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  1. I didn’t know they shed their skins, will investigate further to see if it just an old skin. I presume if she has it means she has grown bigger? I can see a renegotiating of her tenancy looming if she has, she will want more room, I will offer to leave the larger cupboard door open definitely not the kitchen. I have become fond of her but not that much!
  2. Oh dear got up this morning and Big Bertha has passed away. She was laying in the middle of her rooms floor on her back with her legs in the air. I was letting the boys out and of course they immediately spied her, I had to grab Wolfs collar and put a leg in front of Kai’s chest to stop them Investigating. Then I had to move Wolf nearer Kai (not easy with two 40kg dogs really wanting to go in the other direction) whilst keeping my balance and then do a leg down/grab collar move on Kai (he would have eaten her he does like a bit of extra protein, spiders, flies and his favourite daddy long legs). She is in a match box at the moment, managed to get her in there without touching her I am pleased to say. Not quite sure what to do with her, don’t like the thought of putting her in the bin, I have become quite fond of her in a strange way she was so sassy. (That sounds really sad possibly best not to mention it to too many people they might think I am a bit strange!) Possibly a burial in the back garden or in one of my pots, underneath the acer tree might be nice and will be easier than trying to dig in the garden Just hope Gigantic Gertie doesn’t try to move in now the room is (as far as I know) is vacant and she wasn’t as attractive as Bertha, didn’t have the markings on her body, and is just too big. oh well such is the circle of life, at least she was warm and dry for her last few weeks.
  3. I sometimes play one of the games on Alexa while I am having my breakfast. She sometimes suggests other games. I found hide and seek sounded a bit intriguing so tried that. She asked where am I, I pointed and replied are you there. Answer no. Once again where am I, this time I just said are you there without pointing and got the reply that she couldn’t see me! I swiftly shut her off. Bit spooky that.
  4. Don’t need a male version mine plays me things she thinks I want not what I ask for sometimes. For example, me - “Alexa play the latest episode of true crime all the time”. Alexa - “To answer your question of why butterfly wings are coloured”. Me - “Alexa no play the latest episode of true crime all the time”. Alexa - This podcast contains adult content which some may find upsetting”. Me - “Alexa play the latest episode of true crime all the time”. Alexa - “Sorry I don’t know that”. At which point she switches off and I listen on my iPad, at least that doesn’t answer back!
  5. Sunday is the last day now Beekay. Don’t know what time it finishes tonight.
  6. Just got back from the fair. Had my candy floss, bit disappointed it was in a bag not on a stick but it had just been spun and bagged, didn’t have the mushy peas though too long a queue at the scouts stalls. Watched some of the rides in horror, made me feel queasy just looking at them. No way I would have gone on them at all. It seemed smaller than I remembered, but it has been a long while since I went last time. Enjoyed it, but have a bit of a headache now the music was earsplittingly loud, suppose that shows my age!
  7. Oh dear I hope not. I can just about tolerate Bertha being a resident (as long as she stays in my side room and to the terms of her tenancy) but Gertie was just too big. Getting a bit worried that I am talking to spiders, I really must get out more!
  8. Going to the fair this afternoon, haven’t been for over 40 years so am looking forward to it. Candy floss and mushy peas here I come! Wonder if the music will still be the same, Del Shannon, Billy Fury (I did have a crush on him) etc. Won’t be going on any rides, never did like the waltzers always made me queasy, but might go on the cape or is it cake walk if it is still there. Are the big steam baskets still there, always found them terrifying to watch, wasn’t there a big galleon that use to swing almost vertical as well?
