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  1. Thanks RR I think I'll investigate for next season.
  2. RR, Since the restart I've watched all the Forest matches on my TV through iFollow Forest app. A code was issued to Forest season card holders in lieu of a refund, allowing access to all remaining matches this season.You can watch on any WiFi device I open it on a laptop and connect to my TV with an HDMI cable, commentary is by the the Radio Nottingham team, Hodge, Fray etc. I think that anyone can pay on a match by match basis £10. Make sure you've got a good signal and it's spot on.
  3. Just booked a slot with Sainsbury's, at the time of booking slots were available Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday next week. Just checked again slots available Wednesday evening only.
  4. Just glanced in the sky 20/30 satellites in line rapidly moving West to East or are they planes with our medical stuff.
  5. Jill, Cliff Ton Considering the proximity of our ancestors to each other it would be a good bet that they knew each well, perhaps even friends. My granddad was a keen gardener and between 35 Stockhill and my other granddad's house on Thorndale I spent enjoyable times with chickens, and gorging on gooseberries and blackcurrants before being treated to a visit to the original Lord Nelson on Percy street.
  6. My granddad and his 2nd wife Rose M Burns lived at number 35 until his death in 1952. My mother lived there in 1938 when she married my father who lived at 5 Thorndale.
  7. Yes it was originally Bennetts. I used to help my dad in my school holidays to repair used cars prior to sale but by this time late 1950s it was Hopcrofts Garage. The basement held probably 15 to 20 cars and had small repair facilities, Bill Hopcroft later injected some cash into Notts County F.C. and helped save it from extinction.
  8. Brian Clough arranged for all the players to receive Toyota cars in 1979 does that help?
  9. Margie, So glad it cheered her up it was very good that's why I can remember even though it must have been around 30 years ago. A bit more than a guess but not absolutely sure about this but I think she said it was one of her or her mother's favourites. Now what did I have for my tea a couple of hours ago?
  10. Many years ago we went to St.eulalia, Ibiza, our holiday rep was a tallish slim blonde who told us the same about her mother. During our stay we later saw her in a rep's show or maybe it was a karaoke where she performed a brilliant rendition of 'Perfect' I wonder if it is the same lady?
  11. Sir John Borlase Warren was born in Stapleford in 1753 and his family lived there for about 300 years, the Canning Circus pub is the impostor. Prior to the Wetherspoons JBW there was The Warren Arms across the road for about 300 years. To complete the link Marsden's shop at the Roache was owned by David Attenborough's baker and grocer grandfather back in the early 1900s.
  12. He was escorted to to his chair, he saw Lola dancing there And when she finished he called her Rover
  13. I don't understand that either but it's not compulsory to walk around with it. We do the shop grab a FREE coffee and paper then sit and relax and enjoy it in the cafe.
  14. We normally use Waitrose for the Friday big shop but tried Morrisons last week, the cost difference was less than a fiver cheaper than our average and I didn't get a free paper and coffee.
  15. All good days this week. After returning from hols at the weekend the first 2 bags on the carousel were ours what are the odds of that happening? Then on Tuesday we went to the Rod Stewart show at Motorpoint Nottingham, seated someway back on the floor section we were approached by an official who offered an upgrade FOC to seating 9 rows from the front. To-day expecting the worst we went to KRCS on Lenton Lane who are authorised Apple device repairers, Barb's 4 year old phone had the battery replaced at a cost £45 and is now working perfectly. My 2 year old phone had a swollen battery which had distorted the screen I was told this would also cost £45 but in this case for the £45 I was given a new replacement. Might do the Lottery to-night.