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  1. Bubblewrap #50 Thanks for posting. So many things in those scenes that we have forgotten and now remembered by way of a jigsaw! Love the one of the coalman taking the sack around the back for the next door neighbours. I did not like that innovation as is did me out of a bob my dad gave me to take the coal round the back to the coal 'us after it had been tipped on the road outside the house.
  2. Bubblewrap #48 It would be great if you could show photos of the other two as that one brought back so many memories, we even had a wall unit similar to the one in the jigsaw. The Raleigh Chopper another Nottingham icon.
  3. Great puzzle Bubblewrap #44 My guess as to era is late 70's ? based on what looks like a VCR under the TV, the flares and the Concorde between the two houses.
  4. I wonder if you folks have come across this site before, my guess is that you have but just in case you haven't http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=16&lat=53.1391&lon1.2192&layers=171 It is currently centered on Mansfield because that's where it was set to resolve a disagreement with my brother but it is easy to move around and the brilliant feature is that you can superimpose today over the old maps all over the UK
  5. A particularly evil friend of ours used to buy her brother a jigsaw puzzle every Christmas. Only problem, that all he got was a thousand pieces in plastic bag and no clue as to what the puzzle was about.
  6. Ayupmeducks #6 Quite right, the Land Cruiser after its introduction into Australia became the preferred vehicle over the Land Rover in the bush. Interestingly enough the Leyland Brothers in their 1976-80 series Ask the Leyland Brothers used Land Rovers extensively. Land Rover must have been delighted as the shows were seen by an estimated 40% of all Australians. Current model Range Rovers have become the "Toorak Tractors" of suburbia, the furthest most go off road is their owners drive way.
  7. So much has happened that it is very hard to keep it to five so for this post I am going to stick to communications. Sputnik launched - Listened to the bleeps on a ham radio Telstar launched - Live pictures from around the globe. Colour television Portable entertainment - Transistor radios, Sony Walkman, CD players etc. Communications - Mobile phones, laptops, Tablets, WWW/Internet etc.
  8. Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul and Mary. Spent so many years of my working life travelling overseas. Been to so many countries but the inside of a manufacturing plant looks very similar regardless of where it is. I was caught between seeing more of where I was visiting or getting home to the wife and kids. The wife and kids won out every time
  9. Don't know about Notts but here the "fix" for all traffic flow problems is always another set of lights. I am sure all the traffic planners here travel to work on the trains or trams and therefore do not have to experience their efforts. I am sure that there is a traffic light plantation somewhere in the hills where they grow the little lightlets until they are full size and then plant them out at intersections.
  10. Stu, I agree you have to respect the views of someone who as an umpire has viewed the game from the closest viewpoint. In picking the "best of" teams I think they should be qualified by a time frame or a statement like "that I have seen" otherwise where do you draw the line? I cannot agree with the selection of Greg Chappell, as stylish, fluent batsman he was one of the best, but on the basis of that disgraceful underarm bowling incident vs New Zealand in an ODI in season 80-81 I would not include him. In one game he also grabbed a streaker that had invaded the pitch and swatted his bare a
  11. mick2me, Thanks, great site, I can sit in my lounge looking at the ships in the Gulf and now I can find out all about them
  12. I started off with "Play in a Day" before I had lessons using my Watkins Rapier 33 and a small Vox amp. Still got some notations from it somewhere.
  13. Karlton, I remember the scrambling well, used to go to Coombes Farm just of the A614 before the Farnsfield turn off. Saw Arthur Lampkin many times on his BSA along with Jeff Smith. The other big name in British scrambling bikes was Greeves and then came Husqvarna and CZ from Europe and then in the seventies the Japanese invasion. Many happy days.
