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On 8/5/2018 at 12:36 PM, DJ360 said:

I don't know which Manchester Bomber you mean.  The only one I've heard of blew himself apart.


Let me enlighten you, Hashem Abedi, brother of Manchester bomber Salman, given a minimum 55 years for the murders of 22 people, what purpose will it serve to keep him alive? Time for the rope, let's see him swing. Ridiculous!

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Alas this isn't the Notts & Derby Regiment or the Sherwood Foresters:This photograph represents WW1 soldiers paying tribute to horses used and lost in the conflict.

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We have a policy of no politics on Nottstalgia, and this thread is now going too far in that direction.

RR, Yes.. I said that. 


However.. we've all slept a few times since then and I have been aware of  Hashem Abedi for a long time.  Both my daughters and their families live in Manchester and I was worried sick on the night of the bombing as my youngest might have been there.


Anyway. As to execution...  Maybe the fact that our system doesn't allow for the cold blooded killiing of people gives us the moral high ground over people like Abedi and others who see killing as a means to their ends?

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The massacre of innocents causes much discontent amongst the crminal fraternity. I doubt he will have a happy time incarcerated - he certainly wouldn't in a French prison.

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