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  1. Beekay, I don't really notice the bad dubbing, after about 5 minutes, i just get immursed in the film. Yes Cliff Ton the music and effects are great, my favourite is from The good, the bad and the ugly. That always takes me right back to my childhood.
  2. I love Spaghetti westerns, like the Dollars Trilogy, Once upon a time in the West, Death rides a Horse. I also like 'mainstream' cowboys films.
  3. One of the Ice cream vans, that come round where i live in Stapleford, got kitted out to also sell, bread, milk, eggs, etc....for us that can't go the shops, it's been great.
  4. The only trouble with online shopping is, i find i'm spending more, mainly because i don't have think about how i'm going to carry it home....and i wish Ebay and Amazon had never been invented....
  5. Your work is lovely BK, you're very talented...i have a shoe last that i had planned on painting in the same style.....never got round to it....but i quite enjoy painting rocks....
  6. I too love wandering round a cemetery, The Rock Cemetery being my favourite....Kev and I spent our 1st Wedding Anniversary wandering round there.....there is so much to see and read. Then you start to wonder what that person did in their life, what did they look like ?....Maybe that's just me, i have been called a little weird on occasion.....
  7. Yes there was indeed a corruption of names, that was still around in the 70's....naughty
  8. Any one remember Tingha and Tucker, with Auntie Jean....I was a member, and my photo was shown on one episode...
  9. Sorry to hear this, I only met Chulla a couple of times when attending met up's, he was a funny, warm condolences to Katy and all his family..xx
  10. Kev ( fynger ) and i are hippies, have been since the early 70s....those that have met us would, i guess have known this...something about the clothes we wear would have given it's not something we outgrew or changed paid the price for choosing to be this way, constantly stopped by know.."just in case there was something in your pocket " or you got looked down on..some people would call you names, or there where places you were not welcome in....i went to london, and was refused entry into shoes...but i can tell you one thing...our lives were ha
  11. I've just taken 3 pics of our computer of Kev, put them on a flash drive and took them to be printed...A4 size..just short of £14.00...worth every penny....i will have more done, but not at that size, as they were for framing as gifts.
  12. Looks if only i had a tv.....
  13. Hello all....some of you i have already met....but it's been long while since i have posted, or attended any meet up's, so Mick helped me get back in...cheers Mick.
  14. Thanks Mick for putting those photos on....It was lovely to see you and Babs yesterday.....
  15. This is our cat....he was a stray that adopted us when we moved into our new house, that was over a year ago, he is now the boss. Here he is with Kev ( fynger )