  14. Stu #8 That walk is a fair old distance and to walk all that way warrants more than one pint. Interesting to walk along Ricketts Lane and see the "Druid Stone" but I have never heard of the "lollypop tree". If you mean the tree where Ricketts Lane meets the A60 it was known locally as the "table top tree". If it was not this one can you give a little more info as it may be something I have missed. If you are in that area again go to the Bird in Hand pub and have a pint sitting out the back, a fantastic view overlooking the fields and the Fox and Hounds which if I remember correctly used to
  15. When our kids were little they used to love listening to Thomas the Tank Engine stories on that wonderful new technology the cassette. Many were told by Johnnie Morris the Hot Chestnut Man.
  16. Stu #1 and Ian #6 Memories of being taken on long walks with mum and dad either 4WD my brother in his push chair down Beck Lane or via the White Lion, Black Bull and then down Field Lane to the Fox and Hounds. Once when wheeling my brother down the steepest bit of Field Lane I got distracted by looking for birds nests in the hedgerows and dad had to rescue my brother who had set off for the pub in his pushchair is I had not put the brake on properly. The reward at the bottom of the hill and while playing in the children's play area at the side of the pub was a bottle of Sunecta Mixed Fruit p
  17. Benjamin 1945 #3307 Your comment "On a Monday" caused a flashback to the time when I was a nipper in the late 50's early 60's. We did not need a calendar at our house as you knew what day it was by what we had for tea, essentially the same menu with minor variations due to seasonable availability. We were very lucky as my granddad had an allotment and grew all sorts of vegetables, he also kept chooks and pigs. Monday - Cold meat (left over from Sunday) with chips and beans. Tuesday - A stew or casserole with vegies Wednesday - Liver, Onion and Bacon, mashed potatoes and vegies Thursday -
  18. Only ever used NCT buses from Huntingdon Street down to Trent Bridge to go to the Forest matches and I cannot remember a strike, perhaps it was only a short duration and between home games? Re #7 I used MDT and MGO services to go to work and "down town" and can never remember them going on strike either.
  19. crankypig #1896 and broxtowelad #1898 Here is the FivePenny Piece a Lancashire group singing "Here all See all Say Nowt" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC_aa2Eok0
  20. We had Raglan and Myford lathes in the metalworking shop at school. As an apprentice we started on Colchester Student lathes and as we grew more competent progressed to Dean Smith and Grace lathes, the lathe equivalent of Rolls Royce cars. If I ever set up a home workshop I would have a Colchester Student lathe, a Bridgeport Turret Mill plus a dividing head, a Jones and Shipman surface grinder and attachments and a Parkanson metal saw. The only concession to modernity would be digital readouts on the lathe and mill. With this gear there would not be much that I could not make, and yes I know
  21. Oztalgian


    As a post lunch snooze beckons down under, you are just starting your Christmas Day I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas and New year and that good "elf" is your friend in 2016.
  22. Interestingly NME has the following top 10 hits of the sixties 10 - Heard it through the grapevine - Marvin Gaye 9 - Like a rolling stone - Bob Dylan 8 - Suspicious minds - Elvis Presley 7 - Sympathy for the devil - Rolling Stones 6 - I'm waiting for the man - Velvet Underground 5 - Leader of the pack - Shangri-La's 4 - All along the watchtower - Jimi Hendrix 3 - Good Vibrations - Beach Boys 2 - Be my baby - Ronettes 1 - A day in the life - Beatles For the full 100 check out www.nme.com and look for lists
  23. Too many to list but here is a few Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Searchers, Seekers, Beach Boys, Animals, Hollies, Byrds, Yardbirds, I could go on for a few pages as no decade to date has matched the 60's
  24. It very much depends upon your age which children's TV programs you recall. Again when you have your kids and yet again with the grandchildren. From my childhood, in the fifties, watching on a very small screen Bush television in black and white. Watch with Mother Monday - Picture Book Tuesday - Andy Pandy with Looby Loo and Teddy Wednesday - Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men with Little Weed - Flobbalob Thursday - Rag, Tag and Bobtail Friday - The Woodentops - a family with the biggest spotty dog you ever saw