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  1. Oh dear........ creeps away to hide IAM badge...
  2. Phil I have experience of both the IAM and RoSPA courses and would suggest you look at the free assessment both offer. Yes you will have a different view (all the new 'associates' do) but it's well worth doing even if you don't carry on with the advanced training. Of the two I found the RoSPA better but that's just a personal view.
  3. Bravo Col I think driving tests should mandatory every few years or so, especially for.... err... the more mature drivers....
  4. Jonab i'm well aware of the fact that analphylaxis is a serious and potentially life threatening condition. I do not claim that home made remedies give anything other thansome relief for what is a rather painful but relatively minor injury for those who like myself do not have a violent reaction. I sincerly hope you never need to use your Epipen for real.
  5. Jack and Jill vinegar and brown paper style home remedies are a quick local treatment and I would not suggest it as a replacement for proper medical advice. Her indoors is very sensitive and required medical intervention in Cyprus for an insect bite on her shin, (still carries the scars seven years later) but in the meantime Jack and Jill served to make her more comfortable.
  6. Said it before, I'll say it again. Tax evasion is illegal. Tax avoidance you can bet your life I do. Does anyone ever willingly pay more than they need to? The taxes I pay make my eyes bleed and I'll take every legal avenue I can to avoid paying more than necessary. I'm not always sucessful though I've just had a £600 refund so the accountant is due a visit. I agree not all on benefits are 'bad uns' it's just those that are abusing the system are more noticable and therefore make better copy for the media.
  7. Heat is usually a treatment for protein based poisons i.e. Lionfish stings when diving. Mosquito bites are formic acid and treated the same as wasp although heat should work for both bee and wasps as their is a protein element in both.
  8. Probably a little late now nonna but ice and vingegar or pure lemon juice will help with wasp stings. Bee stings are acidic so need alkaline but wasp stings are the opposite and need acidic solutions.
  9. I'd make the miscreants who get community service dress in bright orange workgear and do it - but I suppose that's going to infrginge their 'uman rights innit!
  10. Never had the pleasure Den but I wish you well and congratulations
  11. Sounds like you were in hog heaven Col... and why not
  12. Yes yes this talk of funny forin food is all well n good but wheres the chips?
  13. I think the 'guests' are mainly bots. sometines known as Web Crawlers, Web Scrapers and Spiders. Small programs that search the web looking for specific words or phrases and reporting the data it finds back to whoever launched it. The code for such a program is quite small and takes less than an A4 page to write. Depending on the depth it's set mine it will return millions of web pages with a few hours. Here is a simple example - don't try to run it I've deliberatly crippled it.
  14. Same here Gem, herself has a 'quick whip round' before the cleaning lady arrives.
  15. I agree about public toilets but why not do the same as the ladies and wait! or go before they leave wherever they have been.
  16. I've not long returned from a little jaunt through France, Belgium and Holland. What an eye opener! The Dutch seem very health concious and the cafes and restaurants really seem to focus on what we would term 'healthy options', even Burger King. Fat people are noticable by their absence. There are fast food outlets but very few compared to here and mainly pizza places.
  17. I've seen the mess outside Debenhams and at first could not understand what all the small round marks were. I asked and was told it's chewing gum, I really thought they were pulling my leg. It's disgusting to think so many people just spit it out on to the pavement. Apparently it's also commom practice for people to pee in shop doorways at night!
  18. Apparently I misspelled the name, it was Standerwick and they ran Bristol buses. Found a pic, the rear section had a toilet and a small galley. They stopped at the Blue Boar for the drivers break and to refill the tea urn.
  19. Fastest double deckers I've ever seen were Standerwyks (?) London to Blackpool night service. Our trucks speedos only went to 70 and they would go way past that (not sure about late 70s accuracy) but those buses would easily overtake them. They always took a break at the Blue Boar, as was, and chatting to the drivers we could never get them to admit just how fast they were when flat out.
  20. Relativistic jets seem to be an anomaly since we were taught nothing, not even light, can escape a black hole.
  21. I can remember Harry Wheatcroft making a quite serious suggestion of using roses in the central reservation of the new motorway as a crash barrier. They were actually trialled, along with Thorn trees back in the 60's.
  22. When they built the motorway (Preston by-pass) Ernest Marples, minister for transport said it was designed to handle nine thousand vehicles an hour. It was not expected that traffic would reach this level for some years - it took nine months!
  23. I bet it would make a nice tram shed!...............runs away before Catfan catches me........
  24. I didn't know that: Wandering around the internet, as you do, I came across a little snippet I didn't know. No one knows for sure who actually owns Nottingham Castle! The council in 1875 were granted a 500 year lease, who from is by no means clear. It has been owned by numerous Earls and Dukes - there's a Marquess, an Earl and even a Baron in the history but since the Dukedom died out in 1988 ownership is up for grabs it seems.
  25. ...............................................nope................not even going there.....................