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  1. Yes his Fantasia on Greensleeves is so famous that it is played by every ice cream van in the UK Joking apart The Lark Ascending is a beautiful work
  2. At the end of a rather surreal Anzac Day held under Covid 19 restrictions I am listening to the Governor General's Anzac Day message and watching how the people of Australia paid their respects to those that made the ultimate sacrifice. It is the third time today I have heard this haunting piece of music. I seem to recall it formed part of Sir Winston Churchill's service
  3. The day I retired I parcelled up my suits and "formal" work shirts and ties and gave them to a local op-shop. The trend for funerals here these days is colour so I don't need them any more. Only have smart casual/casual now. If any one of my mates wants formal at their send off (which I very much doubt) I wont be going.
  4. The Crich Tramway Museum has a number of books on MGO and I am sure they would be available through Amazon too.
  5. Absolutely agree Radford Boy, they cant even agree on the guidelines in the fight against Covid 19 Tasmania has just over 500,000 people South Australia has about 1.6 million and the ACT and NT don't make 600,000 together To put that in a UK context Nottinghamshire has 786,000 and the East Midlands has over 4.5 million and Nottingham has over 320,000 people We also have 74 council areas or their equivalent. Are we over-governed - you bet we are
  6. Beekay it would have been 1960-1964. I have completed my biblically allotted three score and ten. We intend to keep safe thanks, just hunkered down and only going out when necessary. The authorities here are doing a great job of controlling Covid 19 and here in South Australia we have had another day of no new cases despite intensive testing. You keep safe too along with all on here.
  7. Whilst putting paper rounds together at the local newsagent when I was 11 or I can't recall seeing any of those magazines mentioned above. I was quite content having a quick look at the Tiger with Roy of the Rovers winning some trophy or other every season for Melchester Rovers.
  8. For all leagues, surely promotion and relegation should only be applied in cases of mathematical certainty. The rest should just be null and void and start afresh next year
  9. Oops! Guess you will have to put the five string away and go back to the 4 stringer.
  10. 100 likes for that one RR...……. Briliant!
  11. Why did Edward III pick St George as Patron Saint of England he never set foot on English soil? Nottstalgia Choir ….. Altogether now "And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England's mountains green …...
  12. Love this photo Ben. Dad with the ubiquitous ciggie in his mouth and you with a look of excited anticipation I had a jumper just like that one it must have been a 50's fashion item for young boys.
  13. New Zealand is a prime example of what could and should have been done using the maxim " Go Hard Go Early" and to some extent even though a little later our government has done similar things. I cannot believe that the UK is still letting people come into the country without medical checks or quarantine. We and NZ have totally closed our borders no one is allowed in and when our government organises "mercy" flights to bring stranded Australians home they are taken from the airport they land at and put into compulsory quarantine for two weeks with daily testing. Only then, if clear are they allowed to go back to their home states. I fully understand that NZ and OZ to not have the population numbers or the population density of the UK but early lockdown and continued social distancing appears to have worked. I wonder if someone will really take the UK government to task particularly on the total fail on testing and sourcing of PPE for health workers. To an outsider it looks like criminal negligence.
  14. As we approach Anzac Day the day when Australia remembers those that made the supreme sacrifice the phrases that often appear on war memorials are the most haunting for me. "No Known Grave" "An Australian Soldier of the Great War … Known unto God" I just cannot imagine the absolute grief of those left behind not knowing where their loved ones lie. It will be a very strange Anzac Day this year with all public attendances at commemorative services banned due to Covid 19 There is a groundswell of community activity for us all to go outside our homes with a torch or candle at 5:55 am, dawn, on Anzac Day and pay our respects. Lest we Forget
  15. Sarah is the Melbourne court reporter for the ABC (our version of the BBC). We only get to see her in Adelaide when Victorian court cases are of national interest. Her most recent national coverage was following the acquittal of Catholic Cardinal George Pell of child abuse charges. very competent she was too. Why is it that most female reporters/presenters are most often more articulate than their male counterparts. There are times when Australian states and Territories act like 8 different countries and can be very insular. You would think the road rules would be standard but you'd be wrong.
  16. I remember that too! Mum used to use the divi to buy our school uniforms.
  17. Fenella Fielding, wasn't she voted "the voice you'd most like to touch"?
  18. Musk sticks are a classic Australian sweet for kids. Apparently Woolworths sell around 24 million a year
  19. Hi Rob.L Have they done anything to improve the road to the north of the White Post or Kirklington Road roundabouts as there were many deaths and accidents on the three lane sections of that bit of road. The turn off to Bilsthorpe near the Limes Café was notoriously bad.
  20. What would the squirrels be looking for under the mulch, do they eat grubs, worms and insects?
  21. Bl**dy Blackbirds, they spend most of their time in my garden throwing the pine park mulch around. It is amazing how far the little bu**ers can throw pieces of bark. It is a full time job putting it back on the garden.
  22. Hi Radford Boy, Where did you live in Adelaide? We got to OZ in '75 and moved to Adelaide in '95 Strangely enough I managed a company in Ringwood for a while regularly travelling between Sydney and Melbourne. If memory serves me correctly Ringwood is about 10 minutes from Blackburn
  23. The death of Joe Brown aged 89 has been reported today. I know that many including myself and Affergoritt will be saddened by this news. To say he was a natural was an understatement, like all those who were the best at what they did he made it all look so easy. He was the first to climb many routes on Froggatt and Curbar Edge.
  24. Just curious, why? If you really have to do this then there is little point in doing ground preparation or any paving.