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  1. Ian you're not doing yourself any favours are you? A while back you took me to task when I made disparaging remarks about travellers with whom you claim an affiliation and stated they are not all thieves who dump rubbish leaving it to others to clean up after them. Now, on a public forum you have admitted to dumping a vehicle you no longer wanted and had no more use for in a public car park. I let that slide but now you tell us, even boast, of stealing from your employer. Sorry mate but I'm not impressed.
  2. Terribly un PC now but I loved Little Black Sambo as a child (the story isn't actually racist), Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit. On to Uncle Toms cabin, Tom.Sawyer, the list goes on and on. We didn't have a TV until I was in my teens so reading was my escape. Loppy reminded me of a a big favourite - the Just William series, loved them so much I downloaded one yesterday and read it again. Oh dear, let's just say it was of its age. I've read some classics, I've read some rubbish. Quite a few made me laugh, a couple made me cry. My problem is even though I think a book is bad I have to finish it - wh
  3. That's a pity, getting your leg over is pretty much a prerequisite for a successful bonk........
  4. Hmmm, all I can say is you bonk your way and I'll bonk mine...
  5. The Portland was for a long time used as a temporary accommodation hostel, don't know if it still used as such.
  6. Brew


    I can just about cope with the grief. It's when I have to make the decision at the vets - does my best mate live or die............. and that look as they took him through.
  7. Brew


    I like dogs and cats though I won't have either again - it's just too upsetting when they die.
  8. Yup they were. Small square and pastry like concrete. Stanton and Stavely went all modern and did away with their kitchen in the canteen installing vending machines and microwaves instead. After buying what you wanted from the vending machine you opened the wrapping and inside was a plastic strip with serrations (a bit like a short, straight tie wrap) Put the meal in the microwave and push the little strip in the slot and it set the correct time. Found a discarded timer strip and thought I'd have a warm fruit pie. They were ever so cross....
  9. I once put one in a microwave............... don't, just don't OK..
  10. We don't need to, after some years our autoresponder kicks in and we nod, smile and grunt in all the right places....
  11. I was wondering which delicate part dropped off.....
  12. Indians are high minded bless my soul they're double jointed They climb hills and don’t mind it All day long.
  13. It seems Ging Gang Goolie was composed by Baden Powell using the tune from Mozarts symphony No1. The words have no meaning. it's deliberately nonsensical.
  14. If you're going to tell a lie, make it a big one. Make it so big the people will think it can't possibly be a lie, and if it all goes pear shaped make sure you have someone else to take the blame.
  15. Things I have learned today: 1. Jet washing the drive and patio is mind-numbingly boring 2. The spot inspector will immediately see the one bit of moss I missed 3. Moss, when hit with a 100psi water jet, travels a surprising distance 4. The spot inspector whilst primping her new 'hair do' is very good at stopping said moss with her forehead (right between the eyes) 5. Yours truly at nearly 73 years of age can go from 'oh sh*t' to flat out down the road in less than 0.001 of a second I may be gone for awhile...
  16. Bartons had a black conductor on the Ruddington route who had a cowboy fixation. He wore the ticket machine down on his hip like a holster and did a 'quick draw' on the keys to give you your ticket.
  17. Welcome to the wonderful world of Nottstalgia...
  18. Not going to advertise but I had a pair of Titanium frames for less than £50 from the 'net.
  19. Suddenly my favourite song is 'Chase those Blues away'..... can't think why.....
  20. Though probably sorted by now the Jeep had reputation for breaking the back axle at the point where it joined the differential. Have you looked at the Volvo XC40?
  21. For many years there was a wrecked barge virtually under the Halfpenny bridge - its cargo was sand. There was a ford across the Trent close to Clifton Grove and even today you can walk/wade about halfway depending on the river level. Only the smallest of boats can get past and go as far as far as Beeston weir.
  22. I've never seen anyone go off Trent bridge but youths jumping (not diving) from the suspension bridge was quite common on a hot day.
  23. Can anyone remember the rules for snobs? I seem to remember the first round was, catch as many as you can on the back of your hand then one up and pick up the remaining snobs one at a time. Germans. Two up and scoop the remaining snobs two at a time Frenchies not sure of Overhands, the snobs thrown up have to be caught overhand etc..
  24. Your pic is of what we called a 'carrot' top, very difficult get 'em going but the more usual type was easy. Diablo?.. easy peasy and yes I had steel skates for a long time before going 'upmarket' with rubber wheels. My dad, because of the way the skates gripped, always threatened I'd have to go barefoot if they ripped the sole off my shoe
  25. Round Bakerlight switches and wooden patress are still sold.