind the top house pub there was some burning slag heaps there in the 60s
  9. i did some work in that building in the 70s and was astonished to see the underground printing press ,the basement must have been around 30 feet deep
  10. i remember it well ,i had a paper round morning and night it froze solid for nearly 3months from january i kept falling down people used to spread coal ash outside so you wouldnt slip.there was snow hanging from roof gutters 4feet in length when it thawed there was burts pipes all over the houses.
  11. i went past hatfield on train to hull pit is right next the track i havent been past for 6 months ididnt know that it had closed ,reilly surprised me .
  12. can anyone remember the couple who run the masons i cant remembe rtheir names.
  13. i wasnt sure can you remember j shentall store at bulwell hall estate.
  14. there used to be a liptons in 60s where iceland is now and there was a melia grocery shop nearby where wilkos is now in bulwell.