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  1. Did you hear about the provision hand that sat on the bacon slicer? He got a little behind in his orders.
  2. Hated those tinned products that you opened with the little key. After fifty years I have still got the scars on my thumb after attempting to open a can of corned beef at Golden Sands
  3. The death of Prince Philip has just been announced. He visited Australia 21 times He certainly was a character and will certainly be missed May he rest in peace
  4. Tinned stewed steak, Surprise peas and Deb mashed potatoes were the staple food when camping, hiking and climbing in the Peak or Lake Districts. Beer from any nearby or not so nearby pub provided the liquid refreshments.
  5. Excellent food DJ360 often used to take them to work on the night shift in a special Thermos with a wide neck so you could get the sausages in and out. The brand Fray Bentos was named after the port in Uruguay where the products were packaged and shipped from. Still partial to a toasted corned beef and cheese sarnie with lashings of HP sauce for my lunch.
  6. Alan "Noddy" Hinton is having a book called Triumph and Tragedy, The Alan Hinton Story published some time this month. I remember "Noddy" as having a powerful shot with either foot and unfortunately because of Ramsey's wingless wonders never got the recognition he deserved. Strangely enough his nickname at Derby was Gladys.
  7. As we get older it is not good for us to go up ladders and climb about on roofs (rooves) or in roof spaces so I have to get trades people to come and do stuff that I used to do myself. I have a fundamental issue with paying someone for something I could do myself and often better than so called "tradies". My wife gets upset when we have a tradesman come around to do a job and within a few minutes I send them packing because it is either obvious they don't know what they are doing or they spend most of their time on the mobile instead of the job they are being paid to do, especially when t
  8. Oh no! for a while there in the seventies all our beer came in aluminium cans but I am sure they had some kind of "plastic" liner that did not do us any good with chemicals leaching out of that too. We also had steel cans so no problems with iron deficiency either. Only joking as sadly when a loved one gets dementia or alzheimer's you lose them twice, once as the disease takes its toll and again when they die. Dementia is an umbrella term for a number of neurological diseases. Alzheimer' disease is the most common form of dementia
  9. Its that time of year when we are thinking of starting to wear shoes again on a regular basis. I hardly wear shoes at all in summer except when working outside or going out shopping or something like that. Wearing shoes all day for the first time in a while feels really strange and uncomfortable. I am sure your feet spread out when you don't wear them and protest about being contained again.
  10. Aged nine I remember going to an air display at Hucknall with my dad and watched a prototype Vulcan take off and expected it to return later. It crashed near Syerston due to a structural failure killing the crew of 4 and 3 on the ground.
  11. Try this version of TGTB&TU apart from the original it is one of the best.
  12. Arlo is best known for his versions of City of New Orleans but as one of the best railway/train songs ever i felt it needed attributing to its writer. As you said, Arlo and his father both wrote some classics including this one.
  13. Sorry DJ360 but Steve Goodman wrote City of New Orleans, he died from leukemia at the young age of 36 in 1984. Arlo Guthrie was one of many that have covered this classic his best version was with Shenandoah. Others that have covered it are the Highwaymen, Willie Nelson, John Denver, Johnny Cash and Judy Collins to name but a few. https://youtu.be/OfxoM6trtZE for Arlo Guthrie with Shenandoah which I think is the best version https://youtu.be/e4ztWNJYFrU for the Steve Goodman version and an explanation about him writing the song.
  14. Neither have I but we do have Easter Bilbies here in OZ. The Bilby is an endangered native marsupial with long ears like a rabbit. I understand that Easter eggs are symbolic of the empty tomb after JC was resurrected but where did the Easter Bunny come from? Bunnies don't lay eggs, at least none that I know of do. I could understand Easter chickens but not bunnies. (Image from Save the Bilby Fund)
  15. Having done and still doing a pretty good job of keeping Australia relatively covid free, mainly by closing our borders and restricting who comes into the country, we are making a complete dogs breakfast of the vaccination process. Since 23 Feb when vaccinations began and up to yesterday we have only managed a paltry 687,000 initial doses. An average of just over 19,000 a day. In our state, South Australia, over the same period we have vaccinated 25,500 people, and average of 708 per day. An absolutely pathetic performance. The Federal government originally set a target of vaccinating at least
  16. Quite often walked a similar distance after missing the last bus home from Nottingham, needs must as we could never afford a cab. Alcohol sometimes provided insulation on the cold nights.
  17. That reminds me of the tragic day when the pub underneath the Rotunda, The Mulberry Bush, was bombed along with another pub on New Street. We had been in the Rotunda a few hours earlier having our final interview to emigrate to Australia. We left the UK almost a year later.
  18. Sorry Enigma, that is a really woeful version of the John Denver classic a pretty poor attempt at Sinatraising a great song. John Denvers' version with Cass Elliot is great but the best by far is by Peter Paul and Mary.
  19. In the late 50's it was football, football and football for me Ben and for a few short weeks cricket.
  20. Compo and RR Have you any idea why the little thumbnail at the start of the file name in the middle of a large dark area is all I see when I click in the link. Is it becos I is in orstralia innit? Cheers OZ
  21. Sorry Ben, Can't give you a like for that one as far as I am concerned apart from some notable classic exceptions the 70's was a lost decade of decent music when compared to the 60's. There was far too much mush and I did not enjoy much of the Glam Rock. Here are all the UK number 1 hits of the seventies have a listen and see what you think.
  22. After urging everyone to install solar panels on their roofs and government even providing subsidies and at first generous feed in tariffs the Australian Energy Market Commission has no announced that it may be charging consumers who feed in energy to the grid. The proposal is to charge consumers who feed energy back into the grid at times when it is not needed as it could destabilise the network. The estimated yearly cost to users could be AU$70 per year. It also hopes that more people will take up batteries to store excess power. About 20% of homes in Australia have solar power and the commi
  23. I have a 2005 model Falcon 4 litre turbo that produces 320 horse power and 330 lb ft of torque and it flies too.
  24. Could be Beekay, I hit a Galah, a pink and grey cockatoo,the other day with one of my wing mirrors, the glass popped out so I had to replace that and luckily no further damage. They are quite a large bird around 14" long and weighing in at 12ounces. It made quite a bang as it hit the mirror casing