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  1. Jones the barber's original shop was next door to my grandma's sweet shop, Dorothy's, later owned by my aunt. The shop on the other side was a greengrocers I believe, then there was a path to Dr. Ryan and the allotments. I wonder how accurate my recollections are from about 1949.
  2. I can remember the filling station being called the Blue Star Garage mid to late 50s.
  3. And a decoke after 8 to 10,000 miles and a full service if you were going to Skeggy. Dozens of grease nipples needed feeding now everything is a sealed for life component checked by a person with surgical gloves and a sharp pencil, all for just £50+ pounds per hour.
  4. Paraffin waxes in diesel fuels gel in extreme cold weather conditions clogging up the systems. In my Scottish depots before the introduction of 'winter fuel' it was common to add a gallon of petrol to a tank of diesel and failing that to light a small fire under the tank. What's a risk assessment?
  5. Back in the 60s, as well as diesel fuel being hygroscopic the problem was made worse as excess unused and by then warm fuel would be returned to a cooler metal fuel tank creating condensation. Modern fuel injection systems are far more sophisticated and fuel tanks are mainly plastic and I believe fuel filters now include a water separator so not a lot to worry about. If I had a vehicle with an inline injection pump and a metal fuel tank I would certainly want a water trap.
  6. And other gears on some makes, remember having to learn to double de clutch. Rod operated brakes pre hydraulic, can you imagine?
  7. After forgetting my wallet one night and having to rush back to our hotel to collect it on my daughter's advice I decided to set up Apple Pay on our phones. My wife loves it! Security is by face recognition, once set up no pin nor account numbers are required and will allow her to buy whatever, whenever and accepts her instructions no matter the mood. I think that I've just made myself dispensable.
  8. DJ, Stents and angiograms were available in 1996 not sure about routine though. After a few problems in 96/97 I had numerous ECGs, monitors and an exercise tolerance stress test. Nothing was revealed and I was told to forget about it and just enjoy my life. A few weeks later I was back in dock and a wise experienced cardiologist decided to carry out an angiogram, a quadruple by pass was required. Unfortunately in 1997 the waiting list was 12 months for heart surgery even though my prognosis was not good. Luckily I had private health and it was done the following week.
  9. I knew that Phil, that's why I made the comment.
  10. 60s Victors were possibly the most notorious rust buckets ever, did you have a new car for each lesson? The car I learned to drive in was Ben Siddon's workshop runaround, a well used Jowett Javelin.
  11. Top left behind the A40 - looking at the wraparound screen I think possibly a 60s Victor.
  12. BK It does take a bit of work but you can book Waitrose up to 10 days in advance, currently there are lots of slots 15th to 17th March in my area. To secure the slot I add a couple of bottles which takes me over the £40 and then amend the order the day before delivery. I've not been in a supermarket since March last year.
  13. I have a Waitrose delivery once or twice a week, got one this afternoon at 3.00pm. Surely being higher ranking than myself BK you are entitled.