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  1. Thank you all for your birthday greetings. Nonnab your greeting wasn’t a bit abrupt at all and Beekay no birthday cake the candles would have melted the icing!
  2. Today is my birthday, so I am more elderly today than I was yesterday! I have been asked what I would like to do today but thinking about it there isn’t much I can do really in this covoid19 world at the moment. To be honest even if pubs, restaurants etc. were open I wouldn’t go I just wouldn’t feel safe and as I am not travelling on public transport town shopping is out. Also there doesn’t appear to be any loos open at the moment so that is something else to take into account. I can’t even take Kai out today as the heat yesterday has upset him a bit so he will be having an “in day” laying on his cool mat. Over the past weeks of lockdown I have got into a routine obviously staying in the house or garden (as most of us have), taking a Kai out and very occasionally going to the local shops (with mask) although mostly ordering online and a relative dropping off fresh stuff once a week. It had become a way of life and I hadn’t given it much thought, it was just something that had to be done to try and keep myself away from the virus. However today has made me realise just how much my life has had to change through no fault of mine and how restrictive it has now become. Since moving back here a couple of years ago and adjusting to being on my own I had got to a stage where I had made some very good friends, reunited with two from before I moved away and was starting to be more daring doing things on my own (like going to the local Cafe a few time’s a week for lunchtime meal and becoming an invigilator at a local school). Although I am still in contact with friends by phone etc. It feels a bit like I am back to square one and if this is ever over I will have to start again building my confidence back to where it was. I was appalled to see the scenes on some beaches In the past few days, I can understand the need to get back to some more normality but really? My exasperation was compounded last nite when watching a Sky News Reporter on a beach somewhere (can’t remember where) with drunken idiots dancing around while she was speaking. I just despair, these are the idiots that will cause cases to possibly (or definitely) spike again and mean I will be in this kind of limbo for longer. (Started this before I went out to do a bit of shopping, Poundland, Poundstretcher, B&M and Morrison’s plants outside, the latter two being at Bulwell. Also had a quick look around Bulwell Market, sat on a bench and ate an ice cream). This gave me back a bit of hope, people patiently queuing outside shops, social distancing still at 2m and some wearing masks like us. I will keep my fingers crossed it is just the idiots that will succumb to the disease and not pass it onto those of us who are trying to do the right thing and contain (or best case scenario eradicate) it from these shores. As the sayings go hope springs eternal but I am not holding my breath. Sorry this is so long again, it seems I don’t post as much as before but when I do it ends up as an epistle. Must be an age thing I am a year older today
  3. I had a German Shepherd that used to get cystitis a lot, he used to get crystals in his bladder. I had to regularly get a sample from him for the vet to check as he was on a special diet and occasionally anti biotics to control it. He got to know what the jug was for and was able to run away and pee at the same time! (Only dog I ever had that could do that.) I spent many hours stalking him round the garden and then chasing him to get the sample much to the amusement of my neighbours.
  4. My dentist was Brian Lawson for many years, I can remember sitting in his chair seeing the gas works. When I was in the last year at BGS I had to have a filling done. Everything seemed to have gone okay, had an afternoon off school, but as the injection wore off the inside of my bottom lip felt sore. Went to bed and the next morning my bottom lip was really swollen and painful. My mum had a look at the inside of it and then rang him as it was cut. He just said I must have moved as he was drilling the tooth! Got me a couple of day’s off school until the swelling went down. When my husband and I were going out before we were married he had really bad toothache. I gave him Brian Lawsons number, he went and the tooth was pulled out. My husband became quite ill after going there and had to go on antibiotics. It appeared he had had an abscess on the tooth when it was pulled out. He never went back to see him again, found another dentist and so did I.
  5. That is a good idea Katyjay thanks. Will put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with. I will report back in due time.
