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  1. davep5491

    Vanished shops

    Looks like a Greaves, take your pick. https://www.google.com/search?q=greeves+motorcycles&client=firefox-b&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi8_q-ckZzbAhXkKMAKHfidDBAQ_AUICygC&biw=1228&bih=1263#imgrc=Kb2Nbqis-kn3NM:
  2. davep5491


    No sorry not me Frank.
  3. davep5491


    Siddon's garage occupied the whole site along New street and Jenner Street. They were main Citroen dealers, previously Jowett dealers they also dealt in Ford and Austin. Ben Siddon and his motor trade cronies would gather regularly decked out in their plus fours ready for a shooting day out. There was a section of the stores area where he would hang pheasants and hares which he would occasionally give to 'the workers'. Hilda Hansen was indeed a posh frock shop. As an apprentice mechanic I used to volunteer to fetch cakes and fags so that I could look in the windows, not at the clothes but there was some posh 'totty' working there.
  4. I began my apprenticeship at Siddon's in 1961, just me and an old fellah 'Jack Slater' on Citroens. I think before Ben Siddon became a Citroen dealer he sold Jowetts I took my test in a Jowett Javelin. After a 'free transfer' I completed my apprenticeship at Cripps (commercial vehicles) Triumph Road.
  5. davep5491

    Nottingham transport

    In days of old I remember Canning Circus being snarled up regularly when the spring loaded poles on the trolley busses became detached from the overhead wires. This when there was very little traffic compared to today, no doubt it happened in other parts of the City but we were young then and it wasn't a problem to us, in fact it added a bit of spice to the journey.
  6. davep5491

    Childhood Bath Times

    A couple of years ago I fitted a very deep roll top bath. I noticed that since then my wife keeps calling me Spiderman. Not sure if it was derogatory or a sign of admiration so I asked. "It's because once you get in the bath you need so many attempts to get out"
  7. davep5491

    What was in YOUR sandwich?

    I've been on Simvastatin for 20 years, a few years ago at my annual review the doc said he had changed my dosage from 10 mg. to 40mg. All my readings were almost textbook so I asked Why the increase? Apparently some dictat (d***)(T***) from the health service had decided that everyone should be on 40mg. My total Cholesterol was 4.2 I agreed that I would accept 20mg. which took it someway below 4. I had to sign a form to say I had declined a 40mg. dose. How can a person in Whitehall decide that everyone taking Simvastatin should be prescribed 40mg. dosage?
  8. davep5491

    Buses in Nottingham

    Katy, My dad used to drive on routes 1/7/22 and others around Aspley/ Broxtowe area I remember a clippie she wore bright red lipstick painted on which looked like a bow.
  9. davep5491

    ERROR on Unread Content link

    I get this message on an otherwise blank screen when clicking on activity. Fatal error: Call to a member function getTimestamp() on null in /home/nottstal/public_html/forums/system/Content/Search/Results.php on line 388
  10. davep5491

    Members 'Nostalgic Age' Photos.

    Margie #558 I have always been impressed by what they did, in the case of George Chilvers not sure if it was a plan or circumstances dictated his action. His future wife gave birth to a daughter in 1871, the weekly wage for a labourer in Norfolk was 8s 0d, in the north it was 14s 0d. Both good reasons to move on. GG.George left Norfolk for Leeds in 1871 married a girl from his home village 1872 his occupation was labourer. He left Leeds for Nottingham 1882 occupation Maltster. He left Nottingham for Sawbridgeworth Essex 1887 occupation Maltster's Manager, employing Maltster's at £70 a year. Left Sawbridgeworth and returned to Nottingham 1900. Just the logistics of moving home over large distances in those days seems daunting, I don't think Pickfords were around then.
  11. davep5491

    Members 'Nostalgic Age' Photos.

    Another Great Granddad involved in the beer trade, William Burder Brumby b.1855 - alcohol must be in my genes and I do try my best to keep up. Publican, Innkeeper, Farmer, horse breeder and dog breeder he also still found the time to sire his own brood of 11 His son James Leonard Burder Brumby emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1913 and became a leading dog breeder/handler. Below Granddad Herbert Webb and most of his grandkids I'm in the middle on the floor His sister married Len Brumby - Len's sister married Herbert Last pic is me, mam must have used up all of her coupons to buy that coat.
  12. davep5491

    Members 'Nostalgic Age' Photos.

    MargieH He could afford to have it well groomed and very similar to todays Hipster trend. Apparently he was a rich man in the 1890s earning £800 per year, unfortunately in his bankruptcy proceedings he was said to be spending £900.
  13. davep5491

    Members 'Nostalgic Age' Photos.

    My Great Granddad George Chilvers b.1850. Head Maltster at Beeston Brewery Co. for many years. His son W.G.Chilvers was also a Maltster. George's earliest recorded working life was as a Stock-keeper on a farm in Norfolk age 11 W. G. Chilvers and family after emigrating to Australia the child (H.C.Chilvers) seated 2nd right is bottom right in NSW team with a certain Mr. D.G.Bradman.
  14. davep5491

    Members 'Nostalgic Age' Photos.

    #522 loppylugs Here's a very early one of my 12X Great Granddad born 1538
  15. davep5491

    Things you don't see anymore

    I remember pop-up indicators, retractable indicators also being called Trafficators.