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Here it is.  Take it away, Ben!     His name was Ben - Oh! He was a grocer. He'd slice your bacon with a squeeze. Slap and tickle with your cheese! "Let's see your h

The view in 1970 from Cranbrook House which was built on the site of a 15th century burial ground.   

Photos of Hockley over the years on Post website.   https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/gallery/38-pictures-looking-back-hockley-3364947

Always enjoyed Hockley and the places just off it......

The Nelson......guaranteed a fight in the 60s.(If thats what you wanted)

...sat under a table one night with Wendy and a Babycham while the place erupted.....

Old Angel.....Two Uncles from Kemps Cottages were in their fishing club,,,took me on the bus with em to matches,,mostly sick...

Coop Arts centre....youth club,Pathfinders football,,,snog on the fire escape

Maurices,,mens clothes shop,,always had a stylish bargain,,60s..

Posh drink in me suit,,,at the hotel ''The George'' where Liz Taylor and Richard Burton stayed,,,i took Beryl...

Indian Restaurant bottom of Hockley,,sat with Steve Bunce (boxing journalist) had nice chat....

Even today Hockley area has different shops,,, and arty farty coffee places,,,love em....

Nearly forgot it also had a Woolworths....


I believe it was/is what makes good old Nottingham a bit different.......


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Can I  add, I thought the link to Nottingham canal was brilliant ! I've downloaded the PDF so I  can watch it again and again. It is my intention of doing a painting of one of the photos from 1920.

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Not sure which floor I was on, but don't think it was high as 6. Parr Computer Services I worked for, went in this office block  from a Victorian house on Cranmer Street. I think we were there no more than a year before moving to permanent offices on the top floor of a new office block on the corner of Cliff Rd and Canal Street.

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Lola worked there before going back to Marsdens in Netherfield,,,missed her at lunch-time Locarno only a Tanner ya know !!!

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LOL.........lola,,,,yes she really did work at Netherfield Marsdens,,,can still picture her on an old fashioned phone (sit up and beg type) with her sexy deep voice,,,,ahh '''She could have been a showgirl''''.............

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Here it is.  Take it away, Ben!



His name was Ben - Oh!

He was a grocer.

He'd slice your bacon with a squeeze.

Slap and tickle with your cheese!

"Let's see your haslet.

Don't tell me husband!"

Those women queued down Denman Street...and it weren't for potted meat!

But when the blinds came down

Our Ben would hit the town.

Loafers, Levis and liberty bodice,

Oh, boy did he look sweet?


Shop at Marsden's, Vernon's and Farrand's.

Dots, Shirleys, Pams, Lizzies and Karens


He's got crackling...under the counter!

Tea bags were rationed but never the passion,

Down at Marsden's.......beep, beep, beep, beep...

Ben fell in love!

Her name was Carni.
She was a looker.
She came in after some cream cakes and Ben asked her for a date.
"You're just a shop lad.
Go mind your Hovis!"
And as the tears came to Ben's eyes, Carni fingered the pork pies.

"I'll let yer ride me bike."
"Just go and take a hike!"

She flicked her ash in his corned beef pasties..and it wrecked his life!

Shop at Marsden's, Vernon's and Farrand's.
Annes, Dorothys,  Maudes, Janes and Sharons.


No melting moments behind the freezer.
"The charm isn't workin'. You call that a gherkin?"
Down at Marsden's...beep, beep, beep, beep
Can't win em all!

Her name was Nonna,
She was Italian.
"I want salami by the slice and a bag of Whitworth's rice.
What's with those cheekbones?
You from Verona?"
And as he scooped the potted meat, Ben began to feel the heat.

He thought he'd grab his chance
And asked her for a dance.
Among the tins of Fray Bentos pies, they found a true romance!


Suet puddings, tinned steak and kidneys.
The women all want home deliveries!


They queue for passion over the counter!
Well worth raiding the coffers for Ben's 'special offers'
Down at Marsden's....beep, beep, beep, beep,


It's Ben they love!  

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Thankyou Jill for making my day. A little dose of laughter after a bit of a tense day. Hospital at 9.30 this morning for a procedure, and slept all afternoon. Until now.


benj, 'I'de flick me ash in your corned beef any day'.


Great lyrics Jill. You had us tittering in our Char Sui Pork and Noodles'. 



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Nice to see you posting Carnie...hope you ok mi duck......ive been struggling a bit lately with me Larry'' plus ingrower'' playing me up,,hardly been out.....Our Jill always gets me going though,,,cheeky ,''but i like it''........wish i'd shared a 'Parkie' with you back in the day,,

                You sure i did'nt.....lol

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Might have done benj, not sure about sharing a Parkie, they weren't very big , and usually by the time Sueb48, my sister and little me had puffed on it, there was not a lot left,  except a ducked baby pink( As in Rimmel lipstick, ) red hot dog end!!!! Classy Gals.Ha 

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The groundwork can be seen in 22 posts posts up, view from Cranbrook House, I'll not quote it save those poor boggers using up all their paid for internet data on there phones, this trench collapsed just after this photo was taken, luckily he had his hard hat on!

Shops in the background anyone? One's now Desi Downtown. 



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Odd..Don't recognise that in the slightest!

Recall a music recording/ rehearsal room guessing to the right,  set back from the street, dreadful place, pool table & coke dispenser machine, guessing it would be roughly at.the back of Carlsboro..



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