  9. Just thought I would bring you up to date with Big Bertha (originally Brock but apparently she is a female because of the size). She has been sticking to the terms of her tenancy except for once when I caught her hurtling towards my kitchen. I swiftly stopped her progress, gave her a good talking to with the threat of eviction and she went under my tumble dryer to sulk. Apart from that she has been a perfect tenant and we avoid/ignore each other. However I went into her room the other night and there she was Gigantic Gertie, she was even bigger than Bertha sat quite brazenly on the wall. She was quite high up so it was going to be a ladder job. I am not very good going up ladders, tend to wobble a bit but needs must. I struggled with the ladders, got them set up. Gertie just sat and watched. My spider kit wasn’t big enough, so I got an old lunch box out my cupboard and battle commenced. Up the ladder I went, with Gertie eyeing me nonchalantly. Put the lunch box over her, the ladder wobbled a bit but I gritted my teeth and carried on. By this time my two boys had joined me finding the events quite interesting, swear they gave each other a look which said “she’s at it again”. Now for the awkward part getting the lid under the box without touching the spider and you guessed it, she poked a leg out I shuddered and off she went further up the wall out of reach. Said a few choice words and climbed down the ladder and put it away. Came out of the shed and she was back in original position. Left her there, Gertie 1 - me 0. Didnt see her for a couple of days. Then I went in one night and she was on the floor chasing Big Bertha, either they were playing tag or her intentions were more deadly. Bertha ran towards me, there was a (big) flowerpot to hand so I put it over Gertie. Realised there were holes in the top so covered them up so she couldn’t escape. Headed Bertha away from the kitchen back under the tumble dryer. Went into kitchen and put some gloves on (I know, I know very wimpish) and a piece of card to tackle Gertie, she wasn’t going to get away this time chasing my resident spider was a bridge too far. Managed to get card under flowerpot, a leg did appear but I poked it back, no not with my gloved hand I wasn’t that brave, with a piece of garden cane. To cut a long story short Gertie now resides in my neighbours garden, Bertha is skulking under my tumble dryer, all is right with the world. Just to show how brave I am getting. I was sitting in my front room when I noticed a clump of dog hair (my boys are moulting like there is no tomorrow, so bad my Dyson has just given up) moving across the floor, when I looked closer there was a spider tangled up in it. Just a normal sized one, possibly a male (?) which explains how it got into this predicament! I caught it quite easily and managed, very carefully, to untangle it without touching it. Felt quite proud of myself. It also now resides in my neighbours garden! I do wonder if my neighbours have noticed how their spider population has increased over the past few weeks, but then perhaps they aren’t as bothered about them as I am.
  10. Coconut rings and nice biscuits both of which are dunkable (if that is a word). Also digestive biscuits (McVities of course) with dairylea spread on them and shortbread - non dunkable. Better stop there and give someone else a chance!
  11. I did go on to have a quite successful working life after I left, most of it due to the first manager who I worked for. I learnt more useful things from him in a couple of years than all my time at the grammar school. He became my mentor, obviously didn’t think I was stupid and wouldn’t amount to much as the grammar school had said. I knew he was always there to advise even after I wasn’t working with him any more. It was a great loss when he passed away. Although it wasn’t as illustrious as your career I enjoyed every minute of it and I think what I learnt from him still stands me in good stead even now. As you said despite my, what I consider wasted years, at the grammar school.
  12. Sitting here listening to a ghostly podcast browsing Nottstalgia and suddenly I could hear footsteps. Nothing unworldly it was a pigeon, with pit boots on, walking across my conservatory roof again and again. Went in to get rid of it and it hung over and looked through the window. Think it was as surprised to see me as I was to see it. Knocked on the window but it just looked at me slightly bewildered (me as well as it). Why do I always get the rather odd wildlife, remember Brock (or possibly Elsie as females are bigger I have been told) the spider who clung to my brush? In the end I went out into the back garden as it had started clumping over the roof again to scare it off. It came to the edge of the roof and looked at me, aren’t they supposed to fly away when you get near? I thought it might be a homing pigeon but it was definitely a wood pigeon and obviously not a very bright one at that. So I told it to go away (not quite in those words) and flapped my arms around a bit, but it just wandered around the roof again. My boys found all this very interesting and sat watching with the “here we go again” expression they do occasionally get. So I picked a tennis ball up which caused great excitement (my boys not the pigeon) and both boys ran up the garden waiting for me to throw it. I then found myself explaining to them that I wasn’t going to throw it for them, I was trying to get the pigeon off the roof (which was still wandering round the roof doing whatever pigeons do). I throw the ball onto the roof, not at the pigeon, near it to make it go away. It gave me a long hard look and then decided to vacate my roof. I now have to get the step ladders out of the shed to retrieve the tennis ball as both dogs are waiting for me to throw it. I sometimes wonder what my neighbours think of this mad woman who has moved in and spends her time explaining herself to her two dogs and various other forms of wildlife!
  13. Yes that was it. She had quite a few stories about what went on there. You had to catch her in the right mood before she would tell you. It always seemed strange to listen to them, I suppose you don’t think about your parents doing anything before you were born or that they were once young. It made me see where some of my antics came from (getting into the back of the Albert Hall and meeting the Rolling Stones and climbing over the railings at the back of the De Montfort Hall in Leicester to be chased by security and running into Mick Jagger literally etc.) It must be in our genes!
  14. Talking about people shinning down drainpipes. My mum was a nurse and worked at the TB sanitarium where she met my dad. The staff were not allowed to fraternise (what a lovely word) with the patients but my mum was seeing my dad without anyone in authority knowing. She lived in the nurses home and used to climb down the drainpipe so she could meet him. From what she said it was a much used exit from the nurses home. Not sure if she had to climb back up to get in, but I presume so. I was amazed when she told me couldn’t imagine my mum doing that, after all she was my mum.
