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Is it me or are all the so called "artists" who were manufactured on the X factor manic depressives?

I'm listening to Lincs FM at the moment and they have just played this Leona bird and the Alexandra birds latest offering for Christmas, I am now NOT looking forward to Christmas because I feel too suicidal after hearing them pair start off missing half the words because they can't reach high notes whilst "singing" quietly and they finish off by shouting and screaming like some East enders actress on speed, At least Peter Kay's offering has some meaning and happiness to it

Where's the Valium? Rog

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When Lizzie stated that he batted for the other side I thought she meant Derbyshire.

I’ve often wondered. When women throw their knickers at a performer do they take them off or do they bring a spare ‘throwing pair’?

Saw him at some place in Leicester many years ago, he was a good singer.  Women were throwing their knickers at him ....... I didn’t know he batted for the other side. 

I'm with you on this one . (I thought it might have been Firbeck who noticed this ) It's bloody ironic that a no mark manufactured crap singer can out sell the original (And best ) version of a tragic song. It just says a lot about our brain washed record buyers !!!

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!clapping! some copies are better than the original, Even Bob Dylan said Hendrix's version of All along the watchtower was better than his own, and at present am into run rudolph run with Lemmy (Motorhead) on vocals and Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) on lead!

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It's fine by me, it suits my mood.

The original version by Cohen is our Len at his most depressive, cynical best, as only he can be.

We've owned the Jeff Buckley, and possibly the best, version of this song on his album 'Grace', for many years, it's a shame that we'll never be able to listen to it the same way again.

The same thing nearly happened to another one of our favourite songs, 'Angel', by Sarah McLachlan.

Those useless manufactured cretins 'Westlife' brought it out on one of their crap albums and it was nearly released as a single, thank Christ someone in the music business showed discretion and it stayed off the radio.

It happens all the time I'm afraid, Boyzone and in particular the slimy obnoxious thieving Ronan Keating have released cover versions of great songs ( Allison Krauss for instance) and seemed to have conned the public into thinking they were responsible for them in the first place.

Incidentally, smile at the fact that our Xmas number one is all about devious sex and not religion, or is it the same thing.

Merry Christmas each and every one.

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Never watched the program, it's just pushed down your throat every time you switch the radio on.

Don't see the point in watching any sort of reality TV program either, what bit of TV I do watch I want to escape from reality not depressed by it


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n Lenny Henry

Entertainers who appeared included Pete the Plate Spinning Dog, Bonnie Langford, Les Dawson, Royston Vasey (later to find fame as Roy 'Chubby' Brown), Little and Large, Bobby Crush, Berni Flint, Tony Holland, Millican & Nesbitt, Neil Reid, Peters and Lee, Lena Zavaroni, Frank Carson, Max Boyce, Pam Ayres, Gerry Monroe, Our Kid, Sweet Sensation, Tammy Jones, Champagne and Tony Monopoly. Several winners of Opportunity Knocks (notably Tammy Jones, Champagne, Tony Monopoly, Sweet Sensation) later attempted to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest, taking part in the A Song for Europe competition.

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When you look at some of the 'musical' names on the 'Opportunity Knocks' list, it's worse than the bloody X Factor, Mary Hopkin only achieved a modicum of fame because MaCartney fancied his chances with her.

Good programme for a laugh though, it was always interesting to wait and see whether that megalomaniac, alco, sexual predator, nutcase, Hughie Greene would finally self combust on screen.

I wonder where Tony Holland is now, exercising his bladder and bowels at a retirement home no doubt.

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"Saw a Joe Longthorne CD, Which program did he come from?"


Does Joe come from - or live in - Nottingham ?

I'm sure that's who my mam'n'dad said they used to see in't Woodlark - drinkin',,,, not performing,,,, (or someone of his ilk [is that short for someone from ilkeston ?])


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