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  1. He was escorted to to his chair, he saw Lola dancing there And when she finished he called her Rover
  2. I don't understand that either but it's not compulsory to walk around with it. We do the shop grab a FREE coffee and paper then sit and relax and enjoy it in the cafe.
  3. We normally use Waitrose for the Friday big shop but tried Morrisons last week, the cost difference was less than a fiver cheaper than our average and I didn't get a free paper and coffee.
  4. All good days this week. After returning from hols at the weekend the first 2 bags on the carousel were ours what are the odds of that happening? Then on Tuesday we went to the Rod Stewart show at Motorpoint Nottingham, seated someway back on the floor section we were approached by an official who offered an upgrade FOC to seating 9 rows from the front. To-day expecting the worst we went to KRCS on Lenton Lane who are authorised Apple device repairers, Barb's 4 year old phone had the battery replaced at a cost £45 and is now working perfectly. My 2 year old phone had a swollen battery which had distorted the screen I was told this would also cost £45 but in this case for the £45 I was given a new replacement. Might do the Lottery to-night.
  5. Fly, Mr. Softee donkey engines were low compression Ford engines which were started on petrol then switched to TVO and closed on petrol. Mr. Whippy donkey engines were single or twin cylinder American Onan engines running again on TVO. Tonibell ice cream vehicles ran on LPG.and had an electric clutch on the main engine front pulley which powered a shaft to drive the ice cream machine.
  6. OURA* I have a cousin Denise Webb as was.
  7. Col. Looks like a bit of belt tightening by the Clinical Commissioning Group. GP practices are not contracted to provide the service and CCGs are not funded to cover the cost of sharps bin collection and disposal although they have done it for years. So now we have one rule, 4 councils and 4 different approaches. Broxtowe B.C. Complete a form - required to register - collection on Thursday needs to be available by 6.30 am - need to phone week before for collection. Nottingham City Council Register by phone - state how often required - phone to arrange next collection. Erewash B.C. Basically told CCG to foff - only housebound patients will receive collections - non-housebound patients should return sharps to to GP practice. Ashfield D.C. No need to register - phone to arrange Thursday collection - 24 hours notice.
  8. It's on my list Col. I see your first sentence and it would be easy to surmise that to be the case, but if so all authorities should work in a similar way. Catfan's posts suggest that he still enjoys a simple drop off service. Hopefully someone will know or more to the point admit to knowing.
  9. The above is pure guesswork and incorrect. It has for many years, been the duty of the local authorities as waste collection authorities to arrange for the collection of household waste including clinical waste. They have now changed a simple drop off service at my local health centre to a system which involves many layers of council, NHS and even GPs. It is not something I consider unusual for a council organisation. Yes the NHS is responsible for my healthcare. I am required to provide blood samples to manage my condition (not diabetes) I could visit my GP or a hospital but I was told this results in a cost to the NHS of around £90 each time but I would of course be able to leave my sharps there. So I purchased a machine (£300) and am able to self monitor. An email detailing the results is sent to the Queens Medical Centre and they inform me of any changes I need to make. I retired 15 years ago and still pay a sizable tax bill, I don't care who collects my waste but I do object to wasting my money.
  10. Lizzie it is an absolute waste of resources and if it is made too difficult it will result in sharps being dumped. I would love to have been present when the Council was formulating that farce.
  11. I Visited the health centre today for a full bloods check ready for my annual review next week. I asked as normal, if it would be ok to take in a sharps box at the review and was advised this is no longer allowed, although it was a simple two-stage process the system has been changed. It now involves Notts County Council, Broxtowe Borough Council, my health service practice, and my GP. Quite clearly this has been designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency for council tax payers and the NHS. How do I obtain the service? To arrange this service please contact Customer Services details are given below. A customer services advisor will take your name, address and the name and address of your healthcare professional This information is passed to the County Council in their position as the Waste Disposal Authority who operate a screening process in accordance with current national guidelines They will send a form to your stated healthcare professional to determine the category of waste you produce The completed form is then returned to the County Council who will inform Broxtowe Borough Council on how the waste needs to be managed. Broxtowe Borough Council will then inform you of the collection method allocated for the waste you produced Records of a customer's collection remain confidential and remain with the County Council
  12. I think it may have been Pressac, they were in Stapleford and are now on Glaisdale Drive.
  13. I've got one too, cleans my teeth, my tongue, massages my gums and gives me a signal after 2 minute which apparently is the optimum time. Presumably this is based on an adult having 32 or perhaps 28 if wisdom teeth have been removed giving an average of around 4 secs per tooth. I suppose the next model will be able to count how many teeth we actually have and adjust the time accordingly I could do with saving 20 seconds twice a day.
  14. After hearing some educated 50 something person speaking on the radio in todays must do mockney accent and then listening to an Eddie Cochran track. I got to thinking that a lot of the music we loved, could be, with a little tinkering re-released for today's audience. Free Steps to Heaven - Eddie Cochran Air That I Breave - Hollies Hey Girl Don't Bovver Me - The Tams I Should of Known Better - Beatles I Fink of You - Merseybeats Sweet Nuffinks - Brenda Lee Deaf of a Clown - Kinks Don't Frow Your Love Away - Seachers A Fousand Stars - Billy Fury
  15. Hi Dave, I remember a few things about her but shamefully do not remember her name, she worked in the offices at Players.The day after I first escorted her home my next door neighbour David Barker, who also worked there, gave me a rundown of what had happened the night before. Your question suggests that you know a bit more than I do. Did she have a sister?