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Found these online:

My wife was crowned Miss Bulwell Depot around 1962/3 at the depot's annual dinner dance. It didn't make the Dispatch though. She didn't make a career out of it either; just went to work in a knicker f

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It was the Westminster Bank, later Nat West. The money was for the mines in No.6 Area based at Bestwood. There was a secure room behind iron gates in the area HQ where the money was made up into pay packets. There would have been a goodly amount involved.

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Great topic, this! I used to catch a trolley bus from Nottingham Rd,, at end of Claremont Rd. to Bar Lane and then walk along Bar Lane to Broadhurst Avenue where my parents rented a house. 

There was a sharp bend on the route in Old Basford shortly before Bar Lane, where in thick fog, the arm used to come off the power cable and I used to love watching the conductor sliding out the long pole, then spending ages trying to re-connect, when you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Happy childhood days!!

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So much knowledge on this forum.Thanks for comments about that bend on Alpine Street. 

I've just remembered that I used to go to scouts on that street, almost opposite Bar Lane. Dead proud of my sheath knife,( but not of me shorts!). We used to march to a church on, ( I think) Aspley Lane on St. George's Day. We had one bugler and myself and another youth pretending to blow a bugle!!

Another memory from the time we lived there is me walking back from Claremont carrying a violin case. There were some older Guilford girls across the road shouting, "Ayup, dreamboat", followed by "not you shipwreck".

I didn't become a great violinist, but I taught myself to pluck "Tom Dooley" on the violin and then pestered my folks to get me a dirt-cheap, practically unplayable acoustic guitar.

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