  6. For the past few weeks I have been locked in a battle of wits with a couple of wood pigeons who have been raiding my bird feeder and clearing most of the stuff in one of the trays. I have tried a lot of things to stop them. I put the feeding tray under the water tray, but too far below it and they can land on it, too near and they lean down from the water tray and get to it again. In between these two and they have one foot on the water tray the other on the food tray and get to it again. I have put the water tray under one of the hanging feeders with the food tray underneath that. They just shove the hanging feeder out of the way and proceed as above. I got a super shooter and have managed to zap them a couple of times with it, now when I go out to get rid of them as soon as they see me with it they fly off, but only a couple of roofs (or is it rooves?) away and as soon as I go in they come back. We play this game all day. I had a brainwave and put pegs around the edge of the food tray and sat and watched them work out they could still get to the food. Tried the same with the water bowl to try and stop them landing on it but they just sat on them. I swear they smirk at me through the window when they bypass my efforts to stop them. Whilst grudgingly admiring their tenacity I am getting heartedly sick of them, not only do they clear everything in site but they poo over everything, I am continually having to swill the mess off my slabs. I also have a couple of robins who visit every day but will only take stuff from the tray not from the feeders so I can’t put food out for them. They also scare away the blue tits and coal tits. Plus I have a male and a female blackbird who come regularly looking round the base of the feeder for scraps, if the pigeons didn’t come I could put stuff down for them, but if I do the pigeons just hoover it up. I have now given up and took the food tray down just leaving the hanging feeders up plus the water tray, hopefully the robins will learn to feed from them and the pigeons will clear off to bother someone else when they realise they can’t get to the food any more. I don’t believe it, the pigeon has managed to reach one of the hanging feeders from the water tray, have been out and moved the water tray so it now can’t reach. I have been told to shoot one of them and that will stop them, however that is not an option that I could take. So does anyone have any ideas to help besides me sitting shotgun outside with my super shooter all day every day?
  7. I was told it was because the cardboard tube in the middle of the toilet roll comes from China and the ones already in shops won’t have the virus on them or there was going to be a shortage of them as China lockdowns hence no loo rolls. So silly some people will believe anything.
  8. I got a treat of strawberries when my shopping was dropped off this morning. Didn’t have any ice cream/cream so did a quick nip down to local shops, with mask, to get some cream. There seem to be less people wearing masks now although social distancing was still being done by most. Saw an elderly gentleman with mask but only over his mouth, wasn’t sure whether to tell him he was wearing it wrongly but wasn’t sure of the reaction if I mentioned it so didn’t. Feel a bit guilty now. They can be uncomfortable if you have to wear them for a while, I find them “hot” but better that than the alternative. The mask has been put in washer and is now drying ready for next time. I am finding that I don’t really want to go out, luckily I have managed to get Iceland/Asda home deliveries for us so at the most we only go out once a week if that and try to time it so the shops aren’t too busy. I would say that Iceland do better with home deliveries than Asda very rarely have anything missing and the delivery driver is really nice (and quite handsome I must admit) and always has a quick chat ‘“are you okay - keeping well and safe - etc”. Personally I am quite happy with my own company so haven’t found it too much of a hardship, starting to think I might be a bit anti-social, although I miss my friends, keeping up on the phone isn’t quite the same and conversation can be awkward as none of us are doing “things” anyway. The dog groomer is coming on Saturday thank goodness. Kai is very scruffy and a bit smelly at the moment. Just hope he remembers how to get into the bath as he had only just mastered it before we went into lockdown. The vets are now also open for appointments only, Kai was due his booster last month. They are doing those that are 2 months overdue so have got to ring back next month which is fair enough. His flea/worm treatment is ordered off internet, which has worked out a lot cheaper together with his lamb spaghetti which is running low (think he would leave home if this ran out) which has saved a visit to the pet shop. To be quite honest I haven’t found it too bad being in lockdown, obviously the internet has been a godsend don’t think it would have been so easy without it. I don’t mind my own company, have Kai with me so we have been getting out most mornings for an hour or so walk when we don’t see many people and it can seem normal when we are out except for the occasional social distancing. I think that has helped as well. I have loads of podcasts that I listen to, have 60’s music free on Alexa plus free books on audible and my kindle, and have binged on box sets in the evenings (I can recommend Gangs Of London on Sky if you can stomach some of the violence), as you can see I like the “free” price! I am also in a battle with a couple of wood pigeons who raid my bird table. It has been a constant battle with them over the past few weeks. I have a brainwave of how to stop them getting to the tray with food on it and then watch as they work out how to circumvent my ideas. I am sure they smirk at me through the window when they bypass my inventions. Even getting hit with water from my super shooter hasn’t deterred them so we are locked in a battle of wills. I must say I do actually admire their tenacity (spelling) but they are starting to really annoy me as they just clear everything and then poo in the water bowl to add insult to injury. Even with more shops opening next week I think it will be a while before I venture onto a bus or into town to shop, I just wouldn’t feel safe at the moment even with a mask. I will be glad when the hairdressers finally opens, I saw a barbers in Italy which had opened, the barber was masked and the customer had a mask on which wasn’t looped behind his ears but was stuck into his face with tape so that could be a solution to going there. I really hope we are now over the worst and don’t have a second spike although I am not very hopeful we won’t have one unfortunately. At least the figures seem to be falling somewhat although I am not sure how much you can rely on them to be honest. Sorry this has been so long, everyone stay safe and well, perhaps we might even get to meet up before Christmas! (I do hope to be able to go to Goose Fair this year)
  9. Doesn’t matter what they look like as long as they help. The best ones we have got are from Vistaprint (Yes Vistaprint) £17 each, replaceable filters £6 for 10. They are washable as well, the filters aren’t. They are comfortable and come in different patterns/colours, there are children’s ones as well. I saw a YouTube thing showing you how to make masks from socks/tee shirt. You have to hold material up to light and if you can see through it it isn’t any good apparently.