  15. When I started this thread I didn’t really expect to get many other posts, but in true Nottstalgia style it went from visiting old homes to sculleries, people climbing down drainpipes to free meals at Chinese Takeaways and all things in between. True Nottstalgia posts, I do love this site
  16. I can remember my nana’s scullery with the copper and large sink. My nana used to stand on a stool to push clothes down into the copper with a stick. We were not allowed to go in, she said it was too dangerous which of course made me more curious about it. Wash day was Monday, loved the smell of the soap she used, think it used to be a large green bar. There was also a “best” room with a piano in which was never used except for my aunts piano practice and I think my granddad was laid out there before his funeral. I only ever got in there once by illicit means so I could plonk the piano, I was quickly ushered out and the door was firmly shut behind us. The room from the kitchen was the main one used, it had a range (nana used to make the best fruit bread in the world in it) with horse brasses hanging on the leather straps. I used to hate having to help clean them they were so intricate. Best bit was toasting bread in front of the open fire on one of the long fork things trying not to drop it or burn yourself on the kettle which always seemed to be on the hob.
  17. Life does move on regardless of our memories. I must admit I found the area a bit shabby, not that where I am now is posh or anything, I suppose living there you just don’t notice it. It was a (large) pit village and obviously when the pit closed it ripped the heart out and started the decline. It was sad to see. There was a family who lived a few houses away who had 2 boys who were (terrible thing to say but true) feral. They were one of the reasons I decided to move besides coming home, my friend who lived near me said they are starting to cause problems now. It is a shame as it was a lovely friendly little enclave. I think I got out at the right time. I didn’t really get emotional about the house, it looked just the same except the fence could do with a lick of paint. Don’t think I would have wanted to have a look round it really prefer to remember it as it was not as it is now. As I said life, and people, move on I still have “sad” days but I suppose that is normal and they are not as often now. The memories are happy now and less of hospital visits and nursing home. I do still miss my husband, even though he could be a grumpy old s*d at times but then aren’t we all. Whenever I do something new I can hear him say “You go girl show ‘em what you got”.
  18. I moved in August 2018. It seems longer than just over a year. I will be going up again I dare say. Feel a bit awful not going to see husbands relatives, his sister and various nieces and nephews, great niece etc. but it was hard trying to keep in contact with them when it was so one sided, sometimes felt I was being a nuisance ringing them and the phone calls got shorter and shorter, always me ringing not them. I did try but you only bang your head against a brick wall for so long before you realise it hurts. My husbands younger brother and his partner have kept in touch, they live in Stoke On Trent. Bit sad really. I think my relatives here are relieved, they were worried I might want to move back but that chapter of my life is closed now and I have made new friends here. Don’t think I could face another move anyway, it was a traumatic experience, with slow solicitors and then the problems with my new house, which are mostly sorted now, (except I have a waterfall outside my front window at the moment must find someone to clear the gutters) and the boys are settled in although it took them time. I did always think of Nottingham as home anyway and I now know I made the right decision.
  19. Last week I went back to Doncaster for the first time since I moved back to Nottingham. I must admit I had been putting it off, didn’t know how I would react to be honest and wondered if it might make me think I had made the wrong decision. But the shop I used to work at is closing next week so it would be the last chance to see the people I worked with so I bit the bullet. Treated myself to a taxi there, my friends husband said he would bring me back. The taxi driver smelled delicious and was very entertaining all the way there. Gave him a big tip! First stop was my friend (and previous neighbour) who lived across the service road at the back of my previous house. It was strange walking past the house, the curtains and blinds were still mine. Went into my friends garden to be greeted enthusiastically by her German Shepherd, good job I had remembered her treat. Had a good couple of hours catching up with everything. I could see my old back garden from her front room, I could envision my late husband flitting about from the garage to the house, he was always doing “projects” in the garage. Then I walked down to the shop I had worked in. I had texted the manager to let her know I was dropping in and when I got there all the people I had worked with were there. It got quite emotional with lots of hugging and a few tears shed. Then on to another friend whose stepdad had passed away the night after my husband. It was so good to see her, she hasn’t been well recently and hasn’t been able to get down to see me. We do text and speak on phone but it isn’t the same as seeing her. I do miss her a lot. We went out and had something to eat and never stopped talking. Hopefully she is going to come down for Goose Fair with her son and stay the weekend. There are some of my husbands relatives there, but we didn’t see much of them when we lived there unless we went round and since moving I have tried to keep in touch but it was always one way so don’t hear from them now. Finally back to the first friend whose husband was bringing me back, she came with us and when I got back they came in for a bit, the boys made a fuss of them. They were the ones that transported the boys and me down here when I moved, so they had a look round the house without dodging furniture being lugged in. I was absolutely exhausted the next day, both physically and mentally, didn’t do much at all. I am glad I went, it has laid a ghost about my decision to move back and made me realise that this is my home and you take your memories with you, don’t need a house or place to remember.
