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Down here, Oz, local councils do a "large item" collection once a year. That's old beds, fridges, stoves, etc. which you are required to put out on the verge a few days before. Back in 2002 I had just

Keep an empty milk bottle in your fridge in case anyone wants black coffee...

Thats what you think Katyjay, wait till they crap all over your washing Rog

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43 minutes ago, Cliff Ton said:

...and then later you can hop up the middle.

....You must be joking!   I’d have trouble hopping on the floor these days, let alone going up the stairs.   Can anyone on Nottstalgia hop upstairs I wonder... it’s no

good replying in the affirmative unless we can see video footage, though

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2 hours ago, MargieH said:

  Can anyone on Nottstalgia hop upstairs I wonder...

Having suggested it, I've just tried it. It's impossible - if only because I couldn't keep my balance when I landed on the up-step. Don't try it folks.


However I've also tried Lizzie's thing, and I did that with no problem.

1 hour ago, LizzieM said:

When I went to see my Colorectal Surgeon the other week I was on the couch and he asked me to put my ankles together and lift both legs (straight) at the same time.  


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Well done CT on the abdominal exercises .... mind you, you aren’t really  old yet.

Perhaps you and Jill would like to lead us all in a zoom exercise class?

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