  10. So after much consideration of the new easing criteria, the figures both government (don’t really trust them - neither figures nor government, it would be the same if Labour was giving out these figures by the way) and the ONS are giving out along with the scientists saying it is too early to ease lockdown yet, I have decided I am not at stay alert I am still at stay home. Luckily I don’t have to go out to work, can get online shopping occasionally when needed and if I do occasionally go out have masks/face shield that I can wear along with socially distancing so I have this choice unlike many others. I am going to hunker down and wait for the second wave which is possibly going to hit, although I sincerely hope not. Hopefully the track, trace and test will suddenly improve and help stop it but on the track record recently I am not that optimistic unfortunately. I have a relative who is going to have to go into school later in June that I am really worried about, really don’t want them to be one of the “heroes” (spelling) just want them to be safe and well. Don’t quite see the correlation between just having 6 people in your garden socially distanced, but possibly 15 to 20 kids in an enclosed, usually unventilated (a lot of schools don’t have windows you can open now - the dreaded H&S), climate controlled classroom without even a mask between them. On a purely selfish note I won’t be able to see them until the schools have broken up and they have done the regulatory 14 days isolation as they are paranoid about passing the virus onto me as I come in the elderly classification (personally I like to think I am just wiser, other people are elderly). I realise a lot of other people are in a similar situation, but it doesn’t make it easier for any of us. I am heartened to see the improvement in many countries, which shows it can be done, we are an island after all like New Zealand who seem to have really got a handle on this from what I have read. Well done them, perhaps we could learn a lesson from them. Finally, just to say this isn’t an attack on the Conservative party as such, I would feel the same whoever was in power and had handled this situation so cavalierly (is that a word?). To top it off two of my rose bushes have decided they are going to the big garden in the Sky no matter how much tlc I have given them. It never rains but it pours!
  11. We got masks just before the virus took hold. It was obvious what was coming at that point (Italy), got them from UK meds. Also got a couple of N95 with filter, not washable unfortunately. Ordered some washable ones but not impressed with them when they came, they bagged at the side so we had to alter them but still not sure about them. Waiting for some other washable ones to come from Vistaprint next week, washable with replaceable filters, they guarantee not to run out of the filters and yes they are manufacturing both masks and filters. You can get face shields from Virus Stop, not taking away from NHS the company is making them for the general public in case you wondered. Delivery was quick, don’t know what it will be like now though. I never go into a shop without a mask, personally I think they should be mandatory in shops, public transport etc. It is those who show no symptoms who are the biggest threat, If everyone has to wear a mask it will help.
  12. I got a Saturday job at Woolies on Hyson Green In my last year at school. Then when I left school (hooray) I worked there full time until I started at Boots on Station Street. I really enjoyed working there, it was better than the Boots offices I worked in which is why I only stayed there a year but that is another story. Only time It wasn’t good was when a member of staff cut herself very badly on the bacon slicer which was as lethal as it looked. Goodness this has bought memories flooding back, let’s just there were characters among the customers as well as the staff, good times.
  13. Waiting to hear from my mobile dog groomer she was hoping to start working again from this week. Kai is very scruffy especially his legs, he looks like he has dirty socks on at the moment. Strange when where we walk has been dry for a while but as long as he enjoys his walks don’t really care. I have tried to trim the fur that grows in between his pads on his feet but he doesn’t really co-operate. He puts all his weight on the leg I want to do and I can’t pick it up and we keep going round each leg until I give up. I have tried to creep up on him while he is asleep but he jumps up and we end up with the same result.
  14. No need to apologise BK no offence taken. Wasn’t sure when I did it if it was okay.
  15. Sorry if it doesn’t. Perhaps someone can delete it.
  16. Walked In woods Lost walking stick Found walking stick Lost Dog lead Found dog lead Long walk home Had afternoon nap
  17. I haven’t posted much recently, every day seems much like another except for the highlight of getting a delivery slot, 2 Iceland and 1 Asda to date. However this morning Kai and I had a bit of excitement. We had our usual walk, had breakfast and I started to clean up. I leave my back door open so Kai can wander in and out as he wants. I was in the front room hoovering and then went into kitchen when I heard a kerfuffle in my side room off the kitchen. (Bit of background the male wood pigeon had been chasing the female around my garden, didnt know they could run so fast). Anyway back to the kerfuffle, I could hear things being knocked about and thought Kai might be having a fit or something. When I went into the room there was a wood pigeon throwing itself at the window trying to get out and Kai trying to get at the wood pigeon, it was chaos (spelling?). I got Kai into the kitchen and got a towel to throw over the wood pigeon so I could get it out the open door. I didn’t realise how big this pigeon was, it was built like Lennox Louis, would have fed the whole street, the beak looked a bit scary as well. Looking at my hand towel I realised it was slightly inadequate and had visions of losing a finger. Anyway I managed to somehow get the bird onto the floor to stop it hurling itself at the window so it didn’t break its neck or my window. I dropped the towel over it to try and calm it down a bit and we both took a breather. It then emerged from under the towel and proceeded to throw itself at the half of the french door that was open, unfortunately it was behind the door so I would have to guide it round so it could get out. I managed to do this but it ran past the opening and proceeded to throw itself against the glass in the other half of the french window that wasn’t open. (Of all the pigeons in Bilborough it seemed I had got the mentally challenged one). I sort of wafted the towel at it and it Looked at me as if to say “what the **** are you doing” but eventually got the message and ran thru the open door. It flew up onto my fence and p****d all over it ( at least it didn’t do it in my room) and then flew away. Turned round to go back into kitchen and the big spider was in the middle of the floor, I swear it was laughing, so I flicked my towel at it and it scuttled off. Mental note to oneself get one of the strippy things to go over door when it is open and evict said spider for insolence.
  18. Had a thought whilst I was having a box set watching marathon this afternoon. At one time (which seems so long ago) I would have been a couch potato now I am saving the world!!!
  19. Don’t have a clue how to do that Brew.
  20. Has anyone else received the “Yes I do - but no if I don’t” email about the clarification of the lockdown rules? If not I could type it out, it is a bit long, 27 points, but I could do it in sections if you want to read it. I would point out it is a very tongue in cheek clarification.
  21. At school there was a Bernard Hind, school register called out B.Hind always felt so sorry for him. Also knew a Peter Shooter.
  22. I suppose it could be Big Bertha Mk. II JS. As long as she sticks to the rules we will be fine. Just hope she hasn’t brought the family with her!
  23. Taking Kai out this morning we did the usual routine making him sit with his lead on whilst I opened the door and then wait until I told him to go out. As he was sat there I noticed a rather large spider come hurtling out from between the wall and floor slab ready to fight! I moved Kai over a bit, think it was a bit overmatched or more likely Kai would eat it, he is very partial to the odd wasp, beetle etc. I had a good look, from a distance I must add, and it seems to be Big Bertha who was obviously in a bad mood. Perhaps I woke her up when I lent my walking stick against the wall. Making sure the door to the kitchen was shut we proceeded with our walk. When I got back she was sunning herself on the wall. I sorted Kai out with water etc. and then went back into my side room. She had moved a bit so we were eyeball to eyeball. Although I do NOT like spiders, she is quite magnificent really apart from the way she runs and the fact that she is a spider. We have renegotiated her tenancy, same rules as before. She stays in the side room, can eat as many flies as she wants, no partying or having friends over. All webs must be discreet and must not be where I will walk into them. I have agreed not to let Kai sniff or eat her and she won’t try to attack us when we are going for walks and she is not allowed to accompany us on them either. Any rules are broken and she will be in next doors garden immediately. So hopefully we can co-exist peacefully.
  24. Don’t know if I am being a bit dense but if there isn’t a reliable antibody test and they aren’t exposed to the disease how do they know the vaccination has worked?