  20. I had a blood test about 3 weeks ago for my overactive thyroid. They only tested TSH, the reading had gone down quite a bit it was only 0.02 over the range, the hospital seemed happy with this but I wasn’t, it is hardly in range and I had been feeling a “bit off” again. Managed to persuade them to do another test to include TS3 and TS4, readings dont really make any sense unless you have these as well to see what is going on. Went for blood test with doctor (didn’t hurt this time, last time I had a bruise that went almost round my arm and it hurt like a b***h goodness knows what he had done) and I ended up having shingles injection as well. Wasn’t sure about it but it was done before I could say anything, I do like to look at side effects before having anything but on checking when I got back they are minor and I was okay anyway. No bruise from blood test as well, must have caught him on a good day. On the way out one of the receptionists caught me and told me she could do blood tests and ask for her next time. Is this usual here, it was always the nurse that did it at my last doctors? Anyway got the results, TSH had gone up and all others were in range although a bit odd so still having tablets every other day. I am wondering if there is anything else going on, pituitary gland was flagged up on last paperwork I got on a blood test although I don’t have any physical symptoms, so it could just be my body is confused (must say I am too) with my thyroid doing its own thing. Getting older is such an inconvenience but retirement isn’t bad at all.
  21. The last post reminded me of the time my friend and I had a first floor flat on Wiverton Road. We shared the kitchen with the guy in the bed sit on the second floor. He was a nitemare in the kitchen, the only person I have ever known who could peel potatoes and end up with grey coloured chips. He would also help himself to whatever we were cooking and then vehemently deny he had. Anyway one day we heard an enormous bang from the kitchen. He had put a tin of sliced beef in gravy into the oven without piercing the tin. We never did find much of the beef but were finding bits of the tin for ages after. It was a good job no one was in the very small kitchen they would have been showered with shrapnel. Luckily the cooker escaped unscathed. It was quite a relief when he moved out and a new guy moved in who got his meals at work.
  22. Mine is the road I lived on for many years (with happy memories associated to it) and girl is wishful thinking!
  23. I always fancied a little Red Devil on my shoulder. Never got the nerve to have it done when I was told it hurts.
  24. Sorry about that Brew, know the feeling vaping just doesn’t cut it either. Don’t think I have hurt my back, perhaps tomorrow will tell if I have. My hands are sore, my wrist hurts a bit but I was told I have a squashy (technical term from a consultant in Doncaster) wrist so it should ease off. Couple of bruises on my arms, probably from when I was escaping from behind the bed base. Broke a couple of nails which is a pain but otherwise unscathed.
  25. I decided today to change my bedroom. I was in the front one which is slightly bigger but never felt settled in it really, probably as this was the one with the awful smell (covered by a very pungent air freshener when I moved into the house) and I discovered a lot of black mood over the outside wall which has now gone thanks to my PIV unit. Measured up to make sure the double bed would go in and got started. Moving the single bed was easy, got it propped up out of the way in the front bedroom and moved the wardrobe units in the back bedroom (luckily it’s 3 separate units) only one of them tried to topple over but managed to get them where I wanted. Only broke one nail. Managed to eventually get double mattress in, thought at one point it was going to have to stay in the bathroom but after much pushing, shoving and kicking I got it in back bedroom. The bed base however was not as accommodating. I got it out the front bedroom but then it got wedged against the bannister and the wall. The flipping thing would not move forward or back plus I was stuck behind it. B***er. Then I remembered I could undo some screws and it would bend in the middle, so I managed to half squeeze half crawl out and went to get a screwdriver. Decided to make a cup of tea whilst I was rummaging in the drawer for the said screwdriver ( bearing in mind that I was hot, somewhat p****d off and thinking I would have to put everything back) I discovered a ciggie packet with one in it. Found screwdriver and went into front room with tea and ciggie packet. Took ciggie out and smelt it, then put it back and drank my tea. Thought about it for at least a minute and then “chased the dragon”. It was soooooo good, sat back, closed my eyes and relished every bit of it. With renewed vigour I went upstairs, dismantled bed and managed to get it in back bedroom, unfortunately wrong way round so can’t have headboard on, but it is in. Need a nap now, front bedroom can wait I will sort it out another day.