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    Not us CT. We still go for our country lane car rides most days, in search of the 'Elusive Cream Bun!!!!
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    Here it is. Take it away, Ben! His name was Ben - Oh! He was a grocer. He'd slice your bacon with a squeeze. Slap and tickle with your cheese! "Let's see your haslet. Don't tell me husband!" Those women queued down Denman Street...and it weren't for potted meat! But when the blinds came down Our Ben would hit the town. Loafers, Levis and liberty bodice, Oh, boy did he look sweet? Shop at Marsden's, Vernon's and Farrand's. Dots, Shirleys, Pams, Lizzies and Karens He's got crackling...under the counter! Tea bags were rationed but never the passion, Down at Marsden's.......beep, beep, beep, beep... Ben fell in love! Her name was Carni. She was a looker. She came in after some cream cakes and Ben asked her for a date. "You're just a shop lad. Go mind your Hovis!" And as the tears came to Ben's eyes, Carni fingered the pork pies. "I'll let yer ride me bike." "Just go and take a hike!" She flicked her ash in his corned beef pasties..and it wrecked his life! Shop at Marsden's, Vernon's and Farrand's. Annes, Dorothys, Maudes, Janes and Sharons. No melting moments behind the freezer. "The charm isn't workin'. You call that a gherkin?" Down at Marsden's...beep, beep, beep, beep Can't win em all! Her name was Nonna, She was Italian. "I want salami by the slice and a bag of Whitworth's rice. What's with those cheekbones? You from Verona?" And as he scooped the potted meat, Ben began to feel the heat. He thought he'd grab his chance And asked her for a dance. Among the tins of Fray Bentos pies, they found a true romance! Suet puddings, tinned steak and kidneys. The women all want home deliveries! They queue for passion over the counter! Well worth raiding the coffers for Ben's 'special offers' Down at Marsden's....beep, beep, beep, beep, It's Ben they love!
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    Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs PP x
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    I think you'll find that the independents have access to the service records on line as well. European ruling!
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    Just logged on and found out its your 58th ""Happy Anniversary to you both""
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    Blimeh, BK, that's a bloomin' lot of cream cakes. I think I'd better stick to a jam donut today then! Not literally.
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    Carni, you may interested to know, you will have consumed 7,520 cakes between you. Bet you were feeling a bit sick after that lot.
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    Hubbs just said we have had our car for six years and we have done 94000 miles approx. Right then. A Mathematical question. If we have travelled 94000 miles, and each car ride is approximately 25miles long . How many cream cakes will we have consumed over the last six years. Answers on a Elephants foot please. PS we both had a cake each 25mile ride?
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    I hadn't considered the possibility of high-mileage foodies
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    Happy Anniversary Both.xxx
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    Happy Anniversary PP. If it's not too late, both of you have a great day.
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    Congratulations, both! You must have been a child bridegroom, PP!
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    Nice to see you posting again carni xx
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    Might have done benj, not sure about sharing a Parkie, they weren't very big , and usually by the time Sueb48, my sister and little me had puffed on it, there was not a lot left, except a ducked baby pink( As in Rimmel lipstick, ) red hot dog end!!!! Classy Gals.Ha
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    He's so easy to write about, our Ben. Doesn't matter how outrageous you make it, you know it's almost certainly happened to him in real life! Glad I've cheered your day up, Carni!
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    Pssst Jill Finn, wanna buy some spliffs? Nonna, does your gel contain camphor.? Only ask because I'm using Tiger balm for my shoulder .Was given it by Gym trainer. I've also bought some Tiger gel. Don't know if it's relevant, just thought I'd throw it into the ring.
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    Nagging, numbing, nursing, nailing. I could